The Devilish Sex Goddess (and her daughter) : Part II (Transition)

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"Sebatian, this is my first revenge against your dad for breaking my heart, and my first step to take everything from him ..."

Everytime when Meghan came seduce me, I couldn't stop thinking what she said to me that first time we had sex. She was using me, I know, to get to her ultimate goal - but I just control my desire for this beautiful blonde sex goddess. I kept telling myself that I was in control, in fact, I was losing my mind day by day.

The first time we had sex, I was 21 and she was 31. My friends asked me why I was fucking a woman 10 years old than me, but all that I can say is, there's no woman who is more sexually attractive than Meghan. I was addicted to everything about her body - her beautiful face, her blue eyes, her juicy lips, her perfectly curvy body covered by the most tendered and smooth hairless skin, her beautiful ass and sexy long legs, her blonde hair, and even her fingers and toes were so beautiful that I became obsessed.

She became my sex goddess. Her body is my temple and I became a worshipper. For the next 10 years, I "worship" her body at least once a day - whether it's sex, oral, anal, or even just licking her fingers and toes. By the second year, Meghan probably already gained complete control of me, and I was doing everything she said - the company was virtually hers, and I was hers. Eventually, our sexual relationship turned the other way round - I became the one to pleasure her, she's my goddess, and I'm her slave.

I was happy though, that was 10 fucking good years indulged in sex. I mean, even when she pisses into my mouth, I was still drinking the urine from the most delicious female body on earth. I was sexually hooked to her, and I would do anything to even get a chance to lick her beautiful skin.

Until that day. We had a client who threatened to end his business with our company, and Meghan went to negotiate a deal with him. Doing what the best she does, she offered to use her body in exchange for the client to say - only this time, the deal is that she is to be locked up by the client for a month in his house as his personal sex slave.

For the past 10 years I haven't spent a day without sex with Meghan -and she knew that was the key to take complete control of me. I guess in order to continue to keep me busy thinking about sex, Meghan decided to bring in her 18 year old daughter as an "intern" for my company.

She was an 18 year old angel. Her name's Caitlin, and she was a child of Meghan with one of the clients she fucked many years during a business trip. She's 5'3", blonde, tanned with a very sweet and cute face. Unlike her mom whose evily seductive, Caitlin seems to still be a naive cheerful girl who has a very innocent and pleasant smile. Most importantly, her body just looks as delicious as her mom - except that she's 22 years younger and fresher. And her assigned job? My personal sex slave!!!

The day Caitlin came in, she dressed in her working suit, her 36'D boobs pressing her silky shirt tight. Her hair was tied and her young innocent smile just instantly harden my cock. I've been fucking a mature woman for the past 10 years, and now this young girl shows up in front of me turned me into a starving horny man.

I brought her into the office, with a sexroom built in at the back for me to worship Meghan, and I couldn't help but start tearing off the clothes from Caitlin. She started blushing and looked scared, but boy, that really turned me on. I've been controlled by an evil woman for the past 10 years, and suddenly now I'm alone with her beautiful innocent daughter who is going to be my sex slave for the next month - I really can't help turning myself into a beast.

I began licking her young tendered flesh as I undress her, it was just as delicious as her mom's! I began playing around with her body, and I've never been so horny before ... I can't help, but I knew what to do first with the sex goddess's body - I pinned her to my bed, and handcuffed her to the bed, opened her legs and took out my giant rock-hard cock.

This is going to be a long month.

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