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Sleeping beauty

(Part 1 from 1)

There are few things in life that can match the beauty and fufillment of two people in love. Close relationships can develop trust and intimacy that most people never experience. It was with that kind of relationship that my most favorite sexual activity developed into what I know regard as my most exciting combination of fetishes.

It started with my wife's exhibitionist desires to be an exotic dancer. Her fascination led to her taking pole dancing classes. After a few lessons, she was hooked. She decided to start dancing professionally. I soon learned that besides the extra money, there are few perks for the husband of a stripper. Most clubs don't allow husbands or boyfriends to enter, and so I soon began to regret my decision to allow my wife to strip. Until, that was, I discovered the complete fatigue and exhaustion that my wife experiences when she comes home from work. She once confided in me of her fantasy of waking up to someone licking or rubbing her pussy while she sleeps. It was with this discovery that I soon began to look forward to her early morning return from the strip club.

She arrived at 3:00 am. She was dressed in a tight mini skirt and black panties. Her eyes were dark from the makeup and her look was exotic and sexy at the same time. As she sat on the couch, waiting for me to bring her dinner/breakfast, I caught a glimpse of her panties under her skirt. Her inner thigh looked like heaven as she leaned forward exposing her ample cleavage. As she ate she recounted the events of the night, as she often does, then went upstairs for a shower. By this time the sight of her beautiful 34 24 34 body had left me with quite a hard on. After her shower she layed in the bed and quickly fell asleep.

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The warmth of the summer night left her quite hot under the blanket. A thin layer of sweat had gathered on her waist and thigh. As she layed on her side, in the fetal position, I pulled the blanket off her, exposing her ample hips and ass, along with her tiny waist. She sleeps topless with only a thong on. The sight of her long brown hair flowing on the pillow is quite dramatic and sensual. As I remembered her fantasy of being fingered while sleeping, I quickly grew hard with anticipation.

I slowly ran my had down her side, feeling the fabric on her hip, stopping with my hand cupped on her tight ass. I gently placed my middle finger between her thighs and felt the softness and warmth beneath her cotton panty thong. As I stroked her panty covered pussy, the urge to feel her skin on my lips overwhelmed me and I began to kiss her hip. My enjoyment grew as I realized that her panties had begun to grow wet beneath my finger. I began to alternate my strokes with penetrating pushes of my finger. Soon her thong was soaking with nature's most wonderful lubricant. The feel, smell, and taste of pussy juice is a joy that few women can understand.

My soft, sensual kisses gradually moved from her hip to her ass. They climaxed with my lips between her legs. Her wet panties felt wonderful on my lips. I pressed my entire face harder and harder into her soaking crotch. The darkness of the room didn't allow me to see the treasure between her thighs, but I had no doubt that her red thong was stained with the dark shadow of pussy juice. I gently hooked my fingers under her straps and began pulling down her panties. As I pulled them off her feet, she let out an excited, yet trouble sigh. I could only imagine what dream she had developed to accompany the strange feeling between her legs.

With her panties off, I began licking her pussy and fucking her with my tounge. I occasionaly inserted my finger and felt her beautiful warm, wet pussy. To my astonishment, she began moaning softly in her sleep. I used my finger to rub pussy juice on her asshole. With it well libricated, I was able to gently insert my finger into her tightest hole and I began gently fucking her ass. As her moans climaxed into one loud squeal, the exitement became too much for me. I shot my cum out onto the dark bed. Afterwards, her breathing quickly returned to normal and she fell back into a deep sleep. I too became overwhelmed with exhaustion and fell quickly to sleep beside her.

The next day she would tell me of her amazing dream. She had been showering with be when two of my closest friends walked in and began showering with us. We quickly carried her to the bed and began tossing her between us, one fucking her while she sucked the other's cock. The third would patiently wait his turn while stroking his rock hard cock. "That sounds like an intense dream" I said. "Yes," she said. "It was wonderful. I'd love to have another dream like that." I decided not to tell her that she would be having many more early morning dreams of ecstasy.

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