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Tawny, Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes A Woman

(Part 3 from 4)

Tawny sat opposite her father, watching his face. He was mad and more important disappointed in her. She hated his disappointment more then the punishment he would give her. 

“With your mother on the road so much and Adam so enmeshed in school, there seems to be only the two of us left in this family. And your attitude lately has shown a complete disregard for me. Numerous times you have failed to do things I requested from you. It seems like you do not even listen to me. This is going to change immediately. You will be grounded for a month. You are to come home after school and no nights out with your friends for a month.”

“No, Daddy, not that. I have the bid dance with Jimmy this Friday. We have been planning it for weeks. I even bought a new dress for it. Please, oh, please, Daddy, ground me after the dance,” she begged. She looked up at him, trying to give him the pleaseeeee look.

Michael looked at her, the pitiful look on her face. But he did not have any sympathy for her. She needed to learn a lesson. Postponing the grounding until after the dance would not teach her anything except she could get away with anything. “That is not acceptable. If you want to go to the dance on Friday, you will have to have another punishment to replace it. You will still be grounded after the dance. Let me think about a suitable punishment.”

Tawny’s eyes brightened, she had to go to the dance. She would do anything he asked. It was that important. “I will do anything, Daddy, just please let me go to the dance. I will do anything you say, Daddy. Please, oh, please, let me go.”

All of a sudden it dawned on Michael. He was not sure what triggered it, maybe his hand on her ass, maybe the way her ass swung in front of him only minutes ago. Whatever it was, the idea popped into his head suddenly. He smiled. ”This will be your only option. Do not try to bargain any further. If you want to go to the dance, this is your only choice. Do you understand, Tawny?”

Tawny smiled, yes, she could go to the dance. Thank God. Jimmy would have taken someone else to the dance and that would have been it with them together. “Yes, whatever you say, Daddy, I will do whatever you say.”

“I am going to spank you. It has been a long time since I had to resort to spankings, but it seems like the only available option. I know your mother does not approve of spankings, so you would have to agree that this would never be told to her.” He smiled as he saw the look in her face change from a smile to a surprised look. It was not what she was expecting. It was hardly what he was expecting.

“What do you mean a spanking, I’m too old to be spanked. Please, Daddy, think of something else?”

“I told you, this is your only option. Now, are you going to agree to be spanked, or will it be the grounding, starting tonight? Remember, this was caused by you. All you had to do was obey and none of this would be happening. You might remember that in the future. Obey, or be punished.”

Tawny looked over at her father. She knew she had no choice. She just had to go to the dance. She looked down, not wanting to look directly at her father. “Yes, I will obey. I will accept the spanking. Anything to go to the dance. I am sorry I let you down, Daddy. I will obey everything you say in the future. Let me go upstairs and change my clothes and I will be right back down.”

“That will not be necessary. What you have on is very suitable.” Michael got up from the chair. “I think this should be done upstairs. Into my bedroom, young lady.” 

Michael followed Tawny as she walked up the stairs. He could almost see up her skirt as he followed her closely. His cock was hard. He was going to spank her. And she was going to submit to it. His mind began to race ahead, thinking of the possibilities.

Michael pulled out one of the straight back chairs in his bedroom and pulled it to the center of the room. He sat down on it. He motioned for Tawny. “Over here, lay across my lap, head facing down.”

Tawny started to protest, but the look on her father’s face told her no. “Yes, Daddy.” She walked over to him and began to lay herself over his lap. It was difficult, he had to hold onto her as she lowered herself onto his lap. She pressed into him, feeling a large bump in his pants as her abdomen rubbed up against it. She knew what it was, she could not figure out why it was so hard, but she was more worried about the spanking she was about to receive.

“Head down, you might as well learn the proper position. I have a feeling that this will happen more then once.” He pushed down on her back, forcing her head lower. He could see her top beginning to ride up towards the ground, her bra being uncovered. He saw her feel the same thing happening and her hands moved to pull it more securely down. “Hands on the ground and do not move them,” he ordered her. 

Tawny felt her bra being uncovered as her top slowly fell back. She was trying to cover it when he heard his command. She quickly moved her hands to the floor, her palms flat on the floor, holding her body from falling. She knew her bra was uncovered, but did not want to further displease him. “Yes, Daddy.”

He liked the way she was reacting. She had become very submissive, even to the detriment of her body being uncovered. He felt her body tremble as he ran his hand up over her naked back, over her bra strap, all of the way up to her neck, effectively pulling her top up to her neck. She did not move, as she was uncovered. “That’s a good girl. It is important that you obey.” He ran his hands down her sides, over her bra, his fingers brushing against the sides of her bra, testing her reaction. She squirmed a little, but did not protest or prevent him from going any further. He could feel her body rubbing against his cock, making it harder.

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