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Sisters tease

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

my sister just turned 19 and she has been craving my cock for along time. when she knows that the rents will be out of town, she always dresses in low cut tops or skimpy hot outfits. my sister is about 5'4" tall, skinny, real tight abs and ass, 36c bra.
One day last week she asked me to check the air in the tires on her car, so i go out and check them, while im out there, she ran upstairs and got changed into a super tight capri/spagetti strap top with no bra. after i came back in the house, she was standing there waiting for me to tell her about her car. she just sat on the steps and gave me a real naughty look. (not to mention that i was wearing sweat pants;

so it was real ovbious to her when she got my attention) i took a real good long look at her cleavage and her nipples pokin through that tight tan top, she just giggled and asked if the car was alright. i replied, "aaah, yes, yes your car is fine" so she got up and bent over infront of me on purpose to make sure i got a good look at her cleavage. she said "alright, im off to the gym" (our gym is in the second story of our garage) after she ran off with her big breasts bouncing, i quickly ran to my bedroom and wacked off. it felt soo dam good. about an hour later, she came in the kitchen holding her neck. i asked her what she did to her neck, she said "i must have hurt it while exercising" she then quickly asked if i can give her a massage. i said sure, (knowing that the rents will be home real late) she went into the living room and put a blanket down on the floor. she then sat "indian style" on the floor.

i kneeled behind her and started to rub lotion onto her neck. i couldnt help but stare at her massive boobs just hanging there. she just sat there for a couple minutes with her eyes closed and moaned little by little. i told her she should lay flat on her stomach so i can get better leverage on her lower back. she quickly changed positions. i climbed on top of her and lightly sat on her tight ass. i kept mentioning that this top was really interferring with me putting the warming lotion on her back. (little did she know but i switched the lotion from what i was using before to KY warming lube) she said alright and pulled her top up above her boobs and laid back down on the blanket.

she quickly grabbed the sides of her boobs and made sure they were tucked in. i kept rubbiing the lotion on her, she moaned little by little again. i gently grazed her side boobs every so often, to make sure she was feeling what i had in mind. she started to talk about how her and her bf were not getting along and that she was having bad sex with him, i wasnt really shocked that she told me that randomly. everyday when i got home from work, she was fucking her bf in her room with the door open an inch or two. she was a screamer, she really like to make noise in bed. she also told me that her friend just made it to captain of the cheerleading squad really liked me. i knew she liked me before by the way she ran over to me when she was at my house.

 i replied, "oh really, with a giggle" she laughed and said that she would come over in a heart beat to have the chance with me. i quickly told her to "call her friend and let her know im single. haha" she giggled and said quitely, "what about me??" i said "what u mean?" she said "im in need of some lovin tooo" she turned over and said, "i think now u can massage these!" while she grabbed her massive breasts squeezing them hard. her nipples erect instantly. i went for more lube and grabbed them. they felt amazing, so soft and giggely. i like to watch them bounce.
i have seen her side boobs before when she would be riding her bf in her room, i would sneak up and peak in the door. her breasts are the perfect size.

she started to rub my thighs and moan, "that feels good" she muttered. she reached for my cock and pulled it out of my sweat pants. she yelled in amazment, "wow, this is huge!!" my cock is just over 7 1/2" long and 3" diameter. she started stroking it, she grabbed the lube and laughed, she said, ur goin to need more of this, i said oh, i have more upstairs.

she wacked me off for a good 4-5 minutes, i closed my eyes and yelled, im cumming, she said good. she opened her mouth and i shot the biggest load i could at her. she said, "wow, its been a while for you huh?, i said yea.

she got up and took me up stairs to her bedroom. she said now, im goin to fuck you like ur ex gf never did. i quickly grabbed my camcorder as we walked by my room.
as we walked into her bedroom, i put the camcorder on her stereo pointing at the bed, she turned to me and pushed me onto her bed. i laid there looking at her with a huge smile on my face and a stiffy growing. she said, well i can tell you like what you see, by the size of my erections.

she gently climbed on top of me and said, be easy, this is the biggest cock i have ever had. i said, alright. she lubed my dick up and her pussy lips that were already soaked from her wet vagina.
she rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy lips and moaned.
i grabbed my dick from her hands and poked it in her. she screamed from the pain of spliting her hymen. i said, its goin to be fun now, haha. i picked her up by her tight ass and tossed her body on the bed, with my dick still barely in her, i started to fuck her little by little. she screamed like no tomorrow, i slapped her a couple times telling her to shut the fuck up, i grabbed her tit and squeezed it as hard as i could. all she could do was grab my forearms and dig her nails in them.

then i told her to get ready, i started fucking her like crazy, she didnt stop screaming, i fucked her so hard, she almost got hit in the face by her own boobs bouncing.
i yelled, im cumming, she said i already did 2 times!!! i busted my load in her tight pussy, she squeeled and said that felt so warm and great!! i told her there was more to CUM!!

i pulled out of her, and all the cum just dripped out. she continued to rub her sore pussy. i climbed on top of her and went to her face with my cock, i slapped her 4 times with it, she could have gotten a black eye from one hit. i climed off of her grabing my camcorder and walked out of the room. when i got into the hallway, i told her to get ready for round 2. i went into my bedroom and put the video on a porn site.

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