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Talons of Pleasure

(Part 1 from 1)

My hot older sister (we'll call her Deb for privacy purposes) kept her inch+ long nails in perfect, polished, and very sexy condition all the time. They were, and remain, her pride and joy. Deb was also well aware of my affinity or fetish for them, and, quite frankly, played it up.

One Summer, Deb decided to grow her nails out as long as possible, instead of keeping them at a certain, usually inch and a quarter length. I was the first to find out this information while helping her with errands and running-around one afternoon.

Flashing her lovely tens on the steering wheel for my review, Deb stated:

"This one's starting to curve under..(pointing to her long middle finger nail)..Think I'll hold off cutting my nails a few weeks or so..Let them get really long" Deb stated. "I have wide bases, so they're strong, too".

"Do it, Debs" I replied, adding the s to her name for fun. "If you're asking me, grow them as long as you can..Two inches or more" I suggested.

"That's what I'M thinking!" Deb exclaimed while making a right turn and extending her non-driving hand. "Two, maybe two and a half inches! And, hun..Like I know you like..RED" she slyly stated.

"Damn, yes..Please?" I replied. "You, with 2-inch, RED nails? I'd be effing putty in your beautiful hands! And you know I would!" I admitted, not to her surprise.

"Tell you what, hun..I'll do it just for you..And, let you enjoy them..It'll just be between us.." she suggested, traversing her fingers down my arm.

"Good, it's settled..No cutting at all..And a goal of 2 inches..Jet-RED" I excitedly stated, barely containing my thrill. As it was, the talk of this was causing a growing bulge in my pants.

"And if I get them that long, what do I get from you? Gotta be something in it for me, hun..If Deb's giving you really long, red nails, you have to give me something in return.." the sexy sister opined.

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"Fair enough, you're right" I agreed. "Car maintenance, washing, and when you want to move furniture, which I know you will soon, totally on me..You won't lift a finger to help.." I offered.

"Wash and change the oil in my car, AND move furniture around my apartment? DONE" Deb stated.

The weeks went by and, as promised, Deb didn't cut her marvelous nails, hitting the 2-inch mark by mid to late July. Soon enough, collection on the deal was warranted.

"Hey hun.." Deb called one day from the apartment. "Stop down later..There might be something here you're interested in..Starts with R and ends with ED.." she teased. "Get down here". I was off within minutes.

Arriving at Deb's apartment and finding her seated on the couch, dressed in a white, terrycloth robe with her hands neatly folded, Deb invited me in and directed me to sit down.

"Actually..Lay down..On your stomach..I'm in the mood to do this now, and you're going to take it now.." Deb stated in a low, sexy voice tone.

For the remainder of the following hour, Deb used her 2-inch, fire-engine red nails to dig, impale, scratch, and otherwise mark my back, arms, sides, shoulders, and neck, as her territory. It was exceptionally arousing.

"There!" Deb proclaimed, hovering over me like a vulture to prey. "Let's see any other girl you know do THAT!". It seemed to me I wasn't the only one fully enjoying Deb's 2-inch nails. The owner herself was fairly well into it as well.

As we watched tv the rest of the evening, Deb toyed and played with me using those nails. Taking her right hand in mine, I thanked her several times.

"It was my pleasure, hun..And don't forget, yours too.." Deb replied. "I think I like you being my Nail Fetish Guy".

From that point forward, each time Deb went on a grow her nails very long kick, I was the first to know, and only to enjoy like that.

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