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Steam room

(Part 1 from 1)

I entered the private men's club and found my locker.
My stumach was nervous with anticipation as I started to undress. Several guys walked by and I could feel them eying me strip. An older gent walked by and slowed as I pulled my pants down past my ass.
This ws my first time here and did not know what to expect.

Pulling the towel about my waist, I set off to see whatthe clulb had to offer. The lights are dim once you leave the locker area. Down the hall was a door on the right, leading into extreem darkness. Entering the room and adjusting to the dark I find a wall that has holes cut into it at varying hieghts. There are several more such walls as I move further in. looking behind one of the walls, it becomes a dead end. I have heard of blory holes and walked up to the wall and put my cock through, reaching up I find holes I can hang on to for support.
In just a minute I feel someone touch my cock and strocks it lightly. My cock gets very hard at this stimulation. Then I feel a warm, wet sensation and know he has put my cock head into his hot mouth. He sucks my cock in deeper to his mouth and I am soo hard. I moan from the feeling and start to pump into his mouth. He has sucked for only several minutes but the intense feeling is too much. I moan and feel my balls tighten and the cum shoot through my shaft and into his waiting mouth. I pump my cock between his lips several more times before I feel his warm mouth disappear.

That was not my first time getting a BJ (another story), but it was the most excitingly nasty.

Leaving this room I find my way down the hallway to the back of the building where I find a dark room with a bench running around the black carpeted vvall. It has a is laser light show bursting through the door cutting into the dark tracing patturns on the wall. I find the floor and bench to also be covered with the black carpet. Within minutes, several men have entered the room and a small suckfest begins. As I watch, my cock begins to stiffen. My hand finds it and starts to work it nice and slow. Another guy enters and sits next to me and takes hold of my cock. He leans over and tells me he wants my cock in his ass. There are condoms everywhere and I slip one on as he stands. He reaches down and takes my cock, feeling the rubber he says "You know how it is."
He turns and sits down and I feel my hard cock push against his tight man pussy then pop in. I feel his ass tighten for a second, then he slides his ass down my rigid shaft.
This is incredible!

I have never had my cock in a man's ass before and he just starts to sit up and back down on my hard meat sucking it with his ass, what an incredible feeling. Luckily I had already shot my cum in the glory hole or I would not have lasted for more than seconds, But this guy was good riding my cock faster. I could feel my cum starting to build and started to fuck up into his ass as he was dropping down onto it. We got a rhythm going for the nextcouple of minutes and sent my cum once again blasting through my cock as he sat completely down on it and ground his ass taking all he could get.

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He pulled off and breathlessly thanked me. I nodded and he left the room, then I got up and exited also.
Wandering about the place, I finaly found the steam room.
I had steam baths before and this was my main reason for being here.

Having rinsed off I enter into the steam room. Two guys leave and one stays. I move up to the upper level and slide to the back wall. The tile is cool to the touch and very slick withthe steam. The steam comes on and the air gets thick with moisture. The steam beads up on the ceiling tiles and hot drops fall onto my skin giving it a very erotic feeling. I see the other guy through the steam stroking his cock. my cock starts to harden from the stimulas and watching his cock grow in his slow manuvering of his cock. I slide down next to him and take his cock in my hand, marveling at the feel of another man's cock, and stroke it, letting the steam lube it. Before long, I slide ip to his ass with my cock as he lays back on the tiled bench. He tells me not to enter his ass. I tell him I won't and start rubbing my cock on his and jack them both with the hot beads of water falling on us providing the lube for our cocks. I slide my cock down to his ass and he starts to say no, but I tell him I won't and continue down where I feel his ass pucker as the head of my cock slides over his tight ring. He moans from this and I start to fuck my cock up his crack to his balls while still working his cock with my hand.

I feel his cock getting stiffer and mine swelling. He's moaning loadly as my cock slides over his ass.I see his blls tighten and I ask him if he wants to cum for me.
OOHhhhh, YYyyesss! Y-ysssss!! As my cock moves over his hole, it loosens up a little and I can slip my cock head in slightly, Enough for it to pop as I pull out and slide my cock up to his balls. I feel my own cum welling in my balls and with the stimulation of his ass I know I wont lastany longer.

I ask him "Do you want me to cum on your balls?"
"YES, DO IT!" he moans loadly, "Come on my balls!"

I'm stroking both our cocks and our balls are rubbing together when I feel his cum shoot up his hard shaft and that set me off and we both shot our hot cum over his stumach. I continue to stroke our cocks together until they start togo limp and sit back on the tile bench very satisfied. After a moment he gets up and leaves to take a shower. I watch him through the glass windows and doors.

I enjoy the stean for another half hour before leaving to get dressed, feeling very sated. I have gone back several more times and may write about them later.

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