Stephanie and Me

(Part 2 from 2)

As our eyes locked everything seemed to slow down, I could feel the dildo slide deep into me and then reverse direction but it seem to be at one tenth of the speed that it was actually going just a moment ago. I watched as she leaned over and licked my clit and as she did I jerked. I saw and felt my tits rise and fall in slow motion and the instant that they fell still time sped back up to normal speed.

I closed my eyes and then opened them wide as I felt a huge wave of pleasure wash over me. I screamed loudly as my thighs began to twitch like they do when I cum as my orgasm crests. “Oh..Oh..Oh…DAAAAAA!” I shrieked as I came. Because of the way that I was positioned when I squirted, I squirted myself on my tits.

I heard Stephanie explode in another orgasm shrieking in delight as Jason said to her “Yeah Stephy, baby! Come on, do that again!” followed by the slap, slap, slap of his pelvis slamming against hers.

I looked up and saw Brad standing with Mistress and heard her tell him to get me flat on the floor. The fucking machine was turned off and removed. My pussy was tingling like mad from the nonstop penetration and I so badly wanted to rub myself. Then he untied my feet and unlocked my stock from the wall. He then dragged me by my feet until I was flat on my back several feet from the wall. A rope was attached from opposing walls parallel to my body to my ankle cuffs spreading me as wide as was possible. Two more ropes were attached from the wall that was behind my head to each end of the stock and pulled tight.

During this time I noticed that Stephanie had become quiet, as I rotated my head in her direction I saw that both guys stood on one side of her and the Dom’s on the other side. She was spread with her legs out and back and I could she was double penetrated with dildo’s. I also saw that Mistress had her clitoral shocker in her hand.

The room got completely quiet except for a whimper or two from Stephanie and I. Mistress then stated “You girls owe Lisa and I some payback for what happened upstairs. You will each get 15 seconds with this.” and she held the device up so that we could both see it and pulled the trigger. A white bolt of static electricity arced from the tip to the ceiling.

She had shocked my clit on several occasions before, it is an EXTEMEMLY intense jolt of pleasure that shot through my entire body causing my entire body to spasm. The static electricity is focused by spreading a jelly like substance on our bodies that attracts the charge. I could not imagine enduring 15 seconds of it and poor Stephanie had no idea what was coming. Mistress continued saying “You will each get 5 seconds on then 5 seconds off then 5 seconds on then 5 seconds off then 10 seconds on.”

I watched as without hesitation she shocked Stephanie on her clit from the side I heard the click then the and the “zzzz…zzzz…zzzz” from the charge as Stephanie erupted. Shrieking and screaming as her cum shot from her. Miss Lisa began fucking her with a dildo for her second round in which her screams were more subdued as she came again. After her second round the room was again silent except for Stephanie’s low groaning “uuuuhhhgod… uuuuhhhgod.”

When Mistress hit her with the longer third round she erupted again as Jason was now working the dildo in her butt while Miss Lisa was fucking her in her pussy. Her shrieks were loud, long and seemed to go on much longer than 10 seconds. She was obviously in multiple orgasms as she was cumming almost continuously squirting her juices almost to the ceiling. When her time was up the room finally fell silent again except for Stephanie’s panting and groaning.

“Untie her, she is done.” said Mistress. As she turned and walked toward me. “Now for the bondage bitch.” she continued The butterflies in my tummy increased 100% for each step she took.

“Settle down now, you can handle this.” I told myself.

Miss Lisa and Brad were untying Stephanie and Jason joined Mistress looking down at me. There is one thing about Mistress and that is that she likes to change the rules sometimes. She knew that I knew what was coming so she said “Blindfold her.” staring down at me locking my eyes with hers. She smiled as she saw my eyes widen.

I saw Stephanie join the group looking at me supported by Brad. As Jason placed a black silk bag over my head and tied the string loosely around my neck. I felt Mistresses hand on my pussy as she pushed three then four fingers into my pussy as she began to move them back and forth. I felt her thumb join the group as I realized that I was going to be fisted.

“uuuUUUHH!” I moaned as her hand pushed into me and she began to fuck me with her arm.

I heard Mistress say to Miss Lisa “You shoot her while I fuck her and on her 5 second breaks hit her here and here.” as I felt first one nipple pinched then the other. “ And YOU.” she said slapping me on the tummy “Take it like a big girl.” “Begin…now.” Mistress said as I heard the ‘click’.

Mistress was fucking me very hard and when the static charge hit my clit it was my turn to erupt. And that I did as my entire body went rigid and I felt my cum erupt from me as I screamed in ecstasy. I was tied very tight but I could move slightly by turning my pelvis and I twisted back and forth reflexively. Mistress stayed with me fucking me for all she was worth. As spots began to cloud my vision the sensation suddenly stopped but was replaced by another on my right breast.

‘Click’ My entire breast began to tingle and warm as my nipple ached some. It was not unpleasant at all, it was a strange and interesting feeling. Then it stopped.

‘Click’ and another shattering bolt of pleasure shot through me but I did not jerk and spasm like the first time. I had resigned myself to my fate seeing the spots appear again as I came once again. I felt my legs begin to quiver as the sensation abruptly ended. For only a moment the only sound was my squishing pussy.

‘Click’ and my right breast began tingling and warming “uuuOOHHH” I moaned enjoying the fucking and the breast sensation. The feeling suddenly stopped and I heard Miss Lisa say “Stephanie, your turn.” as I heard her pass the device to her. “Give her the full 10 seconds.” she continued.

“I’m sorry, Ellen.” she said.

‘Click’ when the charge first hit my clit I jerked some causing my body jerk off of the floor about half an inch. I just laid there feeling Mistresses fist fucking me nice and deep cumming almost constantly my head rolled to the side. Suddenly the electric feeling stopped as I came one last time.

The room was again quiet except for the squishy sounds of my pussy being fisted and my gasping and soft moans. My entire body was tingling as I tried to relax. I expected to be released at that point but I wasn’t. My hood was removed as was my gag and Miss Lisa gave me some water that I drank greedily through a straw.

The guys and the Dom’s began to kiss and hug Stephanie like they do me after a ‘session’. I just lay there still secure in my stock and tied spread wide and stared at the ceiling. Mistress smiled at me and said “You will get yours when we are done with you because you see YOU have not been fucked… yet.”

“But…” I tried to protest but Mistress interrupted me.

“Machines don’t count.” she said as I raised up so that she could put a small pillow under my butt.

Brad walked to me and stood for a second as I noticed his rock hard cock then Jason walked over and stood beside him. “Oh god.” I whispered as Brad knelt down and mounted me. The feel of his very real and very large cock sliding into me almost took my breath away “Oh god yeah, fuck me hard, please do it now, fuck me please fuck me.” I begged.

I could really feel my restraints as Brad began pounding me hard and fast. When he tired Jason took over and they tag teamed me for at least 20 minutes. Amazingly, I only came twice both times with Jason and this created some competition among them. Each tried to out fuck the other but I cannot control my orgasms. It was nothing personal.

Brad was fucking me for all he was worth and trying to encourage me “Come on, Ellen, one more squirt for me, baby, please sweetheart.” he said. All I could do was lay there and enjoy their cocks quietly until I felt Brad erupt deep inside me.

“UUUGGGooooooo” I cooed as I felt his semen rush into me. I looked to one side and there was Jason stroking himself as Brad dismounted me.

Jason began fucking me with long, deep powerful strokes and it did not take long before he came but he did not cum in me. He came on me. His semen squirted from my chin to my pussy and across my tits. He came with some very deep and satisfied groans. Again I expected to be released but I was not. They all stood over me looking at me.

Miss Lisa said “Stephanie, lick her clean.”

Stephanie got on her knees and began to do as she was instructed. It only took her a few minutes to complete the job. It was then that Mistress began to untie me, kissing me and telling me what a good girl I was and how proud she was of me. A giddy feeling came over me knowing that I had pleased her that much and I was all smiles as the rest of the group crowded around as I stood up.

After a few minutes of leg stretching Mistress pointed at Stephanie and me and said “You two girls still owe me 30 minutes of hogtie time.”

Stephanie and I looked at each other and she whispered to me “I forgot about that.”

I whispered back “Let’s get it over with, ok?”

We both got on the floor and lay on our stomachs as Jason and Brad hogtied us tightly but they did not put us in a head harness or gag us. After we were securely tied everyone but Mistress went upstairs. Mistress stayed with us to watch us as a safety precaution but she sat across the room.

We were right next to each other and except for the occasional grunt were silent for a long time. I heard Stephanie begin to moan after a while and I whispered “Just relax, sweetie, relax.” her moaning slowed and got softer. When Mistress called “5 minutes to go, girls.” we looked at each other again.

I whispered to her “The last 5 minutes is the hardest part. You did not have to do this, you know, you could have gone home.”

“Ellen,” she said “I would not have missed this for the world.”

She gave me a knowing glance and I knew that I now had a bondage sister.

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