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Stretching the boundaries

(Part 1 from 1)

Not sure how to start this story but my wife and I have been married for 32 years and have done most things inside marriage but have shared our fantasies with each other as part of love making.

My wife Barbara has been a little more reserved so when she admitted she had met two guys as part of the cycle group she had joined and had thought about being with them surprised me. We were sitting having coffee aft one of her rides that she admitted as part of the ride the group of some 12 riders stopped at a cafe and have coffee.

After a number of weeks of this happening she got to know Barry and Ross who were both in their mid to late 40s and not married. Their chats have become personal to the point that my wife agreed to Ross saying that the riding resulted in the groin area being sore. My wife's comments were that she had a husband that would rub it at times to which both guys agreed that they also would be willing to help.

This started her mind running at one of my fantasies of having her with 2 guys so when she told me that they had on the past couple of rides they asked her to come to their place for coffee which she had rejected, weakly, as she was married and not comfortable with sneaking behind my back. Apart entry the guys had on the recent rides indicated that they were happy to meet them if she was comfortable with that. she asked my thoughts I was really surprised then we started to talk about it. After a fair bait of discussion I agreed that I would be happy to meet them and see what happens from there.

Neither of us were aware when and if it would happen but last Friday after the ride, Barbara arrived home with 2 guys in tow after she offered a coffee at out house. As I made the coffees after some preliminary introductions but the air was sexually charged as there was no indication that the fantasy would eventuate or not.

As each of the guys showered in the main bathroom the other one would speak to me "saddle soreness". It was a bit awkward but the air became more charged. The guys were open with what their personal thoughts were but it was clear that they had spoken together about the opportunity of being with Barbara.

She excused herself and went inside leaving us to talk. I told them that it was a fantasy of mine that Barb be with 2 guys which by their looks and looks at each other was a seal of approval to them. Barbara surprised us by walking out onto the deck dressed in a white lace see through wrap and matching sexy bra and knickers. She pranced to me and straddled my lap, kissed me and whispered for my to rub her pussy, which I did with relish.

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My fingers probed her pussy as the guys could not see what was happening but could only imagine. She then got up and straddled Ross and for the next 5 mins slight moans were able to be heard so I also imagined what was happening. She then did the same to Barry. After what seemed like eternity she suggested we move inside and we followed like lambs being led to the slaughter. In the bedroom she spun around kissed me and asked me to strip her. I said that I wanted the to strip in front of us or for the guys to remove her clothes. She asked us to strip and then Barry walked up to her kissed her neck from behind and started to massage her tits through her bra.

Ross then came up to her front on and slowly put his fingers in her waist band and slowly dropped her knickers to her knees. Barry had in lipped h bra and now she stood naked in front of us with three erections point at her. She laid on the bed then asked me to bring her to orgasm with her favorite vibrator. The guys kissed, sucked her nipples and she sucked them, and fairly quickly she came. Her look was now I need a cock and asked me to be first but I offered the guys the opportunity. Barry stepped or should I say dived forward and was rubbing his clock head along the slit of the pussy and slowly slid into her, the first time she has experienced a strange cock in 32 years.

Ross fed his cock into her mouth. After a couple of minutes they got Barbara onto her knees and she had a cock in both ends. The moans, slipping and slurping was amazing. My Barbara was the center of attention and we were all enjoying it. They guys changed positions to the total pleasure of Barbara. Ross then laid on the bed and Barbara mounted him while Barry again fed his cook into her mouth. I was filming all the events close up and saw my opportunity and stuck my finger up her arse. She jumped but then said go on you know you want to.

She let Barry out of her mouth and laid forward which Barry took my place and slowly ended her arse and when she realised it was Barry it was too late and the guys started a rhythm that had her moaning. Ross said he was going to come and she asked that she get on her back and all come in her pussy one often the other which happened. As each of us emptied ourselves in the cunt she was sucking on the cum soaked and sagging cocks until they were erect again. Barry and Ross then again fucked Barbara before we had a break for Barbara's sanity.

Ross and Barry thanked Barbara and me for letting Barbara share the event with them.

Barbara and I spoke at length about what happened over lunch after which I went down on her and tasting the remnants from all three of us. She admitted her pussy was sore and needed a rub which I did but fingering her too.

We agreed that it was a special event and would not see this as a regulars thing but honesty and communication was a key to our marriage.

That night I played the recordings I had made and Barbara was amazed watching herself on the tv. Another screw before we went to bed that night was the sleeping tablet we both wanted. I always said that Barbara was sexy and any man would be over the moon the have her but she was mine. She is my one and only and the desire and focus of my attention and lust.

That was a year ago and still sometimes we talk about it during our love making but have never done it again although she continues to ride with the group and Ross and Barry ... They ask occasionally but it never happens.

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