The boob job

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She was called little boobs in high school. They were no bigger than tennis balls. She did not need to wear a bra. Chrisy Watson showed them to anyone who asked. She would let them feel them and suck them. The kids called her a tit-less whore. Her mom gave Chrisy birth control pills in the hope some boy would have sex with he and make her fell better. It did not work. Boys were afraid to fuck little tits. They would be kidded forever.

Chrisy was tired of all the snide hurtful remarks. She rode her bicycle to a doctors office to find out if there was anything she could do to enlarge them.

doctor Larry Bordan had never seen breasts that small on a 18 year old. He felt and poked the girls breasts. He could see that she was getting sexually excited, and so was he for that matter. He decided her breasts were mature. He told her about breast enlargement surgery.

"How much will that cost?" she ask timidly.

"About five thousand dollars" he said.

"I can't raise that kind of money" sobbed Chrisy.

The doctor was over fifty. His wife divorced him years ago. He was a nasty old man who had an idea.

"If your mother signs the release you can pay for it with sex" he whispered.

Chrisy stared at him for a long time.

"I'll do anything to have larger breasts" she said.

"Come back after five when my staff is gone and you can give me my first payment" he chuckled.

He gave the girl a kiss and the paper consent for surgery. Chrisy put on her blouse and went home.

Chrisy handed her mom the paper the doctor gave he and told her to sign it.

"What's it for?" her mom ask.

"It's for school" lied the girl.

Her mom signed the paper without looking at it"

"Thank you mom" said Chrisy.

Chrisy did not want to tell her mom about her doctor. She told her she was going to the mall later.

"Are you going to buy some clothes dear"

"Yes" lied Chrisy.

Five o'clock came and Chrisy rode her bicycle back to the clinic. The doctor was waiting for her. He led the girl into a room that had a table with stirrups on it. It was a table for female patients.

"Undress and put your feet in the stirrups" said Larry.

Chrisy nervously did what he said. Dr. Larry dropped his shorts and pants. His huge prick was leaking cum. He had taken Viagra. This girl would get the fucking of her life.

Larry stuck two fingers in her quivering cunt.

"I see you are still a virgin" he said excitedly.

"The boys won't fuck me" sobbed Chrisy.

"Why not" said Larry.

"They think my tits are to small"

"We will fix that" chuckled the doctor.

Larry got a tube of lubricant and squirted her hole full of it. He positioned himself in front of her pussy and forcibly rammed his prick in her. She yelped with surprised pain. Larry paid no attention to her and fucked her until his prick climaxed in her little cunt.

"Did you like that?" ask Larry.

"Yes, it was really feeling good, why did you stop?"

"Because I am an old man" he said laughing.

He WAS as old as her grandfather. She wondered if her granddad still fucked her grandmother. The doctor put his mouth on her pussy and ate her.

"God damn, that feels good" cried Chrisy pushing her hips up to meet his mouth. Chrisy climaxed on his face.

"OOOoo shit! she said.

"That's a girl, you are getting the hang of it"

"Can you fuck me again?"

Larry had another erection and stuffed it in her wet cunt. He fucked her again and watched the girl climax. He pulled out his prick and shot his load on her face and nude little quivering body. Her pee hole dribbled a little squirt of clear liquid. He had made her climax. She lay there for a time composing herself. Her face was flushed with the glow of sexual satisfaction.

"Was that better sweetheart?" he said.

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"OOOooo yes, I felt like I had to pee" said Chrisy.

The doctor told her to get dressed and join him in the waiting room. He showed her the gel bags that would enhance her breasts.

"How big will my tits get?" she ask.

"About as big as a large grapefruit" he said.

"No bigger?" she said in a disappointed voice.

"Any bigger wouldn't look right" said Larry.

"If you say so" said the happy girl.

"I want to make your nipples long and big" said the doctor.

"COOL" giggled Chrisy.

Larry told her to come to the clinic Sunday morning and he would give her private surgery. Chrisy kissed the old man and said she would be there.

Chrisy rode her bicycle home and went to her room before her mom could question her. She played with her wet cunt until she fell asleep.

Sunday finally came and she went to the clinic. Larry was waiting for her with a smile. He led her into his hastily constructed operating room. He always did his surgery in a hospital, but this time would be different. He gave her a shot to knock her out. It wasn't needed but he had plans for Chrisy. He wanted to rape her asshole with his fist. He lay the girl on the table and told her to count to twenty. She counted past ten and drifted off to never never land. He took off all his clothes. Larry looked at the unconscious girl and greased up his arm. He shoved his fist in her cunt. It was a tight fit for his arm and he had to push hard until he reached her womb. He fucked with his fist and arm until she bled. He did the same thing to her asshole. The doctor greased up a que tip and shoved it up her pee hole until the girl emptied her bladder. Larry was finally satisfied. It was time to get to work. He washed his hands and cleaned her breasts with alcohol. Larry picked up his scalpel.

Half an hour the surgery was done! he looked at his work and thought it was the best he ever did. He waited for the unconscious girl to come to.

"Why does my asshole hurt" she muttered.

"I stuck my whole arm in it" he said."Because I am a perverted bastard" laughed the doctor.

"How about my breasts?" said the worried girl.

Larry got a mirror so Chrisy could see herself.

"Oh my god, they are beautiful!" cried Chrisy.

She looked at her big breasts and saw her inch long fat nipples.

"You are so nice to me" she said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Larry told her that her debt was paid. She could fuck any batch of boys she wanted and not be ashamed of her breasts.

"I think I will start with the football team" she giggled.

Larry drove her home in his Mercedes. He told her she could get her bicycle latter. Susie Watson was worried about her daughter. She should be home by now. Susie looked out the window and saw a big Mercedes drive up. Chrisy opened the door and kissed an old gray haired man on the lips before coming into the house.

"Who in the hell was that?" she scolded Chrisy.

"He is my doctor mom"

"Doctor of what?"

"Of this mom" she said.

She ripped her blouse open and showed her mom her tits.

Her mother gasp.

"How did you pay for that" she screamed.

"With sex mom"

"I'll have that bastard arrested" she snarled.

"No you won't, I'll deny it" shouted Chrisy.

Susie was silent. She knew her daughter had won. She looked at Chrisy's boob job and liked what she saw, She really liked the long nipples. They were sexy. she tenderly pulled on one of her little girls nipples examining it.

"God mom, that made me wet my panties" she giggled.

Susie was shocked that she made her daughter climax.

"I think the doctor did something special to them" she said.

It was all in Chrisy's mind. Her tits were normal. Susie kissed her daughter and said.

"You are a lucky girl" said her mom.

Susie loved her little girl's boob job. She was proud of her.

Chrisy fucked every boy in school and was known for her frequent wet climaxes. She fucked the football and basketball team. She even had sex with girls. Chrisy was very happy. She was a normal girl now that she had big boobs.

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