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Swings and Things

(Part 1 from 2)

“Did you write today my sweet peach?” A question heard as your footsteps walk down the hall to our bedroom door.

You see me sitting at my desk, lost in thought and typing away. You walk directly behind me and grab each one of my breasts, pinching my nipples with your index finger crooked and thumbs.

“Ouch,” I cry out as your face nuzzles in my neck.

Low masculine tones whispering words in my ear slowly and clearly.
“Did you get excited today thinking about my cock in your mouth?”

Your warm breath teasing the nape of my neck, causing goose bumps to swell and pop up down my arms. I stop typing, turn my head around, inches from your crotch, I lay my head against your left hip, and bedroom blue gray eyes look up at you affectionately.

“Oh yes Master, I got very hot thinking of sucking you off!”

I hear the sound of a zipper as you unzip your pants, pulling your cock out and stroking the fat head against my cheek. I purr contentedly, leaning my head into your cock and balls. I snuggle my face between the hanging oblong orbs taking a deep breath in and inhaling the scent of you.

I run my soft cheeks along the length of your shaft, every once in a while, flicking my tongue out to trail saliva and lubricate your thickness. I open my mouth wider, sticking my tongue out, trying to lick the mushroom head, and then circle back down. Your hand presses against my forehead stopping me from succeeding to steal anymore sweet treats.

In a stern masculine voice you say “No baby doll, you know the rules, you have to ask for my permission before you can kiss my cock.”

My head turns in shame, looking down at the keyboard. My pony tails fall forward over my deep cleavage that is being held tightly by a pink lace and white satin corset. Hands lying loosely folded in my lap, bedroom fuck me eyes looking up into yours passionately.

Sullen tones spoken softly, “Yes, Master, I know the rules Sir.”

You step closer to me, cradling my head against your cock and the soft furry balls rub against my face.

Still maintaining the gaze, you say to me. “It pleases me when you do so.”

Chills up my spine, face flushing from the heat rising in my pussy, my body reacting to your words so typically. I can feel your member growing larger against my soft skin.

My mouth starts to water when you place the plump mushroom head on my bottom lip, rubbing it back and forth, deep penetrating stares into my smoky blue eyes.

Almost a plea is heard. “Please Master, may I please suck your cock?”

You answer tenderly, “Yes My Love, you may.”

You slowly feed me the thickness that my mouth craves for... very slowly, one centimeter at a time. You moan out and thrust your love rod deeper down in my hot wet mouth, and I can tell from the sound of you, that you are feeling very pleased. I stop sucking, and look up at you.

“I am here to please your every desire Master. “

I feel my throat being stretched as I close my eyes and you push deeper into my mouth, my gag reflexes being quieted by your probing head, getting my first taste of precum as you wrap your hand around the shaft and gently squeeze forward as if you were feeding it to me.

Sexy smiles down at me as you speak ever so clearly, and slowly… purposefully. “Yes, suck your Masters love juice Princess, if you are really good Master will give you a facial.”

Moans are all you hear for a response, while you cup the back of my head, guiding your thick rod into my mouth as you deep throat me.

In a whiney lil girl voice, I stop sucking after a few minutes and say

“Please Master, I want to taste your cum, please.” Stretching out the please a lil longer this time, "Please I need all of your love juices."

“You must be patient My Pet, Master will give you his hot cum when he feels he is ready to give you a treat.” ‘

You tap the end of my nose with your index finger and smile. “I do so love a good cock sucker,” then you pause, your tone deepening, “You do well at pleasing me Princess."

Your finger trails down my nose, and you continue to watch me fuck your cock with my red glossy lips. Luscious lips leave a smeared red ring around your cock, as my tongue twirls under the rim, then glides up and down the length of your shaft as if I was playing a harmonica.

"Such a pretty cum slut you are for your Master"

I gently nod, still looking up at you, mouth filled, sucking harder and faster, up and down. You pet my hair; and, in a loving voice say to me.

"That’s a good girl, baby, suck your Masters love, and suck it harder. Almost a hiss coaxing me on “Yes, that’s it.”

You grab your cock and remove it from the suction of my mouth. Then you grab my pony tails and push it into my mouth while pulling my pony tails.

Guiding my mouth open wider and deeper, until I felt the familiar pull of my throat. Your hips thrust against my chin, our eyes boring into each others lustfully and hungrily.

In loving soothing tones I hear your words. “You are going to be Masters good lil slut and drink up all of my love juice, aren't you My Sweet?”

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I stop sucking, pulling my mouth slow off of your cock, slowly smiling as my mouth gets closer to your head.

“Yes Master, I will do anything to please you, and I love the way you taste.” Licking my now puffy lips I say “ MMmmmmmm.”

Still pumping and grinding your hips into my face, fucking my face likes it’s my hot pussy. “I have a present for you My Sweet Peach, and if you are a good girl and drink all my cum you will get to see what it is.” Then you continue “But first, we must put on this black satin blind fold on you.”

You pull the black satin blindfold out from your back pocket, and place it down over my head, stopping at my ears and nose, assuring there is no ability for me to see.

“There now, don't you look adorable!?!” I hear your low funny chuckle and I stand there blindfolded, pouting.

“You’re making fun of me!!” Stomping my foot like a two year old “I don't like that!”

You pick up something on dresser next to the desk. I feel a hard smack on my ass as the ping pong paddle comes swooping down on my ass cheeks.

"OUCH!!" I yell, then silence.

Then “ahem.” A pause “Assume the position”

I lower my body down to my knees again and continue to make love to your cock with my mouth. Regaining my rhythm and flow, sucking hard on, sucking harder off, remembering to keep my tongue twirling under the rim each time my head bobs off and on your enlarged head and down to the base of your shaft, my forehead bumping the well trimmed patch of auburn hair above pubic bone.

“You will learn to like what I give you and never question it.” You take in a big breath, to continue on your mini rant “You will say Yes Master, or as you wish Master,” pause “Do you understand little one?”

I speak quickly “Yes Master.”

Just as my mouth was about to open completely to say thank you, I feel spurts of hot sweet cum squirting against my cheeks, up my nose, over my eyelids, my hair and in my mouth. I slurp up hungrily, closing my eyes and moving my head around blindly trying to catch every last drop. Your hips stop jerking as your moans wane down, and then one final jerk and an “ahhhhhh” then almost a grunt.

I lick my lips while the tips of my fingers rub semi big circles, blending your hot cum like a facial.

Susie sunshine smiles look at you “I've been told cum is a natural firmer, with collagen and elastin and lots of protein.”

My face looks up to you, still blindfolded I ask “Please Master, may I see you now?”

Instead of responding to me verbally, your face bends forward into mine and we exchange a passionate kiss that lasts over a minute. You break the kiss before pulling me up to a standing position.

You take my hand and lead me across the room, past our 4 poster bed, removing my blindfold only when we are feet in front of the surprise.

“Look over there in the corner.”

Your right hand extends and then points to the swing that is completely assembled and secured in the ceiling. My eyes widen and a big bright smile appears on my face as they travel over our bed and into the far left corner near the window. Elated tones, almost a screech.

"Oh you bought me a Swing!!!!!!"

I jump up and down a little bit, big breasts bouncing under a cropped pink t-shirt, and in my sweetest little girl voice I say “can I try it... please?" I pause and ask again "Pretty Please with sugar on top????”

Your chuckle resonates in my heart.

"Of course, but were you a good girl today?”

You look into my eyes and watch my face as I answer. A smile creeps across my face. I nod yes, remembering that earlier today I had to stop writing to masturbate because I was too excited to continue on.

“Do not lie to Master Precious; I know when you have been bad.”

Your feet step closer to the bed; you pull the cool blue linen sheets back looking for a sign, your hand brushes over a damp spot. Your head turns, I hear tones of disappointment.

“Do you want to tell me the truth now?”

I can tell by the tone of your voice you are displeased with me enough to spank me. My pussy craves the feeling of your hands smacking against my ass.

“No, Master, I did not lie to you” said sweetly and assuredly.

My cheeks flush and get warm instantly as I look into your eyes. Ice cold looks back at me.

“Assume the position,” You say harshly and then you snap your fingers.

“Right now... c'mon, chop chop!”

You clap your hands waiting while watching me move quickly on my knees to the end of the bed. My palms open and lay flat in front of me; my head turns to the right, looking at the closet doors as my body bends over, ass high in the air.

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