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Spanish Class

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As I walked into first period Spanish class on the first day of school I surveyed the room and checked out who was in my class.
When our teacher, Mrs. Laura O'Donald walked in the room she looked like a nice teacher in her low 30's.

A few weeks of school passed and I learned that Mrs. O'Donald was 32 years old, married, and had a one and a half year old son.
She didn't look like she had just given birth though. She had shoulder lenght diry blonde hair, although she usually wore it up, was about 5'6'' or 5'7'' with a nice complexion and fairly nice curves. She was by no means a supermodel type more of a voluptuous
woman which gave me many hard ons due to her spectacular tits. I am not good with sizes but they had to be some kind of DD's.

I wacked off just thinking about sucking those big soft tits that jiggled whenever she moved. Because she was so hot I imagined
her as being a big slut with an enormous sexual appetite and with a husband who understood her large sex drive and didn't mind her fucking around.

Anyway, after school one half day I went to Mrs. O'Donald's room to make up a test I was absent for. My cock immediatly got hard when I walked in the room. She was wearing a fairly tight white t-shirt with a kind of orange vest that didn't have much to it so I could see her bra rescricting her beautiful hooters every time they tried to escape. As she recited the test to me, instead of looking at her eyes I couldn't help but staring directly at her tits. She seemed not to notice though. After I was finished writing my answers
I went up to her desk. "All done." I said. She smiled and took my test. As I turned around and started for the door Mrs. O'Donald called my name. "Come here there is something I have to ask you."

I turned back toward Mrs. O'Donald's desk and was shocked at her next question. "Is there something wrong with my breasts?"
"um...uh...What?" was all I was able to say. "You heard me, you and some of the other boys are always staring at my breasts so
there must be something wrong with them." "No thats not the case at all Mrs. O'Donald" was my response. "Well then why all the
stares?" I must have been blood red at this moment and in a hazy condition I answered "Because you have some of the best tits in
the school." I think I was much more shocked at my answer than Mrs. O'Donald because she just smiled and brushed her left hand over her left breast.

"There is something you should know" she said to me. "W - What?" I asked. "You may not think so but I am a very sexually experienced woman and I need a great deal of sexual attention that cannot be provided by just one man." My prick was painfully pressing against the inside of my jeans. "oh,...well then...uh - " She cut me off saying "I was just wondering since you've been staring at my tits all year if you might like to see them. With my jaw to the floor all I could do was nod.

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Mrs. O'Donald then stood up from behind her desk, locked the door, and closed the shades in the windows out to the parking lot. She then came back over near her desk and slowly removed her vest and shirt showing me her luscious tits imprisoned by a big white lace bra. "Do you like it so far?'' Mrs. O'Donald asked me. Another hazy nod was again my response. As she reached behind her and let her bra drop to the floor, there, inches from my eyes, was the most beautiful sight I could imagine. Her big milky white tits where slightly hanging there with their coffee colored, half dollar sized nipples starting to become aroused.

She saw the state of arousal in my pants and said with a half smile, "Don't be nervous, you can touch them if you want." I reach
slowly with my left hand for her right melon. She let out a soft moan as I started to nead both of her tits. "Suck them for me won't
you" she said. I began alternating sucking one nipple while rolling the other between my finger and thumb. "Ooohh, that feels good baby" Mrs. O'Donald moaned. I was becoming much more comfortable in the situation by now. "You like how I suck your big tits Mrs. O'Donald" I asked her. "oh please baby call me Laura." "OK Laura" I said. "How bout you show me what a slut you really are." At this she proceeded to quickly undress me and finish undressing her self. Laura then got on her knees in front of me and gave me the greatest head known to man. She started by sucking on my head and slowly working her way down until she was bobbing up and down on 5 inches of my 7inch cock. Periodically she would let go of my cock with her mouth and flick my head and lick my shaft with her tongue and also lick and suck my balls seperatly. Laura knew I was close to eruption so she stood up and we kissed deeply for a minute before she layed down on her desk.

I sat in her chair and looked at her beautiful pussy in amazment. Her twat had thick lips which were already soaking wet, with a
neatly trimmed patch of dark brown hair left above her clit. As I dove into her pussy, I started by flicking her clit with my tongue and sticking a finger in her tight, yet wet, hole. As the heat of passion burned, I started to eat her harder shoving my tongue deep into her cunt as she pushed her hips towards my face and played with her boobs. Between moans she said "Oh baby that feels so good, I love to cum, make my pussy cum." With this my pace was now ferocious and soon she was bucking her hips into my face as her tasty juices rushed from the back of her pussy towards my tongue.

Laura sat up on her desk with a little sweat shinning on her forehead. "God I want to ride your big cock, lay down." I positioned some of our discarded clothes so I could lay on my back on the floor. She started to squat over my dick with her back facing me when I tapped her on the ass, "Face me so I can see those gorgeous tits bounce." She smiled and turned around and got on her
knees with my cock mere milimeters from her snatch. I could feel her warmth and wetness on my head when she went to slide the head of my cock into her pussy. She let out a moan as she slid down the full 7 inches of my cock. She rode me slowly at first, then gradually sped up as our juices got flowing. I couldn't help reaching up and playing with her tits and sitting up and sucking her nipples as she rode me. After about five minutes, I gently pushed her off me and told her I wanted to fuck her doggystyle.

"How did you know I love it from behind." We smiled as she leaned her elbows on a desk in the front row of the class. In a few seconds I was pounding her pussy with so much force that she turned around and said, "Oh god I'm gonna, oh I'm cuummmminnnnggggg!!!" I felt all of her wetness around my dick and some was dripping out down her thighs and on my balls. I kept pounding her until she came 2 more times, each one with increasing intensity. Laura stood up and kissed me and told me what she wanted next. "I want you big cock in my ass baby, right now"

"Lay down on your desk Laura and I give you the ass fucking of your life." She quickly layed down on her desk and pulled her legs as far back as she could on each side of her face. I got down and licked her ass and used some of her love juices to lube her tight hole up. I started by sticking a finger then two, into her butt-hole. When her ass was ready I stood up and pushed her legs back. I slowly entered her ass inch by inch until my cock was completely buried. I had to start off slow because it was so tight but as we progressed her ass opened wider so I could fuck her harder. She started to play with her clit as I fucked her faster. "I gonna cum again, keep fucking me till I come!" I fucked her hard until she was screaming and rubbing her clit with ferocity and she came. As she recuperated from her wild orgasm she told me to pull out of her ass when I was ready to come so she could catch all my come in her mouth. "I love the taste of hot, sticky, cum" she told me.

"Oh I'm gonna cum get on your knees." I told her as I pulled out of her ass. Laura was quickly on her knees below my cock as I jerked the biggest load I'd ever shot all around her mouth. She swalled all the cum that had found her mouth then she sucked the remaining cum off my cock. As I got dressed I watched her eat the rest of my cum off her face. "Come on, I'll give you a ride home as long as you remember to be absent for the next test."

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