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Stroking outdoors

(Part 1 from 1)

So I was inside looking around ya know the new house thing seeing where stuff goes so I turned the light on in the dinning room there was a sliding glass door no curtains yet guys next I found myself naked walking around playing I opened my eyes and found myself in front of the door.

 I looked out and it was pitch black I saw nothing no where I'm in a pretty private spot half of the yard is privacy fenced the other part trees so I got to thinking I should go out side by the pool so I put my jacket on grabbed my lube and towel found me a chair by the pool it was about 32 degrees outside I had on nothing but a jacket on unzipped to keep my arms warm.

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 I was looking around didn't here nothing see nothing so I soaked my cock with lube so much of it when I was slow stroking it was making squirting noise load so I leaned back and started strokin looking up at the stars I thought I would be cold but I wasn't I started to hear leaves rattle around like someone walking in the woods.

 I paid it no attention thought it was wind cuz the cool breeze on my balls felt good made my heart start racing I kept slow stroking lube on my cock and balls I heard the noise again so I stopped stroking I looked around a little slowly to see if I saw anything out the corner of my eye I saw my new neighbors watching me stroke I froze for a minute hand on my cock.

All lubed up and naked in the middle of the night I was thinking never met these neighbors so I kept looking out the corner of my eye to see if they where moving any closer mean while I turned slowly to see the weren't looking at me she was giving him head outside so I started stroking faster and faster cool breeze on my balls felt great I felt it ready to I tried not to make a sound so they wouldn't hear me but I let out a little moan then I felt some warm exciting splashes on my body an chin my eyes where closed at this point it felt like about 10 warm drops all over me it was the best orgasm I ever had.

 I look down to find myself soaked with my cum from chin to balls I have never came so much in my life I was week all over from excitement looked around neighbors where gone I don't know if there where watching me our didn't see me I was in a dark corner of my poolside I got up and went inside to find a huge mess all over me so I took a shower got out my cock was still hard ive never had so much fun in my life I love stroking outdoors when ever I can I stroke at least 7 days a week jackmejim at aol dot com

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