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The Best I Ever Had

(Part 3 from 3)

I started slow fucking her cunt and damned if I didnít feel her pussy jerking my cock off. I said to her, thatís a fucking unbelievable feeling but if you keep it up Iím going to cum. She said with that voice, oh, my little pussy is going to make my cunt lapper shoot his cum into my hot cunt. There was no way I was going to hold it back after she said that and I went off in her pussy, making her say, oh baby thatís so fucking good, feeling all that hot cum coating my pussy. I collapsed on top of her, thinking, man she is the best fuck I ever had in my life and I said it out loud. She wrapped her arms around me, said, Iím really the best you ever had? I said, on the piece of ass scale from one to ten, youíre an eleven, baby, an eleven. I said, lets take a shower so I can rejuvenate and fuck you some more. She asked, we are really going to fuck some more? I said, you donít want to play anymore? She said oh, I want to play; I didnít think you would be able too. I said thatís why I wanted to spend the day with you, so I could fuck your brains out. She said, how did that little bitch at work let you get away? You are the man. I laughed said the little bitch really got on my nerves, Lisa looked into my eyes and said, Iíll make sure I never do that. We went into the bathroom, turned the shower on and climbed in. I took the bar of soap, started soaping her body up and Lisa said youíre going to wash me? I said, sure, you think Iíd miss the chance to work your whole body over with a bar of soap. She said all these new experiences are almost too overwhelming.

I started on her shoulders, working my way down to her tits, stopping there to make sure they were really clean. When I started rolling her nipples around with my fingers, she started moaning and panting like a dog in heat. I said to her, Iím I making my poor babyís little pussy hot, do you like having your pussy get hot for me, she moaned rather loudly and shook her head yes. I pinned her against the wall, soaping her pussy up, making sure her pussy lips were clean in side. She was standing there with her legs shaking and holding onto me for dear life. I said to her, do you like having me touch your cunt, she shook her head yes and said yes at the same time. She was moaning real loud now and I asked her, whoís pussy am I holding. She kind of moaned something, so I said itís my pussy now and she said, yes baby, itís your pussy now, Iím your pussy now. I put two fingers in her boiling hot pussy, said thatís my little pussy, now tell me who owns you. She said you own me baby, you own me and I said tell me you will do anything I say and that Iím your cunts master. She was using that voice now and said, oh baby, Iíll do anything you want because you are my cunts master, but I need your cock now, right now. I pushed her back against he wall, put my hands around her ass and lifted her so I could put my cock in her cunt without bending down. I said, take my cock and put it in your hot little cunt my little prick licker. She put my prick in her pussy, wrapped her legs around me and said Iím I your little prick licker baby because I love your prick. 

I couldnít believe my cock was hard again and fucking the shit out of her pussy. But here I was in the shower; fucking my brains out in a position I had never tried before. I liked having her legs wrapped around me, her tits pressing into my chest and my cock in her cunt. I started talking to her saying, she had the best tasting pussy in the world, she was the best piece of ass in the world, she gave me the best blowjob I ever had and that she was now my little whore forever. She was bouncing around on my cock moaning and groaning but when I called her my little whore, her pussy went into convulsions and she went limp from the orgasm she had. It was so intense, it put her into never-never land for a few minutes. Her legs slid down mine but werenít on the floor and I had her under the arms holding her up. After a minute or two she put her feet on the shower floor but was still hanging onto me and said, that was fucking unbelievable baby, unbelievable. She said I canít even describe how I felt; all that existed when I came was my cunt, your cock and your voice calling me your whore. She said I loved everything you did, especially you calling me your little whore. She said I donít know why but that really put a fire in my pussy. I said in that case then, from now on you are my own private little whore, she wrapped her arms around me, kissed me and said thank you, my own private cunt lapper.

I said, I hate to tell you baby, but my cocks still hard, she said lets go to bed and Iíll lay on my back so you can get on top and put it in my mouth. I got on top, on my knees, put my cock in her mouth and she started sucking me like it was the last time she would get a cock. It didnít take long before my cock was ready to explode, I said, Iím going to cum. She grabbed my hips so I couldnít move and I shot my load into her mouth. Like I said before, thatís an incredible feeling for a man and I was feeling incredible. She swallowed my whole load and then asked me if I enjoyed the blowjob. Iíve had more then my share of women in my life but none of them was even a close second to Lisa and I told her that. She said thatís good cunt master, because you are stuck with me and Iím going to work something out so you can fuck me at least twice a week, especially since now that you own me. She said I need a nap, set the alarm for five and come hold me. I set the alarm, got under the covers, she grabbed my prick, said Iím holding onto this and I think we have a problem. I said what problem, she said I donít know how Iím going to keep my hands off you at work and also we have to figure out a way for me to spend the night here.

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