The Dressing Room

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Lisa loved wearing a short, tight dress that accentuated her firm body. Her full breasts and large nipples protruded from underneath the flimsy material and her long legs were sinfully exposed. She loved to tease. Her long, raven black hair and violet eyes alone cold reduce a man to shivers. But when she dressed like this… no one stood a chance.

She headed for the department store. It was late so few people would be around but she knew there would be a guy around that could please her.

In the sports department was a man about 35 or so, tall, dark hair, nice build, and probably married, but that didn't matter. Moving in for the kill, she walked past him, looking at the items on the shelf. She turned slightly and bent over, not bending her knees so as to expose her pert, little rear. The fact that she wasn't wearing panties helped her immensely. She backed into the man and then stood-up. The expression on his face and the distinctive bulge in his pants said worlds about her show. Her thoughts turned to a different encounter.

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There was the man she lured into the dressing room while his wife was trying some items on in another stall. She had pulled him into the room knowing he couldn't protest because it would attract attention. The seduction was straightforward and very, very direct. Stripping down she pressed her body to his.

She quickly slid down to her knees and took his cock out and began to suck it. Once he was hard and had forgotten about his wife, she stood and bent over. His cock found her honey-pot effortlessly. They moved slow and quietly but it was a deep, sensuous experience that thrilled her.

He moved his hands to her tits and squeezed them as he kept thrusting his long, hard cock deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Lisa was not overly quiet and did some moaning when she came. The man on the other hand was very quiet. He didn't want to get into trouble with his wife but he couldn't help but please this beautiful woman.

Banging a woman in the dressing room was a dream come true! He felt his prick stiffen and his thrusts became more deliberate. He shot his load deep into her box as he pressed her against the wall. Catching his breath he pulled out, yanked up his pants, and slipped out of the dressing room.

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