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The Family Friend

(Part 1 from 1)

She couldn't believe her parents were going to leave for South Africa today and because of bad grade she would have a baby sitter. She had been left on her own before but she was younger then, she didn't act out then. Cali laid in her bed pissed beyond belief that she was going to be sharing her home with a man she has supposedly met years ago. She recalled last nights dinner and the description of the man. 'Oh you remember him Cali, don't you?' Her mothers voice rang in her ears as she recalled the conversation. 'No mother I don't.' She grumbled while pushing food around on her plate. 'Of course your do!

Aiden used to babysitter you when you were no more than 5 I believe. He's your father's best friend's son.' She shrugged sighing not really caring to speak anymore about the stranger that was deemed her 'babysitter'. 'Oh darling, it won't be as bad as you're making it out to be. He's about 25 so he'll know some fun things to do. Maybe he'll take you out to the movies or something while we're gone.' Cali groaned frustrated, 'I'm not 5 mother! I'm 18! And simply because I have a 'd' in biology does not mean I need a babysitter.' Her mother picked up her plate and began cleaning off the table and lightly kissed her forehead 'Darling, after these past few months what with you failing classes and sneaking out to meet god knows who, I would really just feel safer with Aiden here.' Cali pusher her chair back and muttered a 'whatever' and went up to her room ending the night and conversation.

Cali finally got out of bed and looked in the mirror. Her plumish curls were a mess from sleep but cascaded beautifully down her shoulders towards her ample and perk breasts. She pushed some curls behind her ears to admire her beautiful, naked body. Her olive skin was glowing with youth. Her nipples were hard from the slight breeze coming from her opened window. She wore nothing but a pair of panties. Black lace and see-through where it count. She trailed her slim frail fingers down her breasts towards her beautiful bare pussy. Despite what horrible thoughts her parents thought about her sex life, Cali didn't have one. Sure she was gorgeous and in the prime of her life having just turned 18 last month, but all she'd ever done with a boy was kiss and even then it was clumsy and made her self conscious. She let her cold finger slide over the flimsy black lacy cover her moist pussy. She felt the wetness on her fingers that only came about when she thought about anything remotely sexual. That's when the idea popped in her head.

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She was tired of fooling around with guys her age. 18 year old boys who had no clue what they were doing with her body. Her cheeks pinkend at the thought of a grown man, some older, running there hard fingers gently over her soft baby skin torso. Knowing exactly what to do when he reached her panty line. She dared slip her hand down the front of her panties and let her frail cold fingers find her small clit like they had so many nights before. She gently rubbed imagines what Aiden looked like. Did he have olive, or ivory, or ebony skin? Were his eyes piercing and penetrating like other parts of his body could? Was her muscular or tall. Would he pick her up and set her on her bed and kiss softly on her pussy that had been denied that lovely feeling for so long.

Cali opened her eyes and removed her hand from her panties and smiled at her reflection. She was going to bag herself an older guy. And it would be simple and easy. What with one staying here for two months. She would work slowly of course. Teasing Aiden would be a challenge though... Cali had no clue what older guys would like. Would her lacy black undies be enough? Or would she have to do more. 'Of course I'll have to do more.' She muttered opening a drawer to her dresser and pulling out her Fantastic! push up bra. Her breasts were already a perky full C but with this bra Aiden would definitely think she was D cup. She pulled out the second drawer and grabbed an ill fitting tank top that was like a second layer of skin. It was black and gave her just the right amount of cleavage. She then grabbed her jean shorts from the third drawer and pulled them up so that her ass cheeks were peeking out from the bottom just enough so that her mother and father didn't think she did it on purpose.

She then brushed her hair out making her purplish curls bouncy and thick. Her bedroom eyes didn't need any makeup her lashes were full and thick enough to give the illusion that she had on mascara and eyeliner. She dusted the tops of her cheeks with rouge just so she looked a little more innocent. Then added chapstick to her lips to ensure they would look soft and suple. And as if on cue her father called up the stairs 'Cali, we're getting ready to leave and Aiden's just arrived! Come down and say hello.'

Cali smiled at her reflection one more time giving herself a once over before leaving her room. She sinisterly thought to herself 'let the games begin.'

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