Son plz fuck me

(Part 1 from 1)


it was tha friday night before mom needed help wit some things around tha house. Well ok let me explain her...her name is Candy she could b a model, which she use to b. She has a tight ass for being 38 n 40DDD tits. She has a flat stomach n always wears tha most amazing g-strings n loves skirts.

Well so i went to tha store with her for food for tha holiday. N me i just turnd 18 n im very in shape. But tha thing i love about me tha most is i have a 10 inch cock. I love to stroke it n shot my cum everywhere. So ne ways has i got home n was unpacking food my mom bent ova to put something away n i got tha nicest peak ever. But she caught me. when she got bac up she walkd ova n askd me wut i was doin. i thought i was in trouble until she said nice boner.

I lookd down not remember i jus slippd shorts on when she woke me up n forgot i didnt have boxers on. I didnt really respond until she was on all fours n i was beating tha pussy up. Then my sister walked in. She is 23. u would of had to c tha look on her face. but right then i bustd n my cum went all in my moms sister lookd at me n said wow its big y dont i get a turn. she is sexy n has DD's wit a nice ass too. so i peald her thong away n startd to eat her whole body. she cumd all ova my face but mom lickd it off for me.

then i fuckd her until i could not go ne more...afterwards my mom got a dildo n my mom n sister went at it while i played with my self. but the next thing i knew was i was eatin my sister out..then my mom left n when she came bac she had a strap-on wit her...i had my ass in tha air... n i told her not to...but damn once she got goin it felt great...i had tha time of my life...that day i had so much cum on my face n body i startd puting it in a cup n thats wut i beat off into nothing gets wasted then i drink all of it 3 plan on suducing should b fun... PART 2 LATER...Remember this is all fictional

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