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Sister Made Me Cum

(Part 1 from 1)

I met her at a company party. She was standing alone by a window at the far end of the room. She had dark red hair, green eyes, long legs and the most incredible tits I had ever seen. I figured what the heck, if she’s not alone, she’ll tell me where to get off.

“Hi, my name is Greg. I noticed you were standing here alone and I felt badly that you weren’t talking to anyone.”
“Hi Greg, I’m Kristin and I’m new to the company, I only began two weeks ago.”

When I asked her where she worked before, she was non-committal, telling me she had worked in various locations and at different jobs. I just accepted that. I spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing with her. It was one of those rare acquaintances that actually turned into a friendship. It started the following weekend when I took Kristin to dinner at one of my favorite places. I picked her up about seven and we arrived at the place about 7:30 for our 8:00 o’clock reservation. We sat in the lounge and sipped a glass of wine. The whole dinner was very romantic and the ambiance of the place struck just the right chord with Kristin. As we were leaving, it was about 10:30…these romantic dining places have a way of stretching the evening out. We got into the car and Kristin laid her hand on my right thigh. It sort of distracted me and for a minute I couldn’t start the car. When we arrived at her place, she invited me in. I was sort of taken back as this was really only our first date and she really didn’t know me, but I gladly accepted the invite. She lived in a townhouse, very attractively decorated and quite comfortable. She said she was only renting it right now but hoped to save enough to purchase it in the near future. She went into another room and came back with a bottle of wine which she proceeded to open. She poured two glasses and then sat right next to me on the sofa. We sipped the wine for a few moments when she handed me her glass and put her head on my shoulder. I took this to be a sign that she wanted to “Cuddle” a little, so I put my glass down on the table and put my right arm around her. She snuggled closer to me and looked up at me as if inviting me to kiss her. I moved my lips closer to hers and she didn’t move. I thought maybe I had misinterpreted her desires and moved back a bit.

“Greg, what’s wrong?”
“Well, nothing Kristin, it’s just that I think I misinterpreted what you wanted….I thought you wanted me to kiss you and…well….when you didn’t move I thought maybe I guessed wrong…I certainly don’t want to offend you.”

“Oh, no, you thought correctly, I do want you to kiss me, it’s just that, well…”
“What Kristin, what’s the matter?”
“It’s just that I don’t have much experience at this romance thing.”

Now, thought, maybe I was really thinking incorrectly, but by my estimate, Kristin was about 37 or 38, maybe a little older. I mean, I wasn’t going to ask, but the notion of a beautiful woman like this having no experience, kind of blew my mind. Nevertheless, I pulled her closer to me and kissed her cheek.
“Kristin, just relax,” I said.

I placed my lips against hers and kissed her softly on the lips. She responded by putting her arms around my neck and pulling her face closer, as if she could move any closer to me. I teased her lips with my tongue and she opened her mouth a little and I eased my tongue in, feeling the warmth and wetness of her mouth. She tasted good…no experience? We kissed for awhile and then she pulled back a little. I could tell she was really perplexed.

“Greg, I think I owe you an explanation.”
“No you don’t Kristin, you don’t owe me anything,” I replied.
“No,” she said “I’m acting foolishly, I really don’t know what to do.”

Kristin then went on to explain that she had been a nun since she was barely 18. Not only had she been a nun for all these years, she was a virgin, that’s right she had never had sex with any man. She had never had any sexual experience. I’ll have to admit, I was flabbergasted at this notion. I had had nuns in school, but that was years ago and I hadn’t given any thought to what they did or didn’t do sexually.

“Well, Kristin,” I said “I have to be honest, I’m really surprised, you’re not pulling my leg, are you?”
She assured me she wasn’t but asked me to kiss her some more. She told me it made her feel warm and that she was very attracted to me. I could see that her nipples were erect, so I sensed she was feeling sexually aroused, at least a bit aroused. I took a chance and began unbuttoning her blouse. When it was completely unbuttoned, I could see her ripe tits pushing to be released from the material.

“Kristin, is it OK if un-hook your bra?”
“Yes.” was all she said as she moved forward so I could unhook the hooks in the back. I hadn’t felt like this since the early days of high school when I had my first experience with Sally King. I continued gently, lifting the bra up so I could touch her tits.

“Greg, I like this feeling and I’m not a total idiot, I do know that if we’re going to have sex we have to get undressed.”
She got up and took my hand and led me to her bedroom. When we were there I eased her blouse off her shoulders and then eased the bra off so that she was completely naked on top. then I unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She removed her pantyhose and was left standing there with green silk bikini briefs and I mean very brief.

I began unbuttoning my shirt and she took up where I started. I let the shirt fall to the floor and she took the initiative of unbuckling my trousers. I put my arms around her and pulled her closer to me, close enough so that her breasts were against my chest. I kissed her softly and began running my fingers up and down her back. I grabbed her ass and lifted her a bit so that her pussy was against my now full erection.

“Greg, can I take your shorts off?”
She put her hands in the waist and began pulling them down. When she saw my erection, which I guess was about 8 inches, maybe a little less, she gasped. I could tell she had never seen an erect penis before. I wondered if she had ever seen a penis in any state. She took it in her hand and stroked it softly. As she was doing this, I eased her panties off of her and she kicked them out of the way. I made her put her arms at her side and I moved so that I could run the head of my penis between her vaginal lips, which I discovered were quite moist. Well, at least there were no problems with physiology.

“Kristin, have you ever had an orgasm?”
“I don’t think so, I was always afraid of committing some sort of sin, they were always after us about keeping pure.”
“Well, before I try to put my penis into your vagina I think I ought to teach you a few things.”

I eased Kristin onto the bed and, as we were facing each other, I began stroking her back, starting at the top and going down to that point right before it melds with her ass. Then I traced my fingers on the outside of her ass crack. I kissed her neck, her shoulders and her arm that was free. I eased her onto her back and kissed the area of her chest right above her breasts. I began stroking the side of her left breast then the front of it. They were beautiful, nicely formed, full and firm. I then stroked around her left nipple, teasing it as I played with it. Then I straddled Kristin and massaged each of her breasts and nipples with the head of my cock. She was simply mesmerized and said nothing. I moved back to her side and took her left nipple into my mouth and then the right one.

“Kristin, is any of this making you feel good?” I asked.
“Oh, yes Greg, don’t stop, please, it feels so good right between my legs.”

“Kristin, you know sometimes we call that area your pussy, sometimes we call it cunt, but it’s all the same. Sometimes men and women, when they’re having sex like to use those other names, just like they call a penis a cock or prick, sometimes other names, but all it does is heighten the experience.”

I began kissing down her belly and over her soft cunt hair which was a really nice reddish color. She had a lot of it and it wasn’t trimmed, but then she had never even had sex. The hair was slightly damp. Her pussy lips were pretty swollen, to the point where they were separated and I could see her smaller pussy lips. I kissed over her slit and then eased the lips apart with my fingers. When I separated her lips there was a torrent of pussy juice that poured out of her opening. I licked it and then ran my tongue the length of the space between her lips. At the top of her vaginal opening I could see she had a clit that was quite aroused and engorged. I teased it with my tongue and her response was sort of spasmodic. I continued doing her clit with my tongue and then I ran my fingers on the insides of her thighs. I moved back up to her pussy and tried to see if her hymen had been broken, which it had. I guess this must have happened when she put a tampon in, but I didn’t know if that would even do it, I doubted it. Anyway, I eased only one finger inside of her and I could hear her breathing more heavily as I explored her inner pussy. I felt inside for her spot and I could feel an area inside her about two inches or so on the roof of her vagina that was swollen so I pushed lightly against it and the response was immediate…she began breathing very heavily so I continued doing this and began kissing and stroking her clit with my tongue. She began to climax violently, arching her back as if to drive her cunt further into my fact. She was screaming my name and telling me to keep “Sucking out her pussy.”

Finally, her arousal began to abate and she turned to face me, putting her arms around my neck and kissing me as she cried softly.
“Greg, if that was an orgasm, I want to have another one, then another and another, I don’t want it to end. Can you do the same thing with your pen..I mean your cock?”

“Yes,” I said “Would you like me to try?”

I eased her on her back and she instinctively spread her legs. I told her to take my organ and guide it into her cunthole. I purposely used the word to get her used to it. She put the tip of it into her hole and then hesitated. I told her it would be easiest if she got it wet. So she eased a little more of it in and then I helped her by pushing my self in. She lifted so I could get my cock past her pubic bone and then I eased the rest of my penis slowly into her very wet, slippery, tight vagina. I couldn’t believe I was actually fucking a former nun. Damn, I think it really turned me on. I pushed forward as far as I could, ramming the hilt of my pole against her clit. We both moved slowly, small thrusts. I wanted to make her climax again. She had this far off look in her eyes as I moved my cock in and out and up against her love organ. I lowered my weight on top of her and lined my legs up on top of hers. I told her to close her legs as I put my legs outside of hers. She felt her legs closing in on my balls. This also drove my pecker deeper into that vaginal well that was so full.

“Greg, I like the feel of your things, testicles, against my legs, does that feel good to you when I squeeze?”
All I could do was groan in pleasure. I kept moving and I could hear her beginning to moan as she neared her second climax. She actually was screaming at me now:

I was nearing orgasm and that about put me over the edge. I lifted myself up on my hands so that I could watch myself going in and out of this virginal pussy. Finally, I could stand it no longer and I released all holds and began shooting my load into sister’s pussy with such great force that I said “God I like fucking your sister!” Kristin stiffened as I continued pulsing my hot cream into her drooling pussy and she began shouting again as I felt her inner muscles tense with more sexual spasming as her third orgasm erupted.

We lay there beside each other, still joined, but spent. I told her I couldn’t believe she had never experienced an orgasm before. She said she couldn’t believe she hadn’t either. I told her that no one would ever believe the fantasy that I had fucked a nun. She corrected me “former nun.” This was the day Sister Made Me Cum.

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