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Sister and Mom

(Part 1 from 1)

I’ll begin with telling you a bit about myself. My name is Dave and I’m 15. I have a sister, her name’s Suzy and she’s 18. My mom’s divorced, so it’s just the three of us in the house. 

I will tell you how it all started. It isn’t such a big house, just three rooms. I have my own room, but mom and Suzy sleep in one room. Well one day I got up in the middle of the night to get myself some milk. I was coming back from the kitchen when suddenly I noticed there was a little light in the corridor. I came closer and noticed it was coming from mom’s room. I was curious so I tiptoed to the half adjacent door. As I looked in I saw to my utter surprise mom and Suzy lying naked on mom’s bed. I stood there in bewilderment looking at the scene. Suzy had her hand on mom’s pussy and was rubbing it. My dick hardened as my first shock faded away. I tried to get a better look. Moving forward I accidentally touched the door that gave a light squeal. Both mom and my sister heard it and looked up. I saw on my mother’s face that she was totally embarrassed. I felt kind of stupid myself. But Suzy wasn’t embarrassed at all. She smiled at me and said, “Hi Dave, come on join us.”

I didn’t say anything at first and Suzy looked at mom. 
“Don’t you want Dave to join us mommy?”
My mom was still embarrassed. 
“Well if he wants to…”
Suzy looked at me again, “Come on Dave, get inside.”

All this seemed to encourage me so I came into the room. Suzy and mom moved over and I got on the bed. Only then I got a chance too look them over closely. They both had big breasts. Suzy had a nice shaved pussy; mom’s was a bit hairy. My sister looked at my pants. My dick was bulging from beneath.
“Oh mommy, look what a big one Dave’s got!” she exclaimed pulling my pants down. My mom looked at my dick; her embarrassment seemed to be passing away. Suzy was all excited. She moved between my feet and before I knew it she was sucking on my dick. I felt the soft warmness of her mouth around it. I fell back and caught my mom’s eyes. I smiled at her and she smiled back. Suddenly she got up and moved towards me. She put her legs on both sides of me, resting her ass on my belly. I wrapped my hands around her and she leaned over me, burying my face in her breasts. I kept kissing them, slowly pulling her up. I went on kissing her belly, moving down until I felt her pussy hair touch my chin. At last I felt the softness of her pussy. For a moment my nose penetrated it. Then I found myself licking at it wildly.

Suzy sucked faster, and I felt my orgasm near. Mom too was anxious. Her legs and pussy were all wet. My hands moved down her back to touch her ass. My fingers found her asshole and I shoved one finger into it. For a moment Suzy wild, mom was shaking madly. For a moment I didn’t feel anything. I closed my eyes, and then I let the load. 

My legs were still contracting. I felt my face was wet. I realized mom had cummed. For a moment everyone lay panting. I looked down at Suzy. Her mouth was full of my cum. Mom looked at me with a joyful face. After a little pause Suzy moved over to me. Her mouth, still full of cum, touched my chest. She licked and kissed my body, deliberately letting her breast touch my dick.
I was feeling weary and mom saw it.
“Come on Suzy, let Dave have a rest.”
Suzy got off me and moved to mom, positioning her pussy over mom’s head. Mom started sucking on it. I was looking at them when Suzy turned her head towards me and said, “Come on Dave don’t lie there like that.”
I got up and put my feet on both sides of mom. I looked down. Her fingers were touching her pussy, rubbing it slowly. She didn’t see me as her face was buried in Suzy’s pussy. For a moment I felt bad about fucking her. I hesitated, then I touched her hand with my dick. Suddenly she grabbed it and pulled it to her pussy. I didn’t resist, and plunged it in. I felt the softness of her pussy. I pushed again. Mom raised one leg and pulled it up in front of me.
Suzy looked back and seeing me fucking mom she turned around. With her pussy still on mom’s face she began playing with my dick as I fucked. I got my hands under her breasts. I found her tits and began squeezing them. Soon enough the three of us reached an orgasm.

I woke up next morning to find mom and Suzy asleep beside me. Suzy’s head rested on my leg, close to my dick. I tried to make a move without disturbing her but she woke up. She looked up at me and smiled.
“How was the night?” she asked in a low voice.
“You know, you didn’t actually fuck me.”

I didn’t say anything. Slowly she moved up, positioning herself over me. I felt my dick harden. She took it into her hand and held it up. In a moment I felt her soft young pussy with the tip of my dick. She took her hand away and let her ass move down. Slowly my dick penetrated her. She moved faster and faster, leaning forward to touch me with her breasts. I grabbed her ass with my hands; she curled hers around my neck.
We were making quite some noise and mom woke up. She was a bit confused at first, but then she saw Suzy on top of me and smiled.
I felt I was going to cum. Suzy was fucking wildly. I fingered her ass, touching and rubbing her asshole. At last I cummed. Suzy got off, rubbing her pussy.

I looked at mom. She smiled at me, and suddenly said, “Do you want to assfuck me?” 
“Yeah,” I said excitedly.
Mom lay down on her belly, putting a pillow under her. I moved closer and touched her asshole with my dick. Suzy smiled and said, “Fuck her Dave!”
I pushed at her ass. It was difficult but I got through. I went on ramming into her with force. Mom couldn’t help moaning of pain, and Suzy kept crying, “Fuck her Dave, you’re doing great.”
I fucked as long as I could. My dick was already weary from fucking Suzy. I pulled out and let myself fall back on the bed. Suzy got on mom and they started over again.

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