Slaves Desires

(Part 1 from 2)

master Arik drove a little ways, slowed at a trail, and parked the car off the road. I watched him suspiciously from the corners of my eyes.

“Severen, I want to kiss you, touch you, I was going to ease into this, but I must at least taste you.”

I thought this was nice of him to let me know as he could have just done it. Then again I could always jump out of the car and run. I leaned over and tilted my head not initiating anything, but being open.

I felt his hand grip my neck before I felt his lips on mine. At first they were sweet and gentle, but suddenly the kiss became hungrier and I couldn’t stop myself from responding. My body and subconscious mind knew HE was my Master and therefore HE could have whatever it was he wanted. Goodness knows I was wet from the little bit I had earlier and I do have a ferocious sexual appetite. I, however, didn’t know him and I didn’t want this to go too far. Unfortunately, the decision wasn’t entirely mine to make.

Maybe he felt me pull back a little as he released me and stared into my eyes. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

I nodded. “I know what you are to me. I know you, but I don’t know you. I just lost my Master tonight and now have a brand new one. I was with Master Michael since I was 18. That’s 7 years. I … this is just too fast.”

“I understand. Tell me what is it you need right now. We’ll do that.”

I’m sure he was asking me if I needed to go out on a date with him and get to know him, but I was already hot. I needed release and I needed it now. I just didn’t want to seem like a slut. I never cheated on my Master, but Master Arik is my new Master. I was so confused.

“I need … I want…” I know from the glint in his eyes that he knew what I was trying to say, but he was going to make me say it. I remember it as a form of humility from Master Michael. “… to do this.”

As soon as the words left my lips Master Arik was back to kissing me and not that gentle crap either. He was thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth while his hands found their way under the sweater and was pulling at my nipples. I moaned deep into his mouth loving the feel of his rough hands on my sensitive buds.

I managed to undo 3 buttons before Master Arik ripped the sweater down the middle. The buttons went flying all over the car as his hot mouth closed on my breast. I arched my back trying to push myself deeper into his mouth. He bit down hard on my nipple and it was just this side of pleasure before he switched to the other one and began his sweet torment of that.

I could feel my pussy getting the jeans soaked and I moved my hips against the seat trying to relieve some of the pressure. Master Arik unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans before I felt his hand sink inside of them to find my wet soppy cunt.

“Oh yes!” I cried as I felt him insert three glorious fingers into me. I jerked my hips trying to get him deeper, but the angle was wrong. This car thing wasn’t going to work and I growled my frustration against the air.


I was stunned when he removed his mouth and fingers from me and got out of the car. Finally, his order penetrated my brain and I managed to get out of the car without falling. He pulled me to him and slid the jeans off me so I was exposed all the way down. He threw the jeans on the roof and lifted me into the air.

“Please, fuck me Master. I need to feel your cock deep inside me.”

Master’s Arik’s brown eyes turned a deep black that normally would have scared me, but only excited me now. He eased himself a little away from me and smiled. I reached between us and cupped him as I unbutton his slacks and pulled him through his opening.

He slammed me against the car as his lips captured mine again. I kissed him back as I wrapped my arms around his neck trying to take some of my weight off him and onto the car. I let my own tongue explore his mouth and caress his tongue before I gently nipped his lips.

I felt the head of his monstrous cock push at my slick, wet, tight opening and I threw my head back at the delicious feel of him there. I wrapped my legs around his waist and guided him deep into my center. He tried to go slow inch by inch, but I was through being gentle. I needed a Dominant Master. I slammed him deep inside of me and a moan of pure pleasure escaped my lips.

Picking up the hint Master Arik reached down and shifted my weight so that my legs were in his arms. He pushed my legs so that my knees were almost touching my chest. He eased slowly out of me before he thrust back inside of so hard and deep I swore I felt him hit my womb. He eased out once more before he slams back inside of me. I shook my head from side to side enjoying his tormenting enjoying his take of complete and utter control.

“Yes, by the gods yes you will take more,” he growled at me.

Suddenly, he changed pace and he was slamming his cock deep inside of me like a jackhammer into the ground. I could feel his balls slapping my ass with a smart slap that felt so good. He kept pounding harder and harder into me until I could feel my orgasm building.

“I’m gonna cum, Master, please,” I begged his permission.

“Cum for me my slave,” he whispered into my ear.

His deep moans in my ear and his huge cock driving into me sent me flying over the edge and I yelled my release out into the night. A few moments later I heard my Master join me.

Gradually he lowered me to the ground. I could feel his semen trailing down my inner thighs. He reached over and opened the back door. He rummaged for a little bit before coming up with a towel.

“I usually use this when I go to the gym, but I think you may need it to clean up.”

I smiled my gratitude and took the towel. “I’m on the pill, so you don’t have to worry.” I don’t know why I said it. He didn’t seem worried, but I felt kind of awkward after what we’ve been through.

“I wasn’t worried. If you have my child I would be honored. You are my slave and though you just know me I’ve known of you for a long time. I’ve watched you with Michael. I…” but he stopped and I didn’t know if I could push him like I would my old Master. I let it die.

He handed me my jeans and I eased into them. I buttoned the three buttons and luckily the sweater covered my breast, but it left my ribcage and stomach bare. I got in the car and fasten my seatbelt. I was content.

I don’t know how long we drove. I doze off and I only awoke when I heard a car door slam. I shot up and stared at the windshield watching my new Master converse with another man. It didn’t look like a friendly conversation either. Finally, my new Master came back to me and opened the door.

“Come. I’m going to take you to my home and get you suitable clothing. Then we’ll get you some food. I’m sure you’re hungry.”

“Yes, starved,” I cried. I was grateful he hadn’t forgotten about the fact I haven’t eaten.

He started walking down a sidewalk and I glanced around at the town. It was like an updated version of what the olden days would look. There was a real building that said Inn, but it looked like it could have been a small corporate building than what I would assume an Inn would look. It was mind boggling and bizarre.

“Why are all the cars over there?” I pointed behind me.

“We walk here. Everything is within walking distance. If you need to drive somewhere I will check out my car and I drive us where you need to go. It’s also how we control who comes in and out. We don’t want a vanilla person coming into our town and ruining everything or thinking we are abusing the one we love.”

He looked at me so intensely that I had to look away. He couldn’t possibly love me. He doesn’t know me and I don’t know him. Right now I respected him and would do as told to a degree.

We approached a large house. It was blue with purple trim. Interesting, was the only word that came to mind. He opened the door, entered, and I followed behind him. I glanced up to see 3 men, 1 woman, and 3 slave girls each wearing different colors.

Master Arik pulled me to the 3 men sitting at the table. “I will do this formally. Usually we aren’t so formal in my home, but other homes may be. This is my Father Veston.” Master Arik referred to the slightly older man with just a hint of gray at the temples. Master Arik had his strong cheekbones and black wavy hair. “You are to call him Earl Veston.”

“These are my two brothers. The one with the short cropped hair is Nicolas and the one with the long braid is Azyon. And this is my mother Shyra. She is the only Freewoman in this home.”

I nodded at each in turn as Master Arik turned me to the girls. “These are your sister-slaves. The one with red hair is Alison and she belongs to my father mostly. She is First Girl and what she says goes. The one with the black hair is Myra she belongs mostly to my mother. My parents share the two girls. And last, but not least is Azyon’s girl Azya.”

Master Arik turned to me with a smile. “Now greet. Let me know what you have learned of your lifestyle.”

I took in a deep breath and held it before slowly releasing it. “Usually, I would ask you to greet, but since you have already allowed it I would say, ‘Greetings Earl Veston, Master Nicolas, and Master Azyon. Greetings Mistress Shyra. Hello to my sisters Alison, Myra, and Azya.” I turned to my Master waiting.

“Very good. Always greet the Masters first, then any Freewoman, the first girl of every Master or Mistress and then the rest of the girls. Do you understand the colored stones they wear?” Master Arik referred to the colored stones that my sisters were wearing in their collars.

“No, Master I do not.”

“There are a lot of colors in Gor. In our village there are 4 main colors: white, blue, red, and black. The white, which I’m going to dress you in, means that you are just beginning. That you are learning and may make mistakes. If you or anyone is in white most Masters and Mistresses will over look your mistakes and point them out or help you correct them. They will not punish you for them, usually.”


Master Arik continued on. “The next is blue. Blue means that you should know all there is and that you shouldn’t make any mistakes. You can be punished by any Master or Mistress if your Master is not with you. Red means that you are a love slave. If any Master or Mistress wanted with the permission of your Master or Mistress they can take your body. And black means that you are a pleasure slave, but only to your Master. No one will ask for your body.”

“My sisters, am I to be shared with them?”

“You will share duties, as in cleaning the house, cooking, etc, but I will not share your body with anyone. You are not at that level.”

“And if I become at that level?” My voice was tight with anger.

“I will decide.”

And that’s why I hate Gor. Your Master decides so much of your life without your input. If you had a harsh, cruel Master who didn’t care about you; your life could be hell.

“Where is my room.” It wasn’t a question and I saw Master Arik’s father’s eyebrows raise as well as one of his brother’s smile widen.

Master Arik simply sighed and guided me to the back of the house and up a set of stairs. “I stay up here.” He led me to a room with a huge bed, two drawers, and a connecting bathroom. The bathroom was huge and I wondered why he would need such space.

“And my room?”

“This is your room.”

“I don’t get my own room?”

“No. You are mine. I’ve watched you with Michael for a very long time. I wanted you and he denied me. In the end I finally have you. You are not going anywhere else.”

Oh by the Gods. What have I done? Ronaldo was a pompous jerk. He didn’t deserve the title of Master. I traded in a monster that you knew from the get go for a monster that I’ve just learned about. I should have just asked to be Free and try to find my own Master later. I can’t believe I was so stupid.

Master Arik came to me, but I stepped back. I didn’t want him near me. With a sigh he backed up. “I have some clothes in that beauru that should fit you. We’ll go shopping tomorrow. I… I’ll meet you downstairs Severen.”

With those words he lifted my head and did something to my collar. He pocketed what he took out and smiled down at me. “Severen, I’m not a horrible Master,” He said before he turned around and left me.

I sank onto the bed holding back tears. He was going to decide my life. I at least had some control before, now I have none. This scared the hell out of me. “What am I going to do?” But there was no reply.

I went to the bureau and open the doors. There were neatly stacked shirts that looked like they would fit me. I chose a long sleeve black one and put it on. It felt like very thin cotton and it clung to my body beautifully. I loved how the sleeves went past my fingers and how the hem of shirt stopped around my hips and bum. I pulled the collar with the white stone in the middle from under my shirt and went downstairs.

I looked at everyone interacting and tried to picture myself there with them. I was just observing when my Master’s voice and words penetrated my head.

“I know Nicolas; I don’t know what I was thinking. I just had to have her.”

“What are you going to do? She’s too much spunk for our world. submissive she is, but Gorean she ain’t.”

“I’m not going to change her. I like that about her. She don’t put up with any shit.”

“And that’s my point. She doesn’t put up with any shit, brother. How can she be a gorean slave? How can she be a slave? Does she understand the difference between slave and submissive?”

My Master hesitated and that’s when I decided to make my presence known.

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