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Skinny Dipping Story

(Part 1 from 2)

It was the Summer of 1993 and I was over at Shawnís house and Shawnís mom had to work the double shift. Which means she started work at 6:00 p.m. and got off at 6:00 p.m. the next day which is 24 hours. Thank god she has 1 hour breaks to rest and take a little nap (If She Needed One Which She Probably Did) while sitting in a chair in the break room at her work or she would have really been dead tired. So she wasnít too tired once she finally got home from work. So before she went to work she and Shawn came and picked me up at my house at 5:00 p.m. and she took Shawn and I  to their house. On the way to their house his mom said that she had to work   a double shift and then after today since she worked these long hours that   she will have the next 7 days off and no one deserved a vacation more than her. She worked so hard to support her and Shawn. She said when she is off them 7 days she will be more than happy to take Shawn and I where ever we wanted to go or do what we wanted to do. Even go on a vacation somewhere if Shawn and I wanted to. She said it was up to us and what ever we decided she will be happy with it. She said that she was running late so she was sorry because she didnít have time to run to the grocery store and cook supper for us and she said she really felt bad that she didnít cook supper and we told her donít worry about it. Shawn and I both said thatís alright we will find something to eat. Shawn is such a wise guy and always was since the day I met him and probably is still today and he said and for dessert JT and we can nibble on each other. I turned and looked at Shawn and smiled at him first and then I started bursting out laughing. I tried to hold back from laughing but, I couldnít. Shawn was just way too funny. His mom was even laughing and she said you two are just so cute together and you two are always making me laugh and smile. After his mom took us to their house she gave us each a hug and said if anything happens she said you call me at work and we said we will. Then she said since I didnít have time to cook supper for you all and she knew their wasnít that much to eat in the house because she hadnít been to the grocery store yet so she said hereís $40.00 so we can go to the grocery store later on to make sure we had what we wanted to and get what ever else we wanted and then she hugged us again and I love you both. I had this look on my face and was thinking even me and she knew what I was thinking with the look on my face and she said of course I love you JT. She said you should know that sweetie and then she smiled at me. She said I love you a lot as a friend but, we both know that Shawn loves you a lot as his boyfriend and Shawn grabbed a hold of my hand and looked at me and smiled and said I certainly do. I started crying because it meant so much to me and I said you both are just so sweet to me. Shawn looked at me and said JT Iím a better person for knowing you and he said I love you so very much. He said you have made such an impact on my life and for that he will always be greatful. His mom said aww that is so sweet and she said the same goes for me JT. She said you are just such a sweetie and we just love you so much. She said she could always count on me to be very sweet to Shawn and I said you bet you can always count on me. I said I donít have the heart to be mean to Shawn or anyone else for that matter. She said I know you donít sweetie. She said Shawn, my family (Talking About Her Family), and I love you so much and I started blushing then. :-) She said JT donít let Shawn aggravate you too much tonight and I said I wonít and I said besides he knows better because he knows I can over power him. They both started laughing and Shawn said honey you wish you were stronger than me and Shawnís mom said I think JT could take you down Shawn if he wanted to. I grabbed his hand and said but honey, I wouldnít do that because I loved you way too much. I said besides honey if I want to take you down I would want there to be on the bed or a couch underneath us. They both started laughing then. Shawn said you couldnít pin me down if you tried honey. I said Linda (Which Is His Momís Name) what are we going to do with him and she said I donít know but, one of these days you and I will get him back some how. I said he is asking for it isnít he and she said yes he is. LOLH! I said good and I said honey you better watch out and Shawn said you two couldnít get me back if you even tried to. You know something, he was right! Shawn was just way too clever for us. LOLH! Then she said you two be careful and she said call me at work if you need anything or if anything happens and we said we will. She said if you all call me and Iím away for a moment she said you two leave a message with the secretary and I will call you two back as soon as I can and we said ok we will. She said one more thing and we said yes whatís that? She asked us if $40.00 was plenty before she has more money if we needed some more and we said yes it was more than enough some money and Shawn said if we need any more things he said he had $30.00 saved up. Then she said ok just making sure. She said I didnít want you two starving tonight or tomorrow and we said we wonít starve. She said you two be careful and call me if you need anything we said we will. Then she said I need to go now before she was late to work and she said goodbye and we said goodbye to her and then went straight to work. We went in the house and sat down on the couch and relaxed for 1 hour before we went to the 24 Hour grocery store just down the road from them. We watched TV for a while and Shawn looked at the clock and said honey, Iím starting to get hungry and I said me too. He said let's go to the grocery store now and I said sure thing honey. We turned the TV off, we turned all the lights off, and headed out the door. So I was the last one out and I locked the door and Shawn said oh shit honey donít close the door and he said that as the door was closing so I quickly put my foot out and stopped the door from closing all of the way. He kissed me and said thank you for stopping the door from closing. I said you're welcome honey. He said youíre an angel and kissed me again. I said what did you forget and he said I forgot to get my key in my bedroom. I said oh shit we would really be in trouble if we forgot your key. He said yes we would. He said thank god I just thought of it before we closed the door all the way. There was no other way getting in the house. He said the only way of getting back in the house is to break a window and he said mom wouldnít take too kindly of that. I said yeah no kidding. He said if we had to break a window to get back in the house he said I donít think I would want to be here for a few days or a few weeks until his mom cools down. He said I think I would want to go stay at your house honey (Talking About My House) and I said sounds great to me but, there are three problems. He said whatís that honey? I said:
     I said I canít help it because you have such a nice ass. I said in fact everything on you was perfect!!! He said doesnít matter to me because he said Iím always looking at your ass too honey. LOLH! He said everything about me was perfect as well and I was blushing. :-) I said itís so nice to have a great relationship with someone that I really care about and really love a lot and he said it sure is honey and he kissed me and said you bring the best out in me and I kissed him and said honey we bring the best out in each other and he said isnít that the truth. He and I hated being apart from each other. Just like if I got up and leave the room for a moment he would follow me because it killed him for being away from me more than five minutes too. It even killed us being away from each other on school nights so on school nights all we could do at night was dream about each other and before we know it we were together again at school. :-) We would be so stir crazy at night tossing and turning in bed because we loved to be with each other so once we both got to school we would have to go in the boys bathroom and make out just so we can get to feel each otherís lips touching one another. If we wanted more than just kissing a lot of times before the morning bell ranged to go to 1st period class we would rush in to the auditorium and go behind the curtains and he would unbutton and unzip his jeans and pull out his big cock and I would give him a quick blow job since his cock was a lot bigger than mine just satisfy the both of us until the weekend came around. I always made it a great blow job for the both of us to enjoy. I would make it so good that it causes him to let out a few moans. After the bell rings to go to 1st period class we stop and he buttons and zips his jeans back up and kisses me and thanks me for the nice blow job and we say we love each other and he says see ya at lunch honey kiss again and go to class. Our friend always asked us why we go in the auditorium every morning and we said the principal has us clean it so the janitors wouldnít have to and we get paid for it. He said ok cool. Shawn said we got paid well for it too. I just look at Shawn and Shawn and I would start laughing and our friend couldnít understand what was so funny. LOLH! That was just a cover up story because our friend didnít know were gay and that Shawn and I were boyfriends. He knows now because I told him and heís alright with it. I wish I knew that back then because I would have told him the truth. Shawn and I never have got caught once neither and we were both surprised we never got caught. I tell you he and I were so much in love. It killed us so much being away from each other. Shawn and I barely got through the whole day without saying I love you or kissing each other. Anyways, his mom was working the night shift and wasnít going to get off work until 6:00 p.m. the next day because she had to work a double shift. Shawn and I were outside and they have a big fence around their yard and Shawn turned the lights on the patio and we sat down outside in the in the long lawn chair holding each other and making out and looking up at the stars. As we were holding each other I said Shawn, I love you and he said I love you too JT. Shawn said I think Iím going to go swimming honey. I  kissed him and felt like an idiot and said honey you better go get your swim suit on then if your going to go swimming and he said no I donít need my swim suit honey. I said I hope you arenít planning on wearing your good shorts in the swimming pool are you because your mom will kill you and I would really miss you if she killed you. He just laughed and said I know honey and he said JT I hope you know you really know how to make me laugh and smile. He said thatís two of the six things I love most about you. I said what are the other four things you like about me and he said you are also a great kisser, you know how to suck a cock damn good, you are really cute, and you are also so friendly. I said I will agree with all of them except for the one about me being really cute. He said honey to me you are too really cute and to die for. I said you really know how to make me feel good on the inside and you are so sweet and very special to me. He said youíre very sweet and very special to me too JT. I kissed him again I said I love you Shawn and he said it back. I said if you donít want to go look for your swim suit I said I will go look for it for you honey. I said you want me to go get your swim suit in your bedroom for you because I will honey if you like then and then I said I might have to use a metal detector to find things in your bedroom but, Iím sure to find them and maybe a few other things youíve been missing for a while. LOLH! We started laughing and he said hey honey donít forget Iíve been to your house a few times already and he said your bedroom isnít any cleaner than mine and I said my bedroom is always clean 24/7 and he said not from what your mom says and from what I seen. LOLH! Then I said seriously honey I will go look for your swimsuit for you if you like me to. He said no thank you honey again and gave me a kiss again. He said I donít need a swimsuit in the swimming pool for what Iím going to do. I was like ok. He had a smile on his face and said honey think for a few minutes and he said itís hot outside tonight and I want to go swimming but, without a swim suit on. He said whatís that tell you I want to do with a smile on his face. I thought for a second but, only for a second and he was smiling at me and I said you donít mean and he said yes SKINNY DIPPING!!! He said thereís something else too and I said whatís that honey? He kissed me and said I want my handsome boyfriend to go skinny dipping with me. I said well go call your handsome boyfriend up and ask him if heíll join you. LOLH! He kissed me and said honey youíre my handsome boyfriend. I said I maybe your boyfriend but, Iím not handsome. LOLH! He kissed me and said honey you are too handsome and he said donít you ever let any one else tell you different. I said I love you Shawn and he put his hand underneath my chin and had me look at him and he looked into my eyes and said I love you JT and gave me one of the most passionate kisses he has ever given to me before. I was floating up in the air because that kiss lifted me off the ground. After he stopped kissing me he asked me if I want to go skinny dipping with me now honey? I started laughing and I said youíre really serious about this arenít you? He  said you bet honey. I said it sounds great and all but, what if we get caught? He said honey donít worry we wonít get caught because we have a big fence around the house and around the swimming pool so no one canít see us. I said are you sure about you want me to go skinny dipping with you and he said yes I am. He said who else better to go skinny dipping with than with my handsome loving boyfriend who I love very much. I immediately started blushing.

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