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The Basement

(Part 1 from 1)

During sex, my wife and I often tell each other stories to heighten the experience. Frequently, the stories become very adventurous, especially if we have been to a party and we’ve had a few drinks.

My wife often likes me to tell her stories about my cum, and enjoys themes where she is forced to eat it and such, so I have known for some time that she has a fetish for sperm. A few weeks a go, we were really going at it one evening, and it was her turn to cite a story. Well let me tell you, what she came up with almost floored me, yet surprisingly drove me wild at the same time.

In the heat of our passion, she began……

I awoke to find myself captured and tied to a table in the basement of a strange house. Fully naked, my hands and feet were tied in a manner that fully exposed all my privates. Anticipating that I was about to be used as a filthy sex slave, I could feel the emerging warmth and moistness between my legs.

Hearing footsteps coming down the stairs, the excitement and anxiety was beginning to drive me absolutely wild. Looking to my side, a cloaked figure with a dark mask approached me. Finding it hard to swallow, my heart pounded in my chest.

The figure then slightly parted their black robe to reveal a fully erect cock. As the figure slowly walked toward me, the long and very thick erection swung side to side. Now moving even closer, the massive cock hovered above my face, and the figure spoke.

“We understand that you have a fetish for fresh cum dear lady”.

Trying to speak, my voice quivered. “Ahh Yes…I do”.

“You have been chosen for a very special event. One which will satisfy your desire for warm semen. Brothers, now join me”, the figure yelled.

Hearing many more footsteps coming down the stairs, numerous cloaked figures entered the room. OH my god, what were they going to do to me!!

The cloaked figures moved around in a complete circle. Dizzy with anxiety, I counted about 10 or 11.

As I continued to look at the parade around me, all at once they opened their robes to display their fully erect cocks. There were varying sizes, but without question, these men were all very hung. To maintain their full erections, each hooded figure began to stroke, massage, and rub their rock hard cum spouts.

As I continued to screw my wife, I could not believe what I was hearing. Until then, all our stories had only been about her and me. This one was different. Very different. She was about to tell me a story about numerous men assaulting her!!

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Then she continued….

Then the main guy spoke again. “Each of my brothers has been carefully selected for you. Each hooded brother is uniquely capable of producing a massive load of cum, and in this special club, we have perfected special techniques to even further maximize the volume of our very heavy ejaculations. We have all been under strict orders to refrain from any sexual activity for the past month and have been slowly masturbating for the past 6 hours to increase the volume of our cum shots. You dear lady, will serve as the recipient of our highly anticipated massive cum explosions.”

As I looked around me at the stiff and pulsing cocks, I could feel the juice running from my swollen and gaping cunt.

Moving closer to the table they began to rub their warm rigid erections all over my face, tits, stomach and legs. Warm cock ravaged my entire body.

Freeing my hands and feet from the ropes, they slid me down to the end of the table to access my aching pussy. As the first cock slid in to my slippery cunt, another pressed at the lips of my mouth. Soon I was also stroking two very long and thick erections with my free hands, while the remaining cocks rubbed across my entire body.

As the hooded figures rotated from station to station, I could tell that they were getting closer to orgasm.

The taste of precum filled my mouth. I could feel the warm clear liquid begin to douse my ravaged body. The build up of semen must have been too much as each cock could no longer contain it’s warm sticky reservoir.

Now removing me from the table, the hooded gang with rock hard members moved me to a wall where I was forced to kneel on the floor. My hands were then secured with handcuffs that dangled from the cold cinderblock. . Mercilessly, the hooded and cloaked group stroked their massive cocks in front of my face, which was now waist high, and perfectly positioned for their erupting penises.

As I listened to my wife tell this story, I began to tremble with excitement. Listening to her get off on the thought of a large group of men jerking off in her face was almost too much for me to handle. And to hear her fantasize about each man having the special ability to squirt copious amounts of cum directly into her face drove me wild.

When, they started to go off, it was absolutely amazing. The first guy pumped his cock and when he reached the point of no return, he held it firmly at the base. I could see the slit in his big mushroom head pop open before the first flood of cum came shooting out. Opening my mouth to taste his warm cream, rope after rope of sperm leapt onto my face.
OHHH there was soooo much cum. I could not believe how much jism came from only one cock.

One after another they stepped in front of my face to release their massive loads…each marveling at the others gigantic ejaculations. Each hooded man released at least 8 full ropes of heavy cream. My face was drenched with warm sperm. It dangled from my chin, it filled my mouth, it was in my hair, it pooled all over my tits.

As we climaxed together, I pulled my own erupting penis from her sopping hole, and directed the next blast of semen toward her beautiful face.

I can’t wait to our next story time!

Maybe I will share the details of her next story if you are interested?

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