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Sex with my Hot Teacher

(Part 1 from 1)


My name is John. I am 20 years old. and go to university. there was a teacher who name was Ms Hart Hill. we used to call her "Hill" for fun, and she didn't mind. She was our Science Teacher by the way. she had nice body.. nice pussy and nice tits. we were sitting doing experiments when I went near her and is touched my dick with her ass. oh, it felt so good and it was so warm. and she liked it she didn't move she stood there until I moved.

when our class was over she said "John, i want to have a word with you". I was shocked I kept asking myself questions "Is she gonna kick me out?". but she came and she said "i know what you did earlier, and I know you always look at my tits". and i am so embraced and I said "umm, i don't". she said "Yes, You do, Admit it". and I said "Yes". then she came near me and gave me a kiss on my lips. oh man, I felt so horny, i touched her Breasts.. they were so fucking good. she said "Stop now, before we both get in trouble". "here is my Number call me later",she said.

I couldn't wait to call her. so I called her at night. she said she was thinking about me if I could come to her house. she gave me her address and I couldn't wait. I told my parents I am going out with my friends. and my parents didn't mind. I went to her house. she opened the door and there she is wearing bra and panties. she said "Come in". i went in the room was filled with candles. she asked me to sit down on the Leather Soda.

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After that she came to me and asked me "Do you Masturbate". and I said "Do You?". she said "Yes, I do it twice a week, thinking about you". I said "Yes, I do and always think about you". I was so horny. my Cock was so hard now. she could see my cock. she came and sat near me. and said "Do you mind if I touch it". before I could say anything, I grabbed her and gave her french kiss. kissing her on her neck. I took of her bra and start sucking her nipples. I was in heavens.

she asked me to take my pants off. I did and then she start sucking my cock. the shaft and then my balls. it felt so fucking good. then we got into 69 position. She cummed on my face. and is Cummed in her mouth. after that we both start kissing. and then she bought some oil. she rubbed it on my cock and asked me to fuck her. it turned out she was virgin.

I start fucking her so hard. she started screaming and kept saying "oh yh, oh GOD, fuck me harder, HARDER, COME ON". and i was there enjoying every moment. she started shouting more louder and started saying "FUCK MY PUSSY, COME ON GIMME MORE.. cum in my pussy PLEASE!!, MORE MORE HARDER COME ON OH YH SO FUCKING GOOD". I couldn't hold it any more and bang. I felt dizzy all my cum in her hot pussy, dripping from her pussy and my cock, and we felt a sleep in each other arm.

The Next day when we woke up, she gave me a kiss and said "Come back later, I have another surprise for you". and I said "I can't wait". so I went straight home. my parents asked me where I was all night. I said I went to my friend house and I slept there. they said "OK".

man, that was the best experience of my life. I cant wait to go back to her.

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