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Taste of Korean love

(Part 1 from 1)

I was in a relationship for two years with a blonde blue eyed tempest in a tea bag named Crystal. Our relationship had gone stagnant and unhealthy. She thought she was God's gift to me. She also believed she had me over a barrel even though we hardly had any sex anymore. I threatened to break up with her but she just called my bluff. That proved to be her biggest mistake!

I met a korean girl at the bank where I work who was a regular customer. Her name is Hwang. She has beautiful dark brown shoulder length hair and deep brown eyes. Pretty, pretty legs that she loved to show off with nylons and a short skirt or dress.She drew atares not only from me but other male customers.We really hit it off well together.

I finally got up the nerve to ask her out. She accepted.When I arrived to pick her up my jaw dropped to the floor.She was wearing a short tight leather skirt, coffee colored nylons (she always wears and loves nylon) and a pretty pair of classic 3-4" high heels.

So we went out to eat and she suggested during dinner that we go back to her place when we finished. Wow I thought this is sudden. I was licking my chops just wondering what I could do to make a move on and seduce this goddess of a babe.But believe me, it would play out in a way that no one could predict.

When we got to her apartment she told me to have a seat on her couch and she would be right in.I was so excited my heart was pounding.When she came in she kicked off her high heels. I noticed she was wearing pantyhose with reinforced toe. I have an extreme foot fetish especially for reinforced toe nylons.My missile was ready to launch.

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We looked into each other's eyes as she sat next to me and it just happened like clock work. She kissed me with the deepest most luscious kiss you could imagine. IT WAS AWESOME! As we continued to joke with each other and hit it off so well, we started to kiss and smooch again. Light kisses at first and eventually they became deep and intense. Hwang dominated the scenario.Wow I thought, does this chick know how to kiss!!! I completely forgot I was already in a shaky relationship. As we continued to kiss she unzipped my fly and started playing with and fondling my cock. While she kissed me during all this playing around she would hum music tunes (in Korean I would guess)and it was so comforting. There was hot chemistry between us and she sure knew how to communicate her feelings for me. She knelt up on the sofa and sat on her legs. While we kissed she started to jack me off and she would sway her hips from side to side. As these hot acts continued I told her I was going to blast my load. I went out of my mind as I shot warm sperm ahota off the window shade behind the sofa, and onto Hwang's pantyhose and skirt.

After we cleaned up, we looked at some family photo albums and laughed and joked some more. I just kept looking at her face and her feminine features and suddenly we started to kiss again. She said to me, 'You're still horny aren't you.' I nodded my head and she exclaimed,'You've still got a lot of hot love to release so let's do something about it.

Hwang laid my head in her lap and as she bent down to kiss me she jacked me off again.There were so many things going through my head I was overwhelmed. But two things I was positive about during all this kissing and cock jacking was that I was going to dump Crystal like a hot potato and I was in love with Hwang. This time as I ejaculated Hwang sighed as she watched out of the corner of her eye (she told me this later)and my sperm shots went some three feet over her coffee table.It was an even bigger blast than the first one.

This was the night of my life.One thing about Hwang I'll never forget is that she loves to wiggle and curl her nylon toes and rub her feet together. What a turn on for me!

I had just spent about five hours at her apartment and I had to leave and get my head together.She walked me to the door and we spent about 15 more minutes kissing and smooching and hugging and saying good night.I rold her I wanted to take her out again and she agreed of course.

Crystal had tried to call me several times that night but of course I rejected her attempts.I went to see her the next day and simply told her that I met someone who was better. She couldn't believe I was dumping her and she broke down. What had happened on this Friday night made me feel like a man again and it was healthy for me psychologically and physically. While I explained this to Crystal I was empty, because I just wanted to be away from her and be with Hwang, MY new love. As far as I was concerned Crystal got what she deserved. Too bad about ya. Crystal (loser) Hwang (winner). I tasted and experienced Korean love on this Friday night date and there was no turning back. This is what love is all about. Hwang was so attracted to my blonde hair and blue eyes and it is ditto for me and her dark features and extremely seductive eyes. We have the hots for each other, and we are in love!!!

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