The Girl Next Door...

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Everyone always has that one person who is hard not to notice. I am referring to the young lady that lives next door. That cute person that one cannot help but stare at through closed blinds to watch her do simple things like take out the trash or check the mailbox. Almost every average pervert has that kind of person living next door, that hot married or single woman whom horny men fantasize about all the time. To me that person also had a name, and it was Pam. She was a short, blonde haired woman who was living next door with her boyfriend and her little sister, Gillian. Both of these girls are hot by all means, but I had a hard time keeping my eyes of Pam everytime she walked around the house to do anything. Whenever she was outside, I was watching her throught the window. Every guy does it, and any guy who says he doesn't is a friggin' liar. We watch these people not because we want to steal that person and spend the rest of our lives with them... not that we would refuse such an offer. We do merely for the pleasure of our mind more than anything else. To stimulate ourselves with healthy fantasies. I was no different, and whenever I watched Pam from the window, my brain was cooking up a good many of them...

Then one day reality came knocking at my door. I walked over to the door to answer and and to my surpise it was Pam! Yet that moment soon faded as her boyfriend was there with her at the door. "Hi there.." I said trying to be friendly, "What's up?"

"Pam and I are holding a party tomorrow night," Pam's beau was quick to explain, "We were just here to let you know and also to invite you and your roomates to come on over if you feel like joining the fun."

"Sounds very cool" I said instantly, "I don't know about the other guys, but you can count on me making an apperance. Is there anything you would like me to bring over... you know... to make a contribution to the feast?"

"That's very nice of you..." Pam answered with a smile, "but the only thing you have to bring is your own alcohol if you prefer to drink that night. Everything else is covered."

"Okay..." I said with a smile, "Thanks for the invitation and I'll be sure to let the other guys know about it." After I finished that line, both Pam and her boyfriend said goodbye and left. I closed the door and shivered with delight that I was actually invited to this party! I was very excited to attend this party so much that I went down to the mall to pick out a new shirt just for the occassion. Later that night I was going to ask my girlfriend if she wanted to go with me... but her roomate answered the phone by saying, "She's gone home for the weekend and won't be back until Tuesday." Geee... that was nice of her to let me know. I then knew that I was on my own for the party, cause the lady was out of town again and my roomate was too busy hitting the books, eager to get another semester on the Dean's list. He rarely took himself away from those books, so the answer didn't exactly surprise me.

So I walked on over and knocked on the door as softly and politely as I could. It was Pam's sister Gillian who answered the door, and she was wearing a very nice outfit that consisted of tight leather pants and a leopard print shirt. It was a very sexy ensamble that had me staring longer than I should have. Finally I walked in and said hello, and took off my shoes. There was music blaring in the background and from what I could tell, there was a decent sized crowd as people were wandering around and mingling. I decided to do the same and joined the small mess of bodies, meeting new people and shooting the shit... and doing the small talk thing. Talking about sports, movies and other crap like that. While I was at the party though... I managed to watch Pam as she moved through the house, and the way she interacted with her boyfriend kind of scared me a little. She was barking orders, and even slapping him around if he was slow to doing what she said. I never took her to be the bossy type, but that's just the way she was... dominant and in charge. That view was an instand turn off for me. Even though she was a good looking woman, I at least want an equal saying in the way things are run in order to feel comfortable. To watch that was crushing and almost killed my night altogether.

"Hey Peter... you having a good time?"

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I turned around to see that it was Gillian who was asking me this question. I hadn't noticed before, but the skin tightness of her skimpy red shirt really showed off a fair bit of cleavage... which was a good thing. "I'm doing pretty good. How about yourself?"

"I'm doing okay..." Gillian replied with a smile, "So what do you think of the place?"

"It's nice from what I have seen so far..." I answered trying to be as honest and considerate as possible.

"Would you like to have a tour of the house?" Gillian suddenly asked with an sweet smile. There was no way I was going to turn down that offer as I allowed her to give me the guided tour of the entire house. With a smile on her face she asked me to enter one of the rooms down the hall, so I did without question. When I asked her which room was this, she simply said, "Why this is my room." she purred as she closed the door behind her. For a bedroom, the room was spotless... yet for all I know it was her bossy sister that might have been the cause for this. Before I could say anything, Gillian had tured on her CD player which had been programed to play something slow. She asked me if I would care to dance, and being the gentleman I was... I of course accepted.

We danced slowly and with only milimetres separating our bodies. As our bodies came closer and began to rub during the slow dance, I could feel her hand caress my back as I smelt the nice perfume she had on for the party. With her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, and a nice rack that I was noticing more and more... it was no wonder I never resisted the little seduction that Gillian was weaving together. Before I knew it, Gillian leaned over and pressed her lips up against mine and we embraced with a soft kiss. It was at this moment, when Gillian invited me to join her in bed. While I probably should have questioned the idea, I never hesitated to join her as I sat down as we then began necking on her bed. I could feel that she was just as eager to get things on as I could feel our hands all over my body and even start to remove my clothing.

I took the hint and also began to remove Gillian's clothing as well. After removing her leapard print shirt, I was surprised to see that she wasn't wearing a bra that whole evening. A moment later I wasn't thinking about that as I was caressed and licking her plump and very soft breasts as she ran her fingers through my hair enjoying the attention I was giving her. It was at this point where Gillian was too excited to lay back. She eagerly jumped up ontop of me and started to peel off my jeans and underpants. Knowing that there still was a lot of people outside her room, I bit my lip and keep quiet as I could feel Gillian take my hard cock into her mouth. I breathed heavily as I could feel her soft lips stroke up and down on my hard shaft and it drove me up the wall with excitement! Without warning, Gillian stopped what she was doing and with little hesitation, stripped off the rest of her clothing and jumped back into bed. She clung onto me and embraced me into another deep kiss that this time had plenty of tounge action.

Gillian then spread her legs, revealing her very wet pussy, "I want you to fuck me right now Peter! Fuck me now!" Not wanting her to raise her voice, I eager jumped ontop of her and drove every inche of myself into her tight and very hot body. She gasped for breathe and moaned as I began to rock my hips back and forth and fuck her as she had requested hitting her harder and harder with each thrust. Yet while I was willing to keep quiet and not disturb the party, she however had other plans as she began to moan and scream up a storm. She was saying things like "fuck me harder" and "god-damn you are so fucking good!" and I didn't know if she meant it or was trying to disrupt the party her sister was trying to hold. Gillian moaned and screached like a banchee, and for some reason I think the only reason why no one came in to see what was going on might was because Gillian had locked the door on her way in. Instead of trying to shut her up... the best solultion I could come up with was to end our little romp as quickly as I could and orgasm so that she would stop making noises. So I keep fucking as hard as I could not to make her come, but quicken up my little guy to end the session. What ended up happening was that Gillian came again this time harder (and louder) than the first time she did before. After Gillian has loudly came for a second time, I was finally about to burst like a damn and end the madness as I orgasmed deep inside her tight body. Gillian had a big grin on her face as she pressed me closer and gave me another deep, wet kiss. We laid in each others sweaty arms for a short while... until of course her sister started to pound on the door. I was quick to get my pants and shirt back on... while all Gillian did was throw a robe on to continue teasing her sister.

When she opened the door, I could tell that not only was she angry at her sister for doing something that everyone listened to... but at me for being gullable enough to screw her sister during a party. I could sense that Pam wasn't exactly pleased with the noises she heard coming from the bedroom. Yet based on Gillian's smile that she had when she greeted her sister at the door... this is exactly the kind of reaction she was hoping for. Needless to say, the screaming match the persisted once the door opened cleared the house pretty quickly as no one felt like hanging around and the party was officially over. I too took a hint and once fully dressed, tried to make my escape only to be caught by both women who stop yelling at me to notice my failed attempt to get away. Pam yelled at me for a few minutes, and finally her boyfriend came in between us and he said it would be best if I had left. Seizing the opportunity he was so graciously giving me, I bolted for the door and was outta there!

The next day Gillian came over to apologize not for having sex with me, but for using me to upset her sister so that her parents would have no choice but let her get a place of her own. She said the sex was quite good and even invited me to stop by again if I wanted to have another roll in the hay. (she moved out before I got a chance to take advantage of the offer...) Yet these days, I haven't been watching the girl next door as much as I used to. I finally realized that regardless of how hot and sexy the girl next door looks, you still can't judge a book by it's cover. A very valuable lesson I was taught not by her, but by her little sister who gave me one hell of a ride...

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