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That text was never meant for you daddy!

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Sitting at her desk in a daze looking out the classroom window, una began thinking about her boyfriend David, soon, her little silk panties began to soak and she could feel her nipples hardening through her shirt, she pulled her phone out her pocket and hid it under the desk. "hey honey, so wet thinking about you just now, can't help but picture the hard fucking you could be giving me while I bend over this desk, feeling really dirty ;) will call you when I'm home xx" SENT. Una smiled in satisfaction before realising she sent it to not David, but DAD. How could she have been so stupid?

Her heart was pounding and she began to flush at the thought of her dads reaction. She would never be allowed to see him again, she would be grounded for life ! "we will be having words when you get home. Walk home, I need time to think of a suitable punishment!" bracing herself for the consequence, una sunk into her chair.

Walking home, una flirted with the thought he might understand, after all, he did marry young, he might just take her phone off her... No, of course he will be raging, he will probably kill David and send her to boarding school, oh god how her hear was pounding.

Meanwhile her dad read over and over the text and couldn't help but let his mind drift into images of his innocent little girl bent over her desk with some puney no body that just wanted to take advantage of her. He ignored the growing bulge in his pants and clenched his fist, he resented everything about the situation, that his daughter was being taken advantage of, that she was learning how to fuck with some worthless little boy with no experience, that her smooth tight innocent body had been touched so carelessly. He was angry at the thought of her body belonging to anyone that wasn't her father, being ruined by an inexperienced girl, if she really wanted to be fucked hard and bent over then he wanted to give her a good reason why!

Una arrived at the house and took a deep breath before ringing the bell. Her dad came to the door and gave her a stern wide eyed look, one that made her feel sheepish and guilty, but was disoriented by the subtle look of adoration and desire. "go through to the living room una, you have some explaining to do " una dumped her bag on the stairs and shook off her blazer and shamefully walked through to her father.

"that was never meant for your eyes daddy, please don't hurt David it wasn't his faul i dont even know what im talking about da...."
"una that's not the point anymore, it's how your going to prove you don't know what your talking about." he interupted with a serious face.
"what do you mean?" una asked, she couldn't understand why this hadn't already turned into a shouting match.

"well, in your text you claimed you were wet, how wet?" his eyes began to widen as una bit her lip and crossed her legs embarassedly.
"Emmm, well i suppose very, but I don't know why.


"hmm now I believe that to be incorrect una, you also said that you were imagining yourself bent over being fucked really hard? So you can only imagine what pictures were in my head!"
"I'm so so sorry daddy honest il do anything to stop you thinking about it I should have known it was wrong!" una explained
"oh una it's not wrong, your a teenager it's normal, but what I'm angry at is that you don't know enough about what you want and why and you have never asked to be taught." he said apologetically, he could feel his cock straining against his pants eegerly.

"well would it help if I asked for you to teach me?" the taboo conversation began to make Una tingle, she had no idea where this came from and why she was enjoying it so much.
"yes very much so, take off your skirt honey and we can get it put the way right now, I can't bear the thought of you wanting some little boy." he grinned sitting back in his armchair.

Una bit her lip and felt her silk panties soak once more, she stood up slowly and unzipped the side of her little plaited skirt and shook it to her ankles to reveal her pasty smooth legs and tiny cream silk panties. She stood before her father nervously awaiting his response. "oh una, you werent lying, those panties are soaked, now give daddy a spin and show me what you pictured yourself like bent over."

Una turned and swished her long brown hair down her back and rested both knees on the coffee table and bended over to show a little cream string spitting her dripping pink pussy in two.

Beginning to stroke the rapidly increasing hardon in his pants he began to unbutton his pants. "now that's my little girl, do you like bending over for me?"

"yes daddy, I love bending over for you, do you like what you see?" una was grinding her hips in circles and allowing her panties to rub her clit. "I'm very disappointed that you never let daddy know you were a little slut sooner, now rub your little panties" "oh that's beautiful honey yes get nice and wet"

He unleashed his 9" cock and began to stroke it as his little girl pulled he fabric of her panties to the side revealing a smooth tight pink pussy drenched in her teenage juice. "are you ready to be taught a lesson una?" he couldn't resist any longer, he belonged this pussy and wanted una to know exactly what she wanted, he bent down so his face was level with her ass.

"oh daddy yes, show me what I need to know" she groaned as she felt a soft bite and tug on her round plump ass. He gripped her ass tightly and separated her cheeks to see her tiny pink ring hole, he let his slice drop into it and trickle into her pussy as he slapped her ass leaving a red hand print. Una squealed in pleasure and stuck her ass up to his face, "you like being daddy's little whore don't you? Your so filthy, why is your pussy dripping una?" he questioned as he spat between the taught lips of her pussy.

"because I'm daddys little whore and I want you to do bad bad things to me!" she pleaded with longing, the outburst send her fathers cock throbbing and he burried his face into her ass.

Una felt his tongue stroke her clit an move slowly up and down her hole teasing her. He spat on her clit and plunged her tongue deep into the walls of her pussy, sucking and gnawing her clit. Una moaned in extract an begged her father to fuck her. "you need to learn to slow down, I won't fuck you if you tell me to." he said angrily, "daddy I need your cock!" she continued, "shut up you little bitch, suck my cock then and hard !"

 he pulled her hair tight and forced her upon his massive hard cock, una was surprised at te size of her fathers dick and took it with pleasure, concentrating on the depth of her sucking, taking his whole 9" to the back of her throat, as she coughed and spluttered he moaned "you little slut! Youv done this before, suck my dick little bitch!" he forced her head down and began to unfasten her bra, "let me have those little hard nipples then."

He threw her to the carpet and he lay and sucked and pulled at her tits as she groaned "daddy teach me a fucking lesson, teach me a lesson!"
He slowly sucked and licked his way to her pussy and inserted his middle finger deep into her hole and began caressing her clit with his tongue, with two fingers he hooked upwards and begin to finger fuck her little swollen fussy faster, he spat on it and groaned, "you like it when daddy touches your pussy don't you whore?"

Una rocked her pelvis into the strokes of her fathers fingers and moaned speechlessly as she began to get a tingling sensation, she grabbed his greyish black hair and moaned loudly " ooooh daddy yess that feels so goo... Uuuh I'm cuming daddy!" una let her juice squirt into her father's open mouth and all over his face,

"that's right baby, do you like cuming on daddy's face? I think it's daddy's turn now!"

Una felt her father grip her by the hips and turn her to her front, una lay numb and perked her ass upwards allowing her father full access to her petite asshole, he spat on his cock and onto her hole and slowly forced it deep into her virgin asshole, una squealed in painful delight as her plump ass swallowed his throbbing cock "uh yeh you ass whore take daddys cock deep like that, you love it when daddy fucks you don't you?" he groaned as he thrust his cock deeper into her tiny ass.

The faster he pounded her ass the more una screamed "harder!"
"mmmmh yeah, you love destroying your baby don't you you pervert, you like my young ass dot you daddy !" she teased as she screamed.
"yes I love your little ass now ride my dick slut!" he grunted as he pulled Unas pusssy onto his long rod.

Una bounced up and down on her fathers cock and let him watch her titties bounce and her face moan with pleasure, "oh daddy I love being your little slut" she groaned as he began to tense up and rock his hips inside her as she grinded down his pulsing shaft, "cum deep inside me daddy mmm yeah" as he groaned in extacy una could feel her pussy fill up with her fathers cum.

Her father pulled his throbbing worked member out of his daughters hole and smiled at the sight of his semen dripping from her slit, she scooped it out with her finger and dropped it into her mouth and gargled, she let her father watch her drop it from her mouth onto her tits and scoop more out and into her mouth which she showed him, he stuck his tongue down her throat and they mixed his cum was their tongues entwined, slurping and kissing frantically.

Once they had cleared up and both had had a shower they agreed that they would not let that be the last time.

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