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Sharing Wife for the First Time

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My name is Dave, I'm 28 and married to Lacey. Lacey is 30 years old. I am 6'0 tall and around 275 pounds with blonde hair, a beard, hairy chest, and thick 7 inch cock. Lacey is 5'1, with dark blonde shoulder length hair, green eyes, great 40 DD tits, thick thighs and ass, and a hot shaved pussy.

We've been married for 6 years and have a great sex life. We've experimented with a variety of erotic movies, various vibrators, role play, sex books, and fantasies. I've always wanted to share Lacey and have slipped that into fantasies over the years. She has always seemed somewhat interested and tends to like role play that involves her being a dirty slut, she loves it when I call her a slut and talk about how much she loves fucking different men.

One night we were in a hotel on vacation. We were at the pool area and I was in the main pool while Lacey was in the hot tub. She wears fairly conservative one piece suits, but since she has amazing tits, she ends up showing quite a bit of cleavage. I noticed several men looking at her and even heard a few talking about her while we were there. One man kept chatting her up in the hot tub and was clearly trying to get with her. She never thinks that other men look at her that way of course and was clueless to it.

After a while Lacey saw me head for the door and followed. When we got back to our room I told her that the guy in the tub with her wanted her bad. She blushed and said there was no way. I asked her what she thought of him and she didn't like, she said she found him very attractive and got a little turned on talking with him and looking at him. I teased her about the idea of wanting to have sex with him. By this time I was very horny and could tell that she was too. I told her to put on something sexy while I stepped out to get some ice (she likes ice on her nipples and clit when we have sex).

I walked down the hall and saw the man from the hot tub. I introduced myself and explained that my wife Lacey was the woman in the tub with him. I learned that his name is Tony and he was at the hotel alone, in town to visit family. He was probably about 35, around 6'2 and around 250, muscular build, hairy chest, dark hair and eyes. I hinted that Lacey had found him attractive and found subtle ways to ask what he thought of her.

He realized that it was okay to be honest and admitted that he thought she was very sexy and didn't realize that she was married. I asked pretty bluntly if he was into wild stuff. He asked what I meant and I asked him if he'd like to surprise her by coming back to our room with me. He didn't hesitate much and followed me back. I said that I wasn't exactly sure how she'd react and it might not work out, but I didn't expect much of an issue.

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We got back in the room and I told him to have a seat on the couch. I went to bathroom where Lacey was getting out of the shower. I asked her if she would like a little more time with the man from the hot tub. She blushed and was clearly turned on at the thought. I said that he was on the couch. She smacked me and called me a liar, I said "okay, if you say so".

Lacey walked out of the bathroom wearing a thong and white tank top. She didn't notice Tony right away as she hung her towel over a chair. She began walking toward me and then stopped cold when she saw Tony. I told her to come over and sit down. She nervously sat between us, right against me with a little space between herself and Tony.

I had the tv on and without saying anything put my arm around her and ordered a ppv dirty movie. Lacey was breathing hard and blushing as the first couple came on the screen. I had my left arm around her while I used my right hand to rub up and down her thighs. I was leaning in a way that slowly pushed her toward Tony. I leaned over and kissed her soft at first, and then heavy. I stopped and stood up, pulling Lacey toward me.

I continued kissing her, pushing my tongue into her mouth over and over again while running my hands up and down her body. Tony stood up behind her, as he came closer I turned her around so she was facing him. I gently held her arms at her sides and kissed her neck while Tony put his mouth to hers. She melted into him and kissed him back with passion. I let go of her arms and she began running her hands up and down his chest.

His hands found her ass while my hands went up her tank top and started playing with her big tits. She was clearly going crazy so I pulled the top over her head showing her big breasts to Tony. He immediately starting squeezing them and biting her neck. I got undressed and stood behind her with my rock hard dick pressed against her. She pulled Tony's shorts down slowly and pushed him back onto the couch. She slowly dropped to her knees and took his very hard 8 inch cock in her mouth. I pulled her thong down from behind and slid my hard dick into her dripping wet slit. Lacey kept sucking Tony's big cock while I stretched her out from behind. I spanked her hot ass while we kept going.

After going like this for a while Lacey had to cum. She came very hard and had to stop sucking Tony as she moaned. Lacey went to the bed and spread her legs. Tony got between them and pushed his thick cock into her pussy for the first time. I sat on the bed next to them and watched him pump his cock into her and squeeze and pinch her big titties.

She was loving a stranger's cock in her and after a bit turned onto her side. We got positioned so that my dick was in her mouth while Tony fucked her on her side with one of her legs on the bed and the other in the air. He said he was getting close and she stopped sucking just long enough to tell him to give her his hot cum. Tony exploded in her hot pussy, squeezing her ass hard as he did. Lacey went crazy for it and sucked my dick faster and harder as he came. She began moaning as she started to cum again. It was all I could take and I started shooting my cum in her sexy mouth.

We all collapsed on the bed for a little while and then Tony got up and said goodbye. As soon as he left I started rubbing Lacey all over telling her how how it was watching her fuck another guy. She climbed on top of me and started riding my dick, her pussy still dripping Tony's cum. I kept telling her what a dirty slut she is and we both came quickly. It was a very good vacation!

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