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Shower Sex

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Hi I'm Amy and I'm going to describe to you my first, hot lesbian experience! It was my best friend Carla's 16th birthday. She had invited me to sleep over her house. Her parents were out of town for the night so we could crank up the volume and go a little crazy! Same as we did for my 16th two months ago! I arrived at the door ready for a great night in. Carla answered the door and she looked incredible! Her long brown hair was shining in the light of the hallway and her big blue eyes shined like stars! She was all made-up and wearing a skimpy little top that exposed a lot of her E breasts. She hugged me and we went up to her room.

As we entered the room I noticed what I always notice every time I enter Carla's bedroom. All of her posters. Carla came out as being a lesbian when she was 13 and she has posters of big breasted women all around her pink walls. Even though I've seen them 1000 times before they still seem a bit of a shock. Anyway, we lay on her bed and watch a chick flick on her TV on her bedroom wall. Then she goes and gets a bottle of Vodka from the kitchen and grins wickedly! We pretty much drink the lot and are very drunk by about midnight. "Hey," Carla says. "I'm gonna take a shower now ok?" I needed one too so I asked if I could join her.

She said it was fine and she gave me a blue bikini to wear. She slipped on her brand new pink designer bikini too and we both went into the shower. It was a double shower so there we plenty of room. We were laughing and joking and washing until I asked her if she could wash my back. "Sure!" she said smiling. So she got the soap and ran it all over my back and then started to rub it in with her hands. "Is it ok if I undo the back of your bikini top? She said. "It'll be a lot easier." I said sure so she undid it and ran her hands all over my back. Then she got to my lower back and to my surprise she put her hands down the back of my bikini bottoms!

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She massaged my ass and ran her finger around my arse crack. I was surprised but didn't stop her. I felt my nipples get hard and I had a strong burning feeling in my pussy. I was turned on! Once she had washed all the soap off I turned back round to face her and she kissed me! I was shocked but it felt so damn good! Her tongue slid in and out of my mouth while the water was still running over us. She started feeling my breasts and remembered that the top was undone. She pulled the bikini top off me exposing my DD tits. She went down and started to lick and suck my nipples. I moaned softly because it felt so good. I undid her bikini top as she took off my bottoms.

She then took off her bottoms so we were both naked in each others arms. She kissed me again more urgently this time making my mega horny! She moved her hand down and started to rub my clit. Slowly at first and then faster and faster so that the friction was killing me! It felt so fucking great! She then slipped her finger inside my vagina whilst still rubbing my clit with her other finger. I could feel and orgasm starting to build up. The harder she rubbed the more I grinded my pussy against her hand. I started to orgasm. "Oh God! Carla! Oh! Oh yes! Oh you fucking slut fuck me! Harder! HARDER! UHHHHHHH!!! OH GOD I'M FUCKING CUMMING! AHHHHHHH!"

Suddenly my vagina released a fuck load of cum all over her hand. She licked it off and swallowed it. "Fuck Amy you taste amazing!" So I smiled at her and said, "You've had a taste of me? Now I want to taste you!" She knew what I was going to do so she lay down and opened her legs as wide as they would go. I knelt by her hairless pussy and began to lick it. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips until I reached her clit. I flicked my tongue over it and began to suck. I sucked it harder and harder whilst smelling the musky smell of her hot cunt. She locked her legs around my neck and started humping my face. I suddenly shoved my tongue up her pussy hole and wriggled it about in there. She began to SCREAM! "OH AMY YOU fucking bitch! FUCK ME! OH GOD FUCK ME NOW YOU skank! I NEED YOU! OH FUCKING HELL THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME! UUHH! UUUUUUHHHHHHH!"

She released all of her hot cum into my mouth and I spat it onto her boobies and rubbed it in. The water from the shower washed it away down the plug and I kissed her pussy making her shudder. She stood up and grinned wickedly. "Stay here," She said. "I've got a present for you!" She got out of the shower and came back two seconds later wearing a 8" strap-on cock! I laughed and she lay down in the soaking wet shower with her cunt/cock underneath the shower head. I straddled her cock and slowly sat on it. I wriggled around trying to get comfy. The water from the shower was now on my head. I started to bounce up and down.

After 5 minutes I was bouncing up and down so hard and fast I reached the G-spot! I was sent into immediate orgasm! I screamed and screamed and rode her as fast as I could until I came all over the rubber cock. I went down and sucked it swallowing my own cum. Carla removed the strap-on and we both lay under the cool water kissing and stroking each others bodies. And it's fair to say that that was the best shower I've ever had!

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