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Spank That Ass

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100% fiction!

Picture our hottie Jeni as a smoldering 18 year old, super sexy, body of a goddess, ruled by her hormones, and totally naive. She has blond hair, green eyes, perky 38 dd cups, a perfect round onion booty, and legs for days. She goes to catholic school, wears a plaid mini skirt everyday with a white shirt and little bow tie, white knee socks and black Mary Janes. She spends most days teasing the boys at her school, wearing no panties two days a week and driving them crazy. She has no hair on her pretty pink young pussy, and strategically places herself in situations where she will “accidentally” flash it.

One day after school she and her best friend were in the living room talking about boys and arguing over who had the better body when her step father came home from work early. Jeni was extremely attracted to her step father, he was in his late 30s and in excellent shape, and once she had “accidentally” walked in on him just as he was getting out of the shower and seen his big uncircumcised dick.

“Hey Daddy.” She said, waving to him as he headed up the stairs. He only grunted and continued on his way. Jeni pouted and turned back to Rene, “My daddy is so hot, don’t you think?”

Rene nodded, “Yeah, your mom too.” She blushed.

Jeni smiled, “I think you should go home now, Rene, I’ll call you tonight.” Rene shrugged, gathered her school things and headed home, and Jeni headed up the stairs, following the sound of the shower to her parents’ room. She walked into the room, not knocking, but he was not in the bedroom, so she walked over to the bed and sat down, spreading her knees wide. She began looking through the drawer in the bedside table, and the first thing she found was a good sized glass butt plug.

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Jeni pulled the toy out and looked at it, closing the drawer slowly. “I wonder what this is?” She said to the room, and sniffed it. She made a face and sniffed it again, then slid it in her mouth. She sucked on it like a big lollipop for a minute, then slid it back out of her mouth. The shower was still running so she pulled up her skirt and slid it between her pussy lips, rubbing it on her clit. She smiled, “Oh…” and continued to rub herself with it, sliding it up and down her slit, but avoiding her now dripping hole. She lay back with her eyes closed and continued to play with her pussy, she didn’t hear the shower turn off.

Her step father stepped out of the shower and saw Jeni laying on his bed, spread eagle, playing with her pussy with her mother’s buttplug. The towel wrapped around his waist couldn’t conceal his raging boner. “WHAT THE FUCK!?” He yelled, startling Jeni. She jumped, sitting up quickly and hiding the toy behind her back. “Uh, hi Daddy.” She said, standing up quickly, “I, uh, didn’t hear you get out of the shower.”

He took two long steps towards the bed, his towel falling off in the process, and grabbed her. He put her over his knee and lifted the back of her ridiculously tiny skirt. He reached up and brought his hand down on her perfect little ass with all his strength, “Ow!” She screeched, struggling as he clamped down with his other arm. “You.” Spank “Are.” Spank “My.” Spank “daughter!” Spank, Spank, Spank “You are no one’s whore!” Spank.

Jeni began to cry, “I’m sorry Daddy, I’m sorry!” She continued to struggle, “Please don’t spank me anymore Daddy.” He spanked her again, but softer this time, almost tenderly, caressing the red mark he had left. “You’re not a whore, are you baby?” He asked softly, now massaging her ass cheeks with both hands. “No Daddy, I’m…” She gasped as he grazed her clit with his thumb, “…a good girl.” She said, “Daddy?”

He spread her ass cheeks with both hands and ran his tongue from her clit to her tiny puckered asshole, then began to devour her asshole, probing it with his tongue while he worked his ring finger into her tight virgin pussy. “Oh Daddy!” Jeni cried out, pushing back into him. “Oh, Daddy what are you doing to me?”

He slid his tongue from her asshole down into her pussy, sliding it in to replace his finger. He lay back on the bed, pulling Jeni with him and maneuvered her so her head was between his legs as he ate her juicy young pussy. She cautiously slid her lips over the head of his cock and began to run her hand up and down his shaft. He spread her pussy open and ran his tongue up and down, sliding into her every time he got down there.

Jeni’s back arched as her step father ate her virgin pussy, just as his balls clenched and he began to cum. Jeni pulled him out of her mouth, and he came all over the front of her shirt. “Fuck! Jeni, you’re gonna hafta start doing laundry.”

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