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Southern Kinfolk

(Part 4 from 4)

"Oh Paul's a pussycat really, you'll see when you get to know him better. She is from a small town on the other side of the state and was being teased and abused by everyone. She led a terrible life there. He was there for a few days trying to buy a tractor. He came home and told me about her; so when we picked up the tractor Ah met her and discovered she was a very nice person, who was also one of that rare breed, who naturally does double duty."

"You mean she likes sex with men as well as women?"

"That right sweetie and she also has a extremely submissive nature. She craves being the slave in a relationship. So, we offered her to come and live here with us. Come here Honeybee. That's what Ah call her, her real name is Beatrice but she likes nigger or stump better, at least from Paul." She came and stood in front of us. "You like Sean boy, Honeybee?"

"Oh yes Madam, he done spanks me likes a white woman. Ah feels good to serve mah young Massa."

"I love her ass Auntie and is she ever black."

"Yes sweetie she's about as black as they come. Turn and shows your butt to Sean, Honeybee."

"Yes madam, Ah likes it, my new Massa likes my big butt." She turned looking excitedly at me over her shoulder while wiggling her body. I was becoming flush with power. I couldn't believe that I almost owned these women. Yesterday I was an ordinary kid in Chicago who had to work for a date and be lucky to steel a kiss. Now I could have sex, merely by snapping my fingers. "Auntie," I fondled one of her huge breasts, I'm going to fuck you right now." I almost blushed hearing my own bold and commanding tone. 

"Yes sweetie Ah'll get on the mattress." She got up and bent over in front of me, I'd completely forgotten about the spanking part. I gave her ten harder than I had spanked her before but I was the dominant master now; I could whack her as hard as I liked. She got on her knees and sucked my cock until it hardened and then stretched out on the mattress spreading her huge thighs. I got up and stood looking down at her fleshy body. She stared back at me, obviously admiring my youthful body.

"Please sweetie, show me them nice lean muscles," she said breathlessly. I flexed my biceps and my stomach muscles the way I'd seen body builders show off. "Oh sweetie you's a Greek God." She held out her arms and I fell on her soft fleshy body burying my face in her huge breasts. I had no idea just where the hole was in the vagina and just poked my cock into her crotch. Honeybee however, was on the job and deftly guided it into my auntie's wet cunt. I groaned with excitement as my cock entered its first cunt as auntie's arms and legs wrapped me in a blanket of warm flesh. I began to move my cock in and out of her hot sticky cunt, feeling like the king of the world. She squeezed me in time to my movements, moaning with pleasure while kissing my forehead. I thought of the pictures in the Magazines I'd jerked of to and wondered why anyone would want to fuck a skinny woman like that. I was imbedded and surrounded by hot horny flesh. This was heaven on earth. This was my woman to fuck whenever I wanted. I also had Honeybee who was running her hand into my crotch feeling my balls as I fucked my great aunt and Sona who would suck me off. Those thoughts gave me the best ejaculation ever in my aunt's cunt. She hugged and fondled my body feverishly as I relished the feeling. Then pulling me up higher, she kissed me passionately.

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"Oh sweetie you made me cum too. This young body's a real thrill for this old woman." She rolled me to one side still hugging and stroking me, giving Honeybee space to kiss and lick my knob; after which she used a wet cloth to clean it and then Auntie's cunt. "Oh look sweetie your cock is still hard as a rock. You want to fucks Honeybee now she's all excited 'bout your body."

I looked at the midget, "I suppose," I said. "Might as well try her out too."

"How's you want me young Massa?" Honeybee's face glowed with excitement as she spoke.

"I want to spank that ass of yours first, nigger." I couldn't believe I'd used the N word. Absolute power corrupts and I felt all-powerful. She straddled my waist as I lay on my back and wiggled her huge delicious cheeks at my face. I pounded her flesh making her moan with pleasure.

"Why don't you fuck Honeybee like that sweetie. She's very good that way." I nodded and stopped pounding her. "Get on his cock Honeybee." Her legs were so short that she had to lift one leg and then impale herself on my cock. It felt loose at first, and then it was like a hand squeezing my cock on and off. Her one hand cradled my balls as she began bouncing up and down on her short legs. Auntie kissed me as a second cunt rode my cock inside of twenty minutes. I saw a glimpse of my own white rod between her chubby black thighs when she rose and then only her bubble ass landing on my stomach. I took several minutes for me to come. I dug my fingers in to her ass when I did, moaning into my auntie's mouth.

I whacked her ass good while she still sat on my cock. When I stopped she got off and swallowed my rod, sucking greedily on the remaining semen. Auntie hugged my face with her huge tits and then kissed me passionately. "Oh Sweetie," she said. "You's a doll; my little man. I'm so happy you's here. You got me and Honeybee, nigger or stump, whatever you want to call her, all you wants. You think you'll be happy here?" She rubbed her tits on both sides of my face, smiling at me and then she kissed me again.

"Oh, I'm happy alright auntie, all this sex all of a sudden, who wouldn't be. I feel like a sultan or something."

"Well sweetie, you's a Sultan here. Ain't that so Honeybee?"

"Yes ma'am, Ah's my young Massa and Massa Paul's nigger slave, all day you all use me for fuck. 
You say fuck, Ah fucks. Say sucks cock, Ah sucks cock. Say licks cunt, Ah licks cunt. Ah's just a happy nigger stump for you all." I looked into her shining eyes, wondering how anybody could be that shamelessly submissive. It was uncanny, almost surreal but I had never seen anyone look or sound more sincere.

I settled into my new life as an apprentice farmhand and playboy over the next couple of months. Paul, despite his redneck mannerism was a jack of all trades able to fix anything mechanical, besides growing the crops and looking after the animals. He laughed constantly at my clumsy attempts to help him with the chores. Towards the end of the summer, he grudgingly admitted that I would probably make it as a farmer in about a hundred years. Auntie told me that meant that I was doing pretty well; it was just Paul's way of praising me.

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