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The Erotic Massage I Never Expected

(Part 1 from 1)

I had been working my ass off and when I got home I go in to take shower. While showering all those tired muscles I decided to see if I can get in a session with my massage therapist. I tried to call but couldn’t get thru. When that happens it usually means they are busy. Busy or not I go down to the therapist's shop and see that they are really very busy and even to the point of being overbooked and can't fit me in. They tell me it could be a day or two before they can squeeze me in. My legs and back are extremely sore so I figure I might as well go look elsewhere. As I am walking out a guy sitting in the lobby, waiting his turn, tells me he knows of a place that offers "extra special attention" and gives me directions to it. I hop back into my truck and decide to go ahead and head over there and check it out.

The place is kind of mysterious. The building is all white washed and the windows are painted over. Other than a small sign stating "Therapist" on the door and a smaller sign that says "Ring Bell to Enter" there is nothing else on the building telling you what is inside. I have seen these signs before ... it's a good way to keep cops and other unwanted people out. So I ring the bell and stand there waiting for it to open when I hear a voice on a speaker say, "Yes, … can I help you?" I tell her I was sent here on a referral and she says to go ahead and enter. The door buzzes and I go in. The place is kind of dark and there are only a couple of small lamps on. I walk up to what looks like a counter with a register on it and stand there waiting a minute or two.

As I look around, checking out the place a bit more, I hear another door open down the hall. Leaning over the counter a little I see a gal walking down the hall, one hand buttoning a couple of missed buttons and the other running thru her hair pushing it back out of her face. She is a fairly nice looking gal with short brown hair. She is wearing a very thin, almost see-thru, wrap around her waist and a short blouse tied in the front and just a couple of buttons buttoned. She says ‘hi’ and asks me if I have ever been there before and I tell her no, I was referred by someone I had just met. She tells me the "therapy session" is $35 for a half an hour and asks me if I want one. I tell her yes and she tells me to sign the register and pay her. I go ahead and sign the register, not my real name of course, and pay her. She curiously fumbles with the register for a moment of two. Then without hesitation she turns going back down the hall and tells me she will be right out and to have a seat for a minute or two. I sit down and look around and see a stack of magazines on the table. I grab one and start to thumb thru it and find it, and all the others, are advertisement magazines for the lingerie, dancing and massage oriented adult businesses in the area. As I am looking thru I see a picture of a gal whose picture is also hanging on the wall. In the photo she is standing there cupping her ample breasts and pouting at the camera. A little phrase balloon says, "I am here to make your wildest dreams cum true" I immediately notice the word cum is bold and know I am in the right place for what the guy called, “extra special attention”.

Just a minute or two passes and she comes back out and motions for me to follow her. As I walk down the dimly lit hallway I can't help notice the only light in the hall is ahead of her letting me see her silhouette thru the wrap she has on. Her ass seems to be nice and firm and there is a nice little part between her legs as she walks. She opens a door and tells me to go in and have a seat and as she is closing the door behind me she says "get as comfortable as you'd like and get on the table. There is a towel to cover yourself IF you want one. I'll be back in one minute" Having heard that same line before from lingerie models I know what she means. As she closed the door I could under the door and see her shadow walking down the hall, her short heels clicking a little on the tile floor. I quickly undress and once I am out of my pants and shorts I start to stretch and warm up my cock. After getting the rest of my clothes off I hop onto the table and lay on my side. I see the towel laying there and grab it and throw it onto a chair nearby. Since I can see under the door if she is coming I figured I might as well get my cock really warmed up and reach over to a table where a bottle of massage oil is resting and pump a small amount into my hand. I rub it all over my cock and imaging what could be in store for me and my cock reacts in a big way. I could faintly hear her talking on a telephone and when I hear her say good-bye and hang up I turned over onto my belly and placed my hard dick straight down between my legs where she can get a good look at it when she spreads my thighs.

As she enters the room she turns on some soft massage music and dims the light even further. She picks up the bottle of oil and pumps some into her hands and rub them together to get the oil warmed up. As I put my head down into the face rest she walks over to me and starts massaging my neck and shoulders. She works the area for a few minutes and then starts moving down my back, going as far as the top of my ass. For another three or four minutes she works the areas. Her touch is nice and she seems to being doing quite well with the massage. In fact she was so good that I almost forgot what this place is supposed to be for. I wonder if she is going to get on with things or say something when she starts to move her hands over the cheeks of my ass and start to knead them in a very sensual way. As she is kneading them she bends over to my ear and in a whisper asks me, "Do you want me to massage EVERYTHING on your body?" Of course I turned my head towards her and said 'yes'. She tells me it will be an extra $75 which I gladly agree to take care of when she is done.

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After our discussion she goes back to working my ass. She takes her hands and gently but deliberately slides my legs apart. I can feel the cool air on my balls so I know everything is in plain view now. Now her hands are starting to move they way I want them to. As her hand slides down my cheek it slips into the crevice between my cheeks and I can feel her fingers pause a bit when they get next to my hole. She takes three fingers together and rubs the opening just for a second or two. Too short a time so that when she does it I thrust my hips in the air to get her to push a little harder but she has already moved on. Her hands are working magic. I can feel my groin beginning to stir as her hands slide once again slide down between my cheeks only this time one finger stops and presses firmly on the opening before sliding down. As her hand slides down her palm lightly brushes over my scrotum and the head of my penis and then moves down my legs. She spends just a minute or two working my legs and each time she slides her hands up my thighs her fingers play around my hole and brush against my now enlarging shaft. Finally getting ready to move elsewhere she takes both hands and together runs them down my cheeks and passed my hole and slowly rubs over my balls and shaft gently grabbing the shaft's head before moving down to my feet.

Thinking she is done I lift my head off the table and ask if she wants me to turn over now and she tells me "No, I'll let you know when" and pushes my head back down and immediately goes for my cheeks. Her hands are now just a little more deliberate. As they move about I can feel her parting my cheeks and the cool air from the nearby fan hitting the warm skin. She grabs the oil and slurps her hands up again and this time goes right between my legs using even more force at this time. I am really getting to like this. She starts to moan a little as she is rubbing and takes one of her fingers and rests it right at my ass hole. She asks me if it is okay and I say, "Yeah, just be easy ..." She puts a bit more oil on her finger and then starts to slip it in my ass. It is a bit tight and hurts just a little but soon it starts to loosen up and begin to feel better. She slides her finger in and out and then with her other hand reaches under me and grabs my now extremely hard cock and starts to stroke it. She pulls the head up and bends over and lightly grabs the head with her lips and gives it a little suck. All this time I have my head buried in the face holder and grabbing the sides of the table with my hands. If this goes on too long I may just rip the covering on the table.

I feel her finger slip out and for a moment think she is done playing there. She is moving about and all the time she is still stroking my now very hard and very red meat. Again I feel what I think is her finger pressing against my hole only it seems bigger... like two fingers. Then I realize as it slides into my ass that she has a long thin dildo in her hand and is screwing my ass with it. As she is doing this she gets on the table near my feet and moves up close to my ass. I then feel her face snuggle up against my ass as she takes my tool into her mouth and sucks it all the way to the hilt. Now I feel like I am slamming my cock into a nice hot pussy and being screwed in the ass by another girl with a dildo. By now I really feel like I am about to burst. She slows down the plunging of the dildo in my ass and as she retreats it from my ass she sucks hard on my cock and tells me, "NOW it is time to turn over" so I do. Of course my cock is now hard as a rock and standing straight up in the air when I lay down on my back. It is pulsing with each beat of my heart.... 

As I get relaxed I notice, to my delight, that all this time she has been doing the "massage" naked. She has nice firm breasts with puffy pink nipples. Her tits are so nice that they seem to be standing straight out from her body. They are so firm looking they actually look fake. But I soon found out they are not. As she came up to my head and started to massage my neck and face I opened my eyes and could look straight up at them. She had a nice sweet smell to her skin and as she moved to and fro massaging me her tummy would press up against my forehead. Her skin was cool to the touch and nice and soft. As she began to move down my body, instead of moving to the side she simply reached out further and leaned over my eager face. Now her tits were there for the taking. After waiting for a few more movements of her tits I timed it just right and opened my lips, caught and then lightly sucked on her right nipple. She kept it there while she massaged my stomach. It came to mind that now, instead of going completely soft on me from lack of direct attention; my cock was still hard and pointing straight up. As I sucked her tit and played with the other she reaches down even further. She runs her hands down both sides of my cock and balls several times. She pushes her hands together as they go past my cock so it forces it to bulge up. Despite the fact that she isn't actually grabbing anything it doesn't take long before it is begging for more direct attention. Now I am beginning to moan a bit while switching to the other tit and then back and forth from one to the other. I grab the sides of them and as I raise my head I push them tight against my face rubbing them all over my face.

With my eyes closed I can feel my heart rushing and I begin to slow down just a little when she stands upright. I open my eyes just in time to see her stand up higher then she was. It seems she had a stool nearby so she could get up higher when she needed to. Again she goes back to massaging my stomach and teasing the hell out of my cock and balls. Only now instead of her tits being close to my face I can see and smell the sweetness of her pussy near me. Her pussy is shaven all smooth and her lips are nice and full with a firm clit sticking out from her pussy. As she slides down my body I tilt my head up so I can receive her clit into my mouth. It tastes sweet and yet a little musky. My tongue reaches out and plays with it, flicking it back and forth making it stand up even more. My hands reach around her ass and pull her hips even closer to me. Now she takes my lead and plunges her mouth over my cock and takes it all in her mouth sucking like it was the last one she would ever have. My tongue darts in and out while I move one hand to her pussy and let my fingers dig deep within. She is dripping wet and grinding her pussy down onto my fingers.

Finally, either of us not being able to take much more, she spins around on the table, grabs my cock and stuffs it into her pussy and begins to bounce up and down violently. With each pull upwards she tightens her pussy muscles creating very much a sucking sensation and then slams down trying to get my cock even deeper into her. Within a few moments she sits straight up, grabs her tits, squeezing them, and begins to violently shudder as she cums. Feeling this I can't help but also go thru the same motions. My hips push up and down again, as hard as I can, pushing my cock into her so hard it as if I was trying to make it go thru her. Soon my cock explodes and my cum shoots into her filling her with the hot fluids. She uses her pussy muscles to milk it dry as she begins to recover from her orgasm. Eventually she lets my cock slip out of her ... slides down the table and licks it clean.

As she gets off the table she tells me, "Don't worry about the 'tip' ... the real masseuse is out getting lunch and I am just watching the place for her. This one was on me!"

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