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Sister in Law takes a shower

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Let me start this story by saying that I have been taking every chance I’ve had in the last twenty years to try and see my wife’s sister naked. I’ve had holes in walls and now I have a hidden camera with a remote receiver that I can hook up to a TV and VCR. The other day she came here for a few days to visit. The wife had the weekend off but went back to work early in the A.M. on Monday. I got up earlier then Terri and took my shower then I went out to my camper to watch Terri on the TV set up inside. She came in and did a few things before getting ready for her shower. Then she started to remove her clothes and I once again got to see her in all her naked glory. Terri is about 5’ 6” tall and probably 170 lbs. So she’s a big girl but her curves are fun to watch. She had gotten naked and then she proceeded to brush her teeth. With the camera set up so it could see the mirror as well as her standing in front of it I was granted a view of her front above the waste and all of her glorious backside. When she bent over to spit in the sink I thought my cock would burst out of my pants by itself so I released it through my zipper and slowly started to rub it up and down while enjoying the events taking place not twenty feet away in the room next to my camper. It was like being able to look through the window and see inside. She then got the water running and stepped inside and closed the sliding doors. The shower was able to be seen in the reflection in the mirror but the doors are not completely see through so all I could see was her shape doing the things a woman does in the shower. My cock wilted somewhat then as all I could do was wait until she exited the shower for the show to continue. She emerged again in about ten minutes wet and clean. She started to dry herself off and had her back to the camera. When she bent over to dry her feet her secret was opened for me to see. My cock was already at full erection then but at this point I started to leak and I knew that I would have to finish it off before it would ever fit comfortably in my shorts again. I stroked it up and down while watching my Sister in Law dry off. 

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This is where the story gets interesting though. She then folded her towel in half then in half again and set it on the counter. I wondered what she was doing as the hamper was next to the camera and I was waiting for a close-up view of her titties and possibly her puss. What she did next changed everything. She hopped up on the counter so she was facing the camera and took a lotion bottle off the counter that has a rounded ball shaped lid on it and started to rub it up and down her hairy covered slit. I couldn’t believe my luck, here was my Sister in Law with her legs spread and she was masturbating with a home made dildo. She got herself worked up enough to get the lid wet enough for her to push the bottle into her beautiful quim. There she was with her eyes closed and one hand squeezing her breasts and nipples while the other was busy sliding the “dildo” in and out of her puss. I couldn’t stand it anymore I had to figure out a way to get in there and also to get the pressure building up in my shaft some relief. Since it had been some time since she had emerged from the shower I was going to just walk in and pretend I didn’t know she was still in there and then see what would happen from there. Either way I was gonna get my rocks off somehow. I managed to stuff my erect cock back into my shorts and sprinted into the house and through my bedroom towards the shower. I burst through the door just as Terri peaked in orgasm. There she was dildo in cunt and cum spraying out of her puss. She tried to cover herself up but how could she hide what she had been doing? I acted shocked at what I was seeing but was still trying to pretend that my being there was an accident. I then turned to leave when once again she surprised me.

She said “Well you have already seen me doing what I was doing so you might as well stay and maybe return the favor.”. What I asked trying to play dumb. “Why don’t you join me and you can watch me masturbate while I watch you rub your cock. You didn’t have to ask me again, this was a dream come true. I peeled my shorts off in a flash and turned around with my full erect cock in my hand. She let out a little moan and reinserted the lotion bottle inside of her. So here I was stroking my leaking and aching cock while she locked her eyes on it and I watched as she masturbated herself. I told her that I wouldn’t be able to keep this up for very long before I would cum all over the bathroom. She smiled and told me to let her worry about that. She told me she was very close to cumming herself and at that point her whole body tensed and her cum sprayed out of her like a geyser. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was standing about six feet away and she soaked me from that far away. I grunted that I was going to cum and she dropped off of the counter, grabbed my cock and slid the head of it into her mouth. I tensed up and sprayed what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth. I thought I was going to cum for ever when it finally came to an end with all my seed going down her throat before she let my cock slip out of her mouth. Wow here I was standing in front of my naked Sister in Law while she swallowed my load. 

She the stood up, turned around and bent over the counter and told me I owed her and that she wanted me deep inside of her. Hell I had just busted my nut I figured there was no way I’d be able to keep it up for very long but what the hell it was worth a try. I took a hold of her meaty ass and moved my cock into place. She reached underneath and grabbed my cock and guided it inside of her. Man it felt so good to after all these years of sneaking peaks at her naked to finally be inside of her. I pounded my cock in and out of her while watching her face in the mirror and looking at her ass right in front of me. Her face was screwed up in a grimace and she looked like she was almost in pain. She was moaning and urging me on to fuck her pussy. I fucked her for about five minutes in this position and I was quite surprised that I was able to stay hard after cumming so hard just a few minutes before. She said that she wanted to try a different position so I reluctantly pulled my soaking cock out of her wonderful pussy. She then guided me to lay down on the rug on the floor and she squatted on top of me and once again guided me into her hairy love nest. I was then able to grab her ample titties and I pushed them together so I could suck both of her long nipples at the same time. She started to fuck the hell out of me with her boobs flopping around and her heavy ass sliding up my shaft and smashing my balls on her trip back down, She fucked me like this for at least ten minutes when she started to cum. She soaked my nuts and belly when her spunk sprayed out of her cunt. That was all I could take and I warned her that I would be cumming soon myself and that she should be ready to pull off of me so I could safely squirt my load into the air. 

She then bent down and whispered into my ear that she wanted me to come inside of her. That was it. That pushed me over the top and I blew what felt like twice the load I had emptied into her mouth just fifteen to twenty minutes ago deep into her womb. I must have blacked out for a few seconds as the next thing I remember was her standing up over me and her furiously rubbing her clit, Her ass stiffened and she thrust her pelvis as she started to cum. What seemed like a gallon of cum sprayed from her cunt mixed with my spunk. It coated my whole body from my nuts to my face. When she came back down to Earth she helped me up and we got into the shower to clean up but that’s another story altogether. She left for home later that afternoon and I was really sorry to see her go but I am looking forward to her next visit with a renewed urgency. Later that night after my wife had gone to bed I took the tape into the computer room TV to enjoy watching the whole thing again. I was able to masturbate once again to a great orgasm but just at the end of the tape after I had left the room her face appeared right in front of the camera and she said. “Smile we are on Candid Camera!”. Wow she had known all along, She had put that whole show on just to try and get me in there so she could fuck my brains out. There won’t be a family function that will be the same again he he. Now we just have to keep this a secret from my wife and her husband.

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