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The Glory Hole Story

(Part 1 from 1)

This is my first attempt at a story so I hope it is OK! This story is completely fictional.

It was a red hot day in the middle of summer and I was heading up to the local park where I was going to meet my friends to play basketball. On the way to the park I received a call from nature and I needed to use a bathroom. There was a public toilet just outside of the park I was heading to so I decided to relieve myself in there. It was the first time I had been in this toilet and with good reason. I always tried to stay clear of public toilets because of their general maintenance; as in they don’t have any! This toilet was particularly scum ridden and smelt of various bodily fluids but if I didn’t use the toilets soon my kidneys would explode!

I entered the toilet through the weather beaten grime coloured door that had only one good hinge. The toilet was a mess: Graffiti was sprawled across the walls, the dank coloured floor was soaked because of the leaking roof, the toilet cubicles were damaged and there was only half a sink. I briefly glanced in the half broken mirror to make sure my hair was ok – I was looking good. I’m about 5 foot 5 with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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I went into one of the cubicles and took a whiz. Then I heard a deep gruff voice that seemed to be coming from all around me before I realised it was coming from the cubical next to mine. The wall of the cubical had a hole in it, which I thought was slightly odd. Around the hole was writing that said “Glory Hole”. The voice said “Hey kid, do me a favour will ya?” then what happened next was a complete shock to me. The guy in the next cubicle stuck his cock through the Glory Hole! This was incredible! I couldn’t believe it! His cock was semi-hard and long as hell. It was about 8 inches long and had a big mushroom shaped head. Then the guy said, “Suck my cock!” I’m not gay but at the sight of this huge cock I felt the front of my jeans tighten and my own cock stiffen. For a few moments I couldn’t move, I just stared at his massive cock with its pulsing veins and its smooth head. After that I couldn’t wait any longer so I got down on my knees and started to lick his long shaft. First I licked the bottom all the way to the tip and back. 

Then I tried putting the whole of that gorgeous head in my mouth. I had never sucked cock before, like I said I’m not gay put this seemed to be going quite well! I sucked the head into my mouth and ran my tongue all over it. I even licked the piss hole at the end of his cock. He really seemed to enjoy this and began to make low moaning sounds. His cock was fully erect now, and there was no going back. I didn’t even care that I was in a public toilet sucking a guy off without even a lock on the cubicle door. His cock was rock solid in my mouth and yet still smooth and soft. It was really thick and hard for me to get it all in my mouth. I could smell the sweat coming from his crotch on the other side of the wall. The taste if his dick was great much nicer than I thought it would be but I didn’t really put much thought into what I was doing. I decided to coat his shaft with loads of saliva. I know I like it when I masturbate! Once this was done I jerked him off with my hand for a while and then really got into the sucking. I sucked him as hard as I could and put as much of his huge manhood that I could get into my mouth. Breathing through my nose I tried to deep throat him. It didn’t go so well but there was plenty of time for more than one attempt. ;)

Through the Glory Hole I could see his hands moving down and he was massaging his balls while I sucked. I got up on my haunches and decided to make the experience even more pleasurable. I released my solid 7 inch cock and started stroking. I used my other hand to stroke the shaft of the guy’s cock while I sucked his pole like a candy stick. There were now lots of slurping and groaning coming from the two of us and I could taste the sweet pre-cum oozing from this guy’s cock. The sensation was incredible. I moved faster with my head and the guy started rocking backwards and forwards. I closed my eyes and licked that juicy cock everytime it pistoned into my mouth. I was now stroking my own cock with vigour because this non-stop slurp fest was making me incredibly horny.

It was now that the guy who’s cock I was sucking decided to blow his load. His cock erupted with shuddering violence that almost ripped my mouth apart! The feeling was like nothing I had felt before; this giant cock was shooting load after load of hot sperm into my waiting mouth. I didn’t swallow all of it straight away, I was too busy enjoying the sensations when my own cock erupted and sprayed spunk all over the toilet floor. The ripples of orgasm seeming to last forever until the spunk stopped flying and I was left with a softening cock between my lips and a mouthful of sperm that I eagerly swallowed. I licked the cock until all of the cum was gone and put my own cock back in my jeans. 

The guy I had just sucked off said “Thanks kid, that was great! Maybe I’ll come in here more often” and left the toilets. I left the toilets feeling amazing and I had experienced something incredible. That guy was right about one thing, I think I will be visiting those toilets again!

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