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The Family Meeting : Part 3

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

By the time Daddy was done with Frank's niece, my father seemed to have come to terms with me sharing my love with another family. That night the Pattersons showed my father how a real family of swingers lived and played.

After Dad had finished banging Brook, Frank told his boys that it was their turn to take care of their little cousin. Brook was sitting on the sofa when Grant pulled her to her feet. Pinning her against the wall while Kate and Carla held her in place, Jake and Grant took turns ever five minutes or so fucking her young pussy — a game that they had perfected with their sisters.

While the boys were taking care of Brook, Frank, Daddy and I went into my bedroom. I had dreamed of having a threesome with Dad and Frank. Both of them were fantastic lovers. Each had his own unique way of making a woman's pussy feel so very special
From the first moment we stepped into my bedroom, it seemed that neither Daddy nor Frank could keep their hands off me. It was lucky that my bed was plenty big enough for the three of us.

I was lying in the middle while Frank took one side and Daddy took the other. Daddy started kissing me, while Frank's hands had full range of my body. Daddy took each one of my golden brown tits in his hands, and massaged my breasts until my nipples stood forth hard and erect. The sensation of Daddy's tongue swirling around them was equaled by Frank kissing down my body until he reached the opening to my love hole.
I can't even began to describe the erotic joy I felt as Daddy and Frank made me their sex toy. Frank's tongue felt so good as it found my clit, while he thrust two fingers rapidly in and out of my pussy.

While resting my head in his lap, Daddy watched as Frank climbed between my legs. Frank slowly pushed his way deeper and deeper inside me as Daddy continued to fondle my tits. At first, Frank fucked me very slowly, gradually building up my pleasure. Frank's slow pace allowed me to enjoy being fucked for the pure pleasure of being fucked. Then Frank picked up the pace, fucking me harder and faster, while at the same time starting a conversation with Daddy.

" Jake, was she this good the first time you fucked her?" Frank gasped, as he continue to pump my pussy.

"Patterson, the first time I fucked my sweet little girl... , well lets just say that I will gladly take that memory to my grave," Dad said, as he fondled my long curly hair.

"I can't blame you. The first time I fucked my little girls was a proud moment for me as well," Frank said, still keeping up the pace.

Daddy and Frank took their turn at feeding my pussy. When we were done the three of us fell asleep.
When I woke up, both Frank and Daddy were gone; there was no one in my apartment at all. Looking around, I found a note from Josh saying that he took Dad and his family back to the Fairmont Hotel, and that I should joint them in room 247 when I woke up.

I showered, put on a mini with some sexy heels, touched up my makeup, brushed out my hair, and headed over to the hotel. When I arrived at the room and knocked on the door, a young girl wearing a white teddy with her hair in pigtails let me in. It didn't take a genius to figure out that a sex party going on. There were about twenty people in just the front room. Some were openly engaging in sex, while others were just standing around watching and drinking. As I made my way though the room, I noticed Josh over in a corner with a lovely redhead. He spotted me and called me over to where he had the woman pinned against the wall. He had her mini-skirt pushed up and his hand inside her panties. When I got close enough, Josh grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a hard, open-mouth kiss, while he continued to fondle the redhead's pussy. Josh and I had talked about, maybe one day, inviting another couple into our relationship, but this was the first time that we had even come close to having sex with a third person.

Before I could say anything, Josh pushed me back against the wall next to the redhead. By now, he had removed her panties, and the sight of her red pussy hair seemed to really turn my husband-to-be on. Josh ordered both of us to undress. The redhead removed her clothes, leaving on just her spike heels, and after a moment of hesitation, I stripped down to my heals, as well, and tossed everything else into the corner.

As soon as Kit took her top off, I was in awe. Her five foot nine, slender frame looked like a work of art. She had high-set, conical-shaped tits, that swayed and giggled as she moved. Her long red hair came to her shoulders. Her green eyes and full red lips, along with her soft creamy white skin was a very powerful combination.

Josh kissed her hard, maneuvered himself between her long legs, bent a little to get his cock lined up, and pushed. Kit hissed in her breath, bit down on his shoulder and came to her toes when he slammed his big dick to the hilt. He definitely had her attention, and mine as well. I now understood how Dad felt when he saw Frank's hands on my cunt. I had never seen Josh with any other women outside of his mother and his sisters. I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.

My contemplation was interrupted when Josh reached over and started fingering my pussy while he continued to slam into Kit harder and harder. In no time, Kit started to cum, screaming out her orgasm like a wild woman.

"Oh, yeah Baby. fuck me hard, I want to feel your big dick fucking me. Oh, my. Shit. You fuck oh so good," she said, as Josh pounded her pussy. Josh used his dick like a jackhammer, then with one last, hard stroke, he froze as he pumped his sperm up her pussy.

She slumped against him as he continued slowly pumping. Sperm squirted out around his dick, coating her pussy hair and running down her leg while she sighed and kissed his neck.
I had never seen Josh like that before, and he had surly never fucked me the way that he had just fucked Kit.

Once Josh and Kit had finished, he said that he wanted to talk to me alone. Kit capped her hand over her pussy, gave Josh as kiss, and giggling went looking for the restroom. Cum was running down her thigh as she pranced away.
Josh kissed me tenderly. I could taste Kit's lipstick on his mouth, and smell her pussy on his hand as he touched my cheek. " Look Baby, you know that I love you, and only you.

“You know that we have talked about adding a third person to our relationship — will I think Kit may be the one."

I had never seen this side of Josh before — this side that was so easily turned on by another woman. I really didn't know what to say, or how I really felt about having another woman in our bed. Yes, Kit was, indeed, beautiful, and maybe there was just a hint of jealousy on my part (or maybe more than an a hint), but I knew that Josh wasn't going to give up the idea of Kit being part of our lives.

Josh asked me to think about it while he went to find Daddy and the rest of the family. I walked over to the bar, sat down and ordered a glass of white wine. A tall, black man came over, sat down beside me and ordered a drink. He was dressed to the nines with his dark three piece suit. I was drawn to this beautiful guy.

Looking back, I think it was probably because I had never been with a black man. The fact that I was biracial never seemed to matter when I was growing up, and once I started having sex with Daddy and my brothers, I just assumed that I would always want to be with white men.

His dark skin and sharply defined features had an effect on me. He noticed though, and turned to me. It was as if all the other men in my life had just vanished as he introduced himself.

In a deep baritone, he said, "Hi. My name is JT. And what might yours be?"
My heart skipped a beat or two as I heard his deep sexy voice coming from this beautiful piece of black manhood. My mind seemed to forget how to work for a moment as his presence overwhelmed me. I finally managed to pull myself together enough to tell him my name.

"Christy," I managed to get out.

"Christy. Well, what a lovely name. Are you here with anyone?" he asked, an unfathomable expression on his face.

"It doesn't look like it," I answered. I heard the words come out of my mouth, but for the life of me I don't know why I said it.

"Well now, since we both seem to be alone for the moment, why don't you let me buy you a drink, then maybe we could go back up to my room and get to know each other."

I could read his expression that time. He had just asked if I was interested in fucking. I knew that if I went with him, I would be in some major trouble with the family. But Josh had just fucked someone outside the family, and right in front of me and a bunch of other people.

I thought about how Daddy would react if I were to go off and let a total stranger fuck me. How would Josh feel? But then I thought about what I wanted, and I knew that I wanted his big black cock between my legs. If it was alright for Josh to fuck Kit without asking me, then why couldn't I fuck this guy? What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? Before I thought too much more about it, I picked up my drink, turned to JT, and said, "I already have a drink. Let's go."

I didn't say anything to anyone, but just walked out the door with JT. We took the elevator up to 410, and walked in. I had some butterflies, but once inside the large suite, I downed my drink, and turned to him. I had heard all the usual stories about how blacks fucked, and how big their dicks were. Now was my chance to find out. Daddy had kept a short leash on me, not allowing me to date, or have any cock up me other than family. I wasn't really sure if I could satisfy this big black guy, but I was damn sure going to try.

He put his arms around my waist and pulled me close, mashing my breasts against his muscular chest. My legs were trembling and I could feel my heart beating hard in my chest. He didn't waste any time, but kissed me, sliding his big hands down and cupping my ass.

His other hand traveled down my neck and came to rest on my breast. He started gently squeezing and massaging my tits, then slipped his hand under the black mini-dress I was wearing. I could feel his cock as it grew harder and harder. JT slipped his hand between my legs. Judging from his grin, my not wearing panties turned him on. My pussy flooded instantly.

"Oh Sugar, your pussy is so smooth, just the way I like it," he said, as he slipped his fingers inside my cunt. I had never felt like this before. He played with my pussy while he continued to kiss me.

His soft full lips felt like velvet as his tongue slipped in my mouth. While still locked in each others arms, JT laid me on the bed, continuing to play with my pussy while I managed to work my hands down between his legs. After teasing his cock for a moment, I searched for his zipper.
JT had unzipped my dress, exposing my tits. The feel of his full lips as they kissed my nipples was great. I didn't want him to stop as I finally found the tab on his zipper.

Quickly opening his pants, I was able to slip my hand inside. His dick was rock-hard as I pulled it out of his pants. After I fondled it for a moment, he stepped back and removed his clothes. I had never seen a naked black man until that night, so the sight of his masculine body took my breath away. I had never seen anything like it before, and the thought of having his big cock inside me made me shiver.

JT stood over me as I again took his dick in my hand. The head felt hard and smooth as I ran my hand back and forth. I was like a kid with a brand new toy, I couldn't keep my hands off of it. He ran his hands down my back, as I opened my mouth welcoming him in. His hard cock filled my mouth as my lips softly closed around his member.

His excitement grew as his hands roamed all over my body. Before I knew it, he blew a load of cum in my mouth. I moaned and swallowed as his sweet taste filled my mouth. JT quickly pulled out and grabbed me by my hand to lead me over to a chair. In seconds, he had me nude. Sitting down he ordered me to straddle him so I could ride his dick. I sat on his lap and guided his still-hard cock to my pussy. As his dick entered, I helped by rotating my hips. Almost immediately, he began bouncing me up and down on his tool, as
I gasped and hung on for dear life. I could have ridden his long black cock all night. It
was a great feeling to be on top.

"Oh, Baby, I like fucking a bitch like you," he said with a grin.

After awhile, JT laid be down of the bed, spread my legs and entered with such force that it nearly took my breath away. His dick was so strong and forceful that he had me about climbing the walls. He pounded my pussy, endlessly, it seemed. Finally, as the orgasms continued to build, my body was on the verge of some sort of erotic explosion that had never happened to me before.


When the big one came, the world grayed out. I don't know how many times I came that night. It was the first time that I had back to back orgasms. We fucked for nearly two hours. The feelings that JT unleashed in me were so powerful that I could barely speak afterwards.

When I went back downstairs, I had decided that if Josh still wanted Kit to join our family, then it was only fair that I could ask JT if he would like to join us as well. I walked into the room where I had last seen Josh and noticed Dad, Frank and Kate sitting on the sofa. They didn't see me because Daddy was busy eating Kate's pussy, while Frank watched. I stood and watched my daddy fuck my soon-to-be mother-in-law. I was hoping that Daddy was getting used to the idea of me having another family, and that it would be alright, because it meant that not only I could join in on the Patterson's family game, but there was even room for Daddy now.

As I was about to go and fine Josh, I saw my husband-to-be over in the corner talking to TJ — the guy that had just fucked my brains out.

"Christy baby come here," Josh yelled.

"Oh shit," I thought. What the hell am I going to do now?

"Hey, Sweetheart, I want you to meet a friend of mine. This is JT Madden. JT this is my girl, Christy," Josh said, as he pulled me close.
I tried to keep a straight face as I reached out to shake JT's hand. JT took my hand and squeezed it as if to say

"Yeah, Baby, that was so good, and when can I fuck you again?"

Josh could tell form the look on my face that something was wrong. Josh and JT continued to talk as I tried not to show just how scared I was. If Josh had any idea that I had actually fucked this guy, I don't know what Josh would do.

Just as I was about to come unglued, in walked the redhead, who came over and planed a hug kiss right on JT's lips. The look on my face said it all as Kit snuggled in JT's arms.

"Christy, I think you know JT's wife," Josh said, as he gave the couple a smile and a wink.

"Hey what's going on here?" I said."

"Don't be mad Baby, I just wanted us to have a little fun and try something new. I met JT a few weeks ago and we got to talking and discovered that we both like to swing. We agreed to meet here tonight. JT said that he would bring his wife, if I brought my girlfriend. The first time I laid eyes on Kit, I wanted to fuck her. So I showed JT a picture of you and I ask him if he would like to swap wives. He agreed, saying that I could fuck Kit first. When I saw you come in I decided to put on a real show for JT by fucking you and Kit at the same time. After I was done with both of you, JT told me that he was going to take you up to his room and fuck the shit out of you. Looks like he is man of your word."

"How in the hell would you know that?" I asked.

"Oh, Baby you don't think I would just let you go off with someone that I don't know and let you fuck them at will, do you? No Baby, there was a two-way mirror in JT's room. We saw everything."

"We, who the hell is 'we'?" I said angrily.

"We, meaning Kit and me, my mom and dad, my brothers, my sister, other guests in the hotel, oh, and last but not least your dad."

"Josh what have you done letting my father watch while I fuck another man, What the hell were you thinking?" I said, as the anger in me grew.

"I was thinking that your dad might enjoy seeing how well he taught you, and you know I was right. He really enjoyed the show that you and JT put on for us."

There were no words to describe how I felt knowing that Daddy had seen me act like a slut. I knew that he would be so disappointed in me. Daddy had always thought of me as his "special" girl. I knew that he assumed that I had only done certain things with him. But now he knew the truth that I loved sex, not just only with him or my brothers, or grandpa Al, but that I liked having sex with whomever wanted to have sex with me.
I turned around and saw Dad, Frank and Kate headed our way. If the floor had opened up right at that moment, I would have had no problem jumping in and just dying. Frank and

Kate greeted me with a smile and a kiss. 'Christy my goodness girl, that was an amazing show you and this man put on for us?" Kate said.

"Yeah, Baby, you should really be in the movies," Frank said. But it wasn't Frank's or Kate's feelings that concerned me, but Daddy's. It had always been Daddy's feelings that were the overriding factory in my life.

I watched Daddy's face as he walked over to me. There was no expression there to tell me how he felt. As he came close, he reached out and grabbed me by my arms, pulled me close and planted a kiss on my forehead.

"Oh, Baby Girl, you made your old man proud today, I always knew that you had the best pussy on earth, but now everyone else knows it, too. Do you know how many men have come up to me asking me if they could fuck my little girl?" Dad said.

I could see the pride in his face. My Daddy felt that he had done his job. He had turned his sweet little girl into a woman that knew how to use her body. I was a daughter that he could be proud of. I liked sex and wasn't ashamed to express my feelings.

After that night, life for me became so much easier. It was the beginning of a two year relationship with Kit and JT, and I no longer had to hide that I loved to fuck whomever and whenever I got the opportunity.

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