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The Conference

(Part 3 from 3)

Joan ordered room service, I got in the chair where they always put me when the bellboy came with our food, but this time it was a girl about my age. I was sitting in my usual position, legs spread wide open and she had a look in her face that made me think she wanted to put me on a dinner plate and eat me up. Joan told her she had a choice, a tip or my pussy and she uttered, pussy without ever taking her eyes off me. Joan told her to strip, her clothes were off so fast, I just knew she had set some kind of speed record and dove between my legs. It happened so fast; I didn’t have time to react so I let her have her way with my pussy. She was a very accomplished cunt lapper, making me cum twice in a matter of minutes and was going for more cunt time when Joan made her stop. Joan escorted her out the door, telling her to get dressed in the hall and came back in to find me staring daggers at her. She asked what the problem was, I told her that girl was the best cunt lapper I ever had, Loretta put her arms around Joan and said, “Oh honey, our little girl is growing up” and they fell on the bed laughing. I said, “I don’t know what’s so funny, she” and before I could finish my statement, Joan said, “We know, the best cunt lapper you ever had” laughing like their sides were going to split. I’m still not sure what was so funny. We ate breakfast, which by now was lunchtime, Joan had ordered a can of whipped cream along with breakfast and put me on the bed covering me in whipped cream. 

They licked it off me very slowly, licking every inch of my body and when they licked my asshole, I almost jumped out of my skin. Nobody had ever kissed me there before, let alone licking it and I realized it felt really good. Joan spread my ass cheeks, Loretta stuck the spout of the whipped cream can in my asshole and sprayed whipped cream up my ass and then they both licked it out, making me cum. Then they turned me over, filled my pussy with whipped cream, making me cum again when they licked the inside of my pussy clean and I told them I was happy to have the chance to be their dessert. I was totally spent now, I had been licked, fucked, sucked and came so much, my poor body was worn out, so they pulled the covers over me and each one kissed me good night. I don’t know how long I was out, but I woke up feeling them playing with my body and Joan said I had to get up; it was the big dinner night. They bathed me, shaved every inch of my body and it was then I found out Loretta was a makeup artist with a major movie production company. When she was finished making me up, I looked like a cross between Cleopatra and a high priced hooker and when I looked in the mirror, I got wet looking at myself. Joan came right out and said, “Jesus Christ girl, you look so fucking hot, I got all wet just looking at you” and she told Loretta that she was the Rembrandt of makeup. I kept looking in the mirror; totally amazed that was me looking back.

There now were three non-descript dresses hanging on the closet door, they put one on me and each of them put one of the other dresses on. We went down to a huge dining room, that had a little room we had to go through, to get to the big room. There was a table set up with two women at it and they checked us in, taking our dresses. When I took my dress off, they both whistled and asked me if I wanted to change rooms. We went into the big room and the first thing I noticed was there wasn’t a man in sight. The waitresses were the only ones with clothes on and you could tell right away who the doms were and who were the fems, the doms all had pussy hair, while the fems were all clean shaven. What a sight that was, all these naked bodies in one room and of course I had to compare my self to the other bodies. I don’t know how Joan knew, but she hugged me and told me, “Baby, you are the hottest pussy in the place” and then the girl who was the afternoon bellhop came over asking if she could get me anything. Joan grabbed her arm, told her that she had better change her priorities, because she was the one who would or would not let her touch me. The girl was quick; she smiled at Joan, said, “Mistress, is there anything I can get for your party, anything at all”. Joan asked Loretta and I what we wanted to drink, relayed it to the waitress, smacked her on the butt and told her to be quick about it. 

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Doms kept coming over to Joan, they would talk for a minute, Joan would shake her head no and then move on to the next one. I was talking to Loretta when Loretta turned me around and standing there was a raven-haired beauty, who made my pussy get wet looking at her. She smiled at me, my pussy lurched and she said to me that she never had her pussy shaved before, did I? I told her it was my first time to, Joan was now along side me, she said something to the two doms the beauty belonged too and then she told me I could kiss the beauty, while apparently the beauties doms told her the same thing. We wrapped our arms around each other and before I kissed her, the beauty told me I was the hottest cunt she ever saw and wanted to eat me up. We kissed, she put her hand between my legs, stroked my clit, my legs buckled, I came like a water fountain and Joan grabbed me to keep me from going to the floor. I couldn’t believe how hot beauty made me, the hottest I had ever been in my entire life, she absolutely made me melt and at that point I would have killed to stay in her arms. Our doms picked us up bodily, carried us to a room with a mattress on the floor and deposited us on it so that beauty was on top of me. She kissed me, I kissed her back, she told me she wanted me so bad her pussy was going to explode and my pussy almost exploded. She put her finger in my pussy, my mind and body went into orbit and she told me to put my finger in her pussy. 

We lay there with our lips locked, finger fucking each other and I was in a place I had never been before. She put another finger into my pussy, started finger fucking me hard and fast, lightening struck every part of my body and I squirted cum about three feet. She rolled me onto my back, got between my legs, stuck her tongue in my pussy and I filled her mouth with hot pussy juice. She licked and sucked me until I came three more times for her, she got up, I grabbed her, wrapping my arms and then legs around her, was kissing her and telling her to please take me, I’d do anything for her just take me. She asked me if I belonged to her now and I said, “Yes, oh yes, I belong to you, take me please”. She got between my legs again, put three fingers in my pussy and ate me too three more pussy busting orgasms and I blacked out for a minute. I got my senses back after a bit, told her to let me do her and she spread her legs for me. I got between her legs and pure unbridled lust took over, all I wanted was to taste, touch and smell her pussy, I licked, sucked and tongue fucked her pussy, making her cum eight times, making myself cum twice. Then she begged me stop, she couldn’t take anymore, but I was so pussy crazed I couldn’t stop. I made her cum four more times for me, cumming once more myself and then she passed out during the last orgasm. I cradled her in my arms until she came back to the land of pussy; she looked at me, wrapped her arms around me, kissed me and asked if I was trying to kill her. I told her I was sorry but her pussy drove me absolutely insane and I just couldn’t stop eating her. 

She smiled, said, “Next time, I’m gonna do that to you, you little cunt and see how you like it. I said, “Promises, promises” and kissed her back. Joan came into the room then, said, “You ladies really enjoyed yourselves didn’t you?” and then told me to tell beauty where I was from. I told her I was from Philly, her eyes got real big and she said, “I’m from Bustleton” and then my eyes got real big because the next section up from Bustleton is Somerton, which is where I’m from. Joan told us to exchange addresses later, dinner was being served. When we got to the table I found out beauty was sitting next to me and we sat down holding hands. I looked up at one of the big screen TV’s located all around the room and there beauty and I were, in all our glory, fucking each other. I told beauty to look, we both shrank down in our chairs a little, and then the mistress of ceremonies got up and made a toast to the two of us. Everybody was whistling and cheering and we both looked at each other, said, the hell with it and stood up and kissed, bringing the roof down. The rest of the evening was very nice, they had a female band, I got to dance with beauty most of the time and that’s a whole thing by itself, dancing tit to tit, pussy to pussy while holding each other by the ass. I was surprised that they let us dance so much together and Joan told me that it was real obvious how we felt towards each other so she decided that they should leave us alone for most of the night. 

It got even better because Joan decided beauty and I should spend the night together, so she and Loretta spent the night with the other two doms. Beauty and I had the most awesome night ever, we were up all night fucking and talking in between. We sixty-nined quite a few times, along with finger fucking and sucking each other from missionary, to being on all fours getting eaten out. Both our pussies were hot boxes of love all night long, we just couldn’t get enough of each other and about four o clock in the morning we had to move to the sofa because the whole mattress was soaking wet. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how many times we came during the night but it was enough to make the mattress float. The rest of the conference, we spent the days as the doms pussies but Joan let us have the nights together, so by the time we got the plane home, both our pussies were so well fucked, we didn’t think we would be able to make love until at least the next day. Beauty and I found an apartment together, she can still make my pussy flood just by licking my mouth and even better, if we find someone we would both like to fuck, we share, I got the waitresses phone number and we are looking forward to the next conference.

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