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Step sister

This story is completely fictional!

HI this is a affair between me and my step sister ,she has a nice body, , large heavy breasts, a flat wash board stomach, long lean legs, a tight but full bottom, a lovely face framed by medium length brown hair. My body profile is , I am over weight person about 112 kg wt, with a beautiful look and a small penis. believe me I am never think of that to sex with her, but it was happened.

It was a evening she was in her bedroom changing the dress, I cross from her bedroom suddenly I saw the window of bedroom was slightly opened and she try to change her dress, at that time she was wearing her jeans ,I saw her legs ,on that time I am shocked that what I am doing but my small penis going up to saw that scene. 

And the sex appeals burn in my mind, I watch her about 10 minutes and then go outside the room,because I was afraid that she saw me. On second day when there was nobody at home only she is reside and I also at home, she used to take bath in bathroom and I watched television at my room, suddenly a idea comes in my mind that whunot I see her naked in bathroom form a short window of bathroom. , to practically do this I go to back side of bathroom and try to saw her from window, then finally I saw her naked body, she rubs her breast, and her vagina was covered with hairs, I was there about 10 minutes and watched her closely, then I come back to my room to think what I want to do next. on third day I make two cup of coffees and go to her room ,she say hey brother u make coffee how strange ,then I kiss her on her cheeks and she say hello are u all right , I donít give you any money, she thinks that a I give her bribe to take advantage her, I say no sis I want to make a chat with u ,she say ok come here and sit with me, I saw her boobs ,which was very nice. she cant noticed my eyes. then we make a chat for about 1 hour on different matters like studies and shopping and so on.

After that I told her ,and internally I am afraid that if she donít like this or I hurt her feelings, any way I told her that sis I am not your real brother and we are just friends, and slowly I push my arms along her body side and continuously watched her boobs,she says its ok, we r friend then I told her sis can I touch your boobs, she was shocked says how dare you to talk like this but I beg and says to her that I am your friend, she denies to touch me, but after a time she says ok u touched them softly, and I told her come to bathroom side I see u naked ,first she deny but after that she come to bathroom, and off her clothes of upper side like bra and shirt, I touched her boobs ,believe me its first time when I touched the boobs of any girl, I think I am on heaven. Then I take her nipple in my mouth and suck her,she was also kissing me on my body,then slowly I kiss her on cheeks and then I go to under side like vagina, she is virgin ,and have a tight pussy I touched her ,she is shocked and try to remove my hand from it,then I kiss her back and anus,then I slowly enter my short penis in her back,but I cant because I have a little penis, 

She had worn a tight blouse and a jeans just the very sight of her made my penis erect. I kissed her gently on her soft lips. My tounge went deeper and deeper into her mouth, first rubbing gently against her lips, then against her tounge. for a long time we remained in that position, savouring the moment. Then she broke off and said,"Let's do it, she laughs on me that reduce ur weight, I want ur penis big inside me .(this is first part, if readers like the story I write another affairs with my sis)waiting for your response.

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