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So, every Saturday is girls night out. We usualy get all dressed up and go to some bar and dance. Tonight was no different then the previous Saturdays. Excpt this time Im horny, and I needed to get laid. I havent had sex sence me and my ex broke up four months ago. Im wearing a short black shirt, six inch stellitos, and a black lace low cut top with my 32DD's poppin out. My tits look so amazing in this top, it makes me wet just looking at myself in it.

So, the four of us girls walk into the bar, and already we're turning heads. We sit at the bar, and order shots of patone with salt and lime. We toast and begin our night. I look around to see if I spot any cute guys. I see one at the end of bar, talking to his friends. He's so hot! "Emily, look at that guy back there." "Oh wow Britt, he's making eye contact with you, you better go grab him." I get another drink at the bar, and as soon as I turn around hes there. "Hey, Im Tommy." I take a sip of my Jack and coke, and say, "Hey Im Britt." "Your really pretty." he sais. "Thank you." We walk towards the back of bar where it's not crowded. The small talk started.

My favorite song started to play, and I just had to dance to it. "Comm'on lets dance, this is my favorite song." I grab his hand and pull him out there and I see my girls. We're all danceing having a blast. Tommy turns me around so my ass is on his cock. He's sliding his hands all over my waist, and legs. I feel his cock growing. His touch is making me sooo wet. He kisses my neck and I turn around and start kissing his lips. "Lets get outta here." I wisper in his ear as I softly bite it. We walk outside and it had started raining. He grabed my arm and pined me up to the brick wall. He was kissing my lips and neck. Tommy put his hands up skirt. "Babe, your not wearing any panties." "I know." "God, thats so hot." He started to rub my clit and put a finger in my wet cunt. "oh, wow your tight too." I begin moaning and start to rub his throbing cock threw his jeans.

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I wisper in his ear "Tommy, I want your cock so bad, i want you to fuck me so hard." "Not yet Britt, your not aloud." He was making wetter and making me want his cock even more cuz he wouldnt let me have it. He pulls my skirt up and starts eating my pussy, while I rub my clit. "Oh god you taste so good." mmmmmm all I could do as moan. I wraped my leg around his shoulder. He was sucking my clit and finger fucking me with 3 fingers. I pull his hand up so I could taste my juices on his fingers. Sucking his fingers clean, he pulls em outta my mouth and puts them back inside me. I beging to moan louder as Im about to cum. I cum so hard and then I pull him up and say "Now, its your turn baby." I pull his pants down and his cock out. I get on my knees in the middle of this ally and start sucking his throbing hard cock. It was long and fat, just how I like. He puts his hands on the back of my head and shuves his cock deep in my mouth. I beging to choake on it. I love sucking cock, and I love to choake on it too, it really turns me on. I wanted his cock so bad.

 He starts fucking my mouth like its my pussy. I get so turned on by this that I cant help touch my pussy. he pulls me up and asks me how I want it. I stand up and face the wall and say, "I want u to fuck me doggie style." Tommy shuves his hard fat cock in my wet cunt. Pounding my pussy. I reach back and start to play with his balls. "Oh Tommy, fuck me harder." I scream. His balls are slapping my pussy. I bounce back on his cock. I take my top off and my bra and start playing ith my nipples, pinching them making them so hard, and squeezing my tits as he rams his cock in my wet cunt. He grabs me by the hips and starts fucking me harder and faster. "Oh Tommy give me your cock, I want it soo bad," "You like this cock?" "Oh fuck yes I do." I squeeze my pussy tighter around his cock. "Im gonna cum." He says. "Cum in me baby, I wanna feel ur hot load shot deep in my pussy."

He pulls my hair back and I can feel him cum deep inside me. Feeling his hot cum makes me cum. He pulls his cock out. "Tommy, I want more of your cock. Lets go to my place." He agrees with me. So I go back in the bar and tell my friends Im leaving for the night and I will see them at the coffee house tomarrow. So I get in my car, and the whole time im driving home, im playimg with my wet cunt. Thinking about badly I want his cock back in my wet pussy. We get to my house and we're just making out while we're taking each others clothes off. I lead him to my room and push him on my bed. I open the top drawer of my night stand and pull out my pink dildo. I sit at the bottom of my bed and spread my legs. I make him watch me while I fuck myself. I look at him stroking his hard cock. He sits up and takes my toy outta my hand and he takes over for me. Sliding it in and out of me whle he licks my clit. I am moaning so loud. I make him stop and push him back on my bed. I stand up over him and slide my wet tight cunt slowly down his hard cock. I ride him slow and hard at first while he suckis on my nipples.

I start riding him faster and faster. Moving my hips in a circular motion. I start bouncing up and down his cock while he rubs my clit with his thumb. He grabs my hips and bounces me harder and faster. My moans turn into screams. He rolls over and puts me on my back, putting my legs over his shoulders so he can fuck me deep and hard. i spread my pussy lips with my fingers as he slids in and out of my wet cunt. he pulls all the out and then rubs his head on my pussy, "Oh no put ur cock back in and fuck me sooo hard" I moan. He rams his cock back in my cunt, fucking me harder then I've ever been fucked before. "You like this?" He says "MMMMMMM I sure do."

I reach into my drawer an pull out my vibratior, and put it on my clit as Tommy tears my pussy appart. "Holy fuck Im gonna cum!" I scream. Tommy pounds me harder and faster my pussy tightens as I cum. Tommy pulls his cock out and makes me suck my cum off his cock. "You like that baby?" "Yes I do You fuck me sooo good." "Oh baby, keep sucking im gonna cum." I start storking his cock while I suck it and with my other hand I play with his balls. I feel his cock jerk, he starts to cum, I shouve his cock deep down my throat and let his cum just shoot the back of my throat.

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