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Sucked off a surfer

(Part 1 from 1)

I am white, 50yrs old, working in sales in Southern California. I dropped off a vendor at the Orange county airport at noon, and had to wait in the area for my next account call that wasn’t until 4:00pm.

I went on to a webpage that tells of cruisy places and saw one listed at a State Beach near where I had camped once before. So I headed back south and got off the freeway in San Clemente and went down the hill to the state beach parking lot.

There were several cars in the parking lot, but after I parked and walked around a bit, it appeared to be surfers putting on their wet suits ready to head to the beach, or in groups taking their suits off getting ready to go. That, and couples with dogs. Not real cruisy.

So I get back in my car and start to head out, but as I drive around a corner in this big circular parking lot, I see a bathroom. Thinking, that I need to pee and probably should go now while I have the chance, I park and walk in. Typical beach bathroom, with the steal urinals and open door stalls.

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I go to the second urinal and start peeing, when a surfer guy who had changed into shorts, t-shirt and flip flops walks in, starts to walk past to go to the stalls, but comes back to the urinal next to me. He pulls out his cock like he is going to pee, but instead starts pulling on it. I look at him, then back down to his cock as he continued to stroke his now growing cock. I was still pissing and watching him play with his cock.

As soon as I finished peeing, I left my cock out and walked around the wall to the open stall. He followed me around the corner, we look at each other in the eyes, then I dropped down to a squatting position (not wanting to get my dockers wet). He stepped close guiding his cock to my mouth and I quickly took it all the way in.

His cock tasted salty and sandy fresh from the ocean. He leaned back on the wall as I slowly started working his cock. As I worked his cock it continued to grow to at least 8”, but was kind of skinny. His long skinny cocked seemed to fit perfectly down my throat and I sucked him deep from top to bottom. His cock was starting to swell and I started to pump my head faster, when my right knee couldn’t take the squat anymore and I had to stand up.

I stood up and moved back to the toilet. He took a peak and a listen to make sure we were still alone, and came back shaking his cock. I went down on his somewhat deflated cock and started again. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and sucked and licked on his balls while I stroked his cock, and he let out a moan and fell against the wall saying, ohhhh yeah… suck those balls.

I popped his cock back in my mouth and felt his head starting to get fat. A few more times up and down, and he grabs my head to hold me still and grunts awwwwwww awwwwwww as he shoots a huge shot then several smaller shots in to my waiting mouth. As his cock started to soften I pull back making sure to get all he could give me, looked up and swallowed. He suddenly realized where we were, pulled his shorts up and took off.

I went out and saw him already driving out the gate. I waited in my car for a half hour to see if any others would come around, but none did, so I left having had a nice surfer load for lunch.

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