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Sick sex (Horny)

(Part 1 from 2)

Even though Jenny could not say a word, I knew, from the moment
my mother brought her to our home, that she and I would have a
very special friendship. Mother brought Jenny to look after the
house and me and Amber because she worked days and, since our
father died, she didn't want to be alone at night. Jenny was
beautiful, with long, brown hair and big, sparkling brown eyes
that, from the way they first looked at me, conveyed that she
felt something for me.

I was a teenager then. Brimming with adolescent lust for female
attention. I well remember the night that I lay in my bed,
holding my cock in my hand and masturbating. My mind full of
images of girls who were allowing me to have sex with them. But,
at that time, that was all I could manage; sex in my mind and
with my hand. I had not yet had the pleasure of touching actual
feminine flesh. Or even seeing a girl naked, other than my
sister Amber who I had seen in the bathroom a few times.

I was sixteen at that time and Amber was two years younger.
Seeing her little tits and blossoming bush wasn't the thrill I
had expected it to be. I wanted feminine attention badly at that
age. I didn't realize it would come so unexpectantly from Jenny,
a family servant.

As I lay, jacking my cock of its rising excitement and thinking
frantically of deflowering one of the girls at school, I
suddenly felt a presence on the bed and opened my eyes to see
Jenny, sitting by my side and looking down at my raging
erection. I should have been startled and embarrassed and moving
quickly to cover my humiliation and shame. But the way that
Jenny just stared at my cock, with desire in those soft, brown
eyes, conveyed to me that I had nothing to feel shame about and
that something exciting, for both of us, was going to happen.

I took my hand from my cock, letting it stand on its own from
its unabated excitement. Jenny licked her lips and then moved
her face to my loins. I shuddered as her soft tongue made
contact with the head of my shaft. It was so warm and wet and
the feel of her hot breath through my pubic hair almost caused
me to shiver.

Jenny licked the head all over, paying special attention to the
most excited and sensitive portion. She seemed to sense my
rising excitement as she licked and licked and made my cock
dance with sexual fervor. Then, just as I was about to cum, she
took my whole cock into her mouth so that I could feel her
throat surround the head and grip it as her tongue continued to
lap down my shaft and send me past the point of endurance. I
placed my hand on the soft, brown hair of her head and let out a
sound between a gasp and a yelp as my body went rigidly into
orgasm and the scalding sperm shot from my loins, up through my
cock, and burst out the piss-hole into Jenny's hot throat. Jenny
grunted with desire and seemed to suck out my cumload like a
greedy bitch in heat. My orgasm was all consuming and powerful
and left me panting and weak on the bed. Jenny seemed to smile
at me and, just as quickly as she had come to my room, she got
off of my bed and left.

In my post-orgasm euphoria, I could hear her quiet footsteps
heading for Amber's bedroom. She must be going to check on her,
I thought as I drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

The next morning, when I went down to breakfast and saw Jenny
with mother and Amber, I was happy that she couldn't speak and
tell what had happened. Even though I knew that she would not
divulge our sexual secret, even if she could.

That night, as the four of us watched TV, I could see Jenny
eyeing me from her spot on the couch. I could see her eyes drift
down at my cock, every so often, and I had the feeling that she
couldn't wait for bedtime and a chance to come to my room again.
I wondered, as I said goodnight and walked upstairs, if Jenny
might actually let me fuck her this time. What would her pussy
feel like? I wondered, as I shed all of my clothes and got into bed. I had left the bedroom door open a crack to allow Jenny to enter
without making a sound. It seemed like several hours had passed
as I lay, naked on my back, and thought about what might happen.
I was soon holding myself in my hand and I began my all too
familiar ritual of jacking myself off and thinking about pussy.
Pussy that I craved but had never yet actually experienced.

In the semi-darkness, I could hear the door to Amber's room,
down the hall, open and then the soft sounds of bare feet in the
hallway. I was just about to reach for the sheet and cover
myself when my door opened slightly and she came in. It was
Jenny. She walked straight to my bed, her eyes fixed on me with
a look of desire as she now stood beside me and looked down at
my erect cock for a moment and I stared back at her wondering
what she was going to do.

She then got on my bed, facing away from me and then lowered her
face to the sheet and her chest to the mattress, leaving her ass
high in the air in invitation. I could see her pussy. It looked
excited and wet. I didn't waste a moment. I scampered to my
knees and got behind her, looking down at the side of her face,
partly hidden beneath her brown hair, for a sign that she wanted
me to do what I thought she wanted me to do. I could see her
look back at me, nothing but continued desire in her eyes. I
took hold of my cock and guided it toward her wet-looking slot,
feeling the heat as my large, inflamed cockhead touched the lips
of her feminine opening.

It was heaven. I moved the tip of my cock slowly up and down in
her gash, thrilling to its soft slickness as it lubricated my
dick-head. Would my cock fit inside her? I wondered. Did she
really want me to do this? My question was answered as I felt
Jenny push back at me, forcing her pussy lips to spread and open
for my shaft. I held my breath from the sexual thrill of it as I
felt my penis sinking into her hot, slick depths. Ooh, it felt
so good. Just as I had imagined it would.

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