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Sex with chinese teacher

(Part 1 from 1)

Ms Chua is a chinese teacher in a top girls school in singapore. she was my subordinate when i was the head of department.

I have taken good care of her, mentored her, develop her potentials. she became closer to me. we worked closely in some projects.

She is a pretty n highly pleasant lady. after i resigned, we continue to keep in touch regularly.

One day, she dated me out for dinner. to my surprise, she lamented her marriage problems with her hubbie. he was only interested in travelling and she was just left alone at home all the time.

She cried as she poured more sorrows. her hubbie even became disinterested in sex. to my horrow, i learnt that this was her 2nd failed marriage.

After a while, we went off, i sent her back to her rented apartment. inside, she cried, and leaned on my shoulder. she hugged me hard and i could feel her warmth.

I caressed her back to calm her. she was just emotional. suddenly, she attempted to remove my shirt, pants. i realised that she was desperate. i allowed her to strip me naked while i removed her blouse n bra gently.

In her nakedness, she has shapely breasts and beautiful body. she kissed me passionately. without talking, she removed her own panties. i licked her breasts, sucked her nipples, causing soft moans. she rubbed her legs and i know she was inviting me to fuck her. i spread her legs but deliberately didnt want to fuck her. i continue to lick n suck both breasts, she becomes very very aroused. she motioned me to fuck her. she was so desperate that she even whispered "please". i gently placed my penis at the entrance of her love hole, it was v lubricated. my cock entred smoothly, and the fuck was gently. soon, i hasten the pace, she was screaming in full delight.

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Her palm cupped my balls, making my cock harder, and i started to pump her hard. she had zero resistance n didnt care about asking me to use condom. i decided to go all the way. i licked her breasts sexually, she was practically fucking my cock on her own.

I pulled out, and motioned her to go down. very willing, she commenced an excellent blowjob. she was seasoned and experienced. she sucks so well that my cock hardened n grown enormously in size.
it felt like in heaven. she would lick my balls at the right spot, right time, with right momentum. it was great !!! then, she will licked the shaft sideways, i could feel the sperm being "moved" up. then, she would teased the lips of my penis with her sharp tip of her tongue. i was enduring hard, in order to enjoy more of her great tongues.

Finally, i told her i am cumming soon. she just nodded her head, giving me permission to shoot. i then put my super hard cock into her vagina, which was still wet n easily accessible. i fucked n pumped hard n fast.

Very quickly, i shot streams of stickly sperm which overflowed. as i pulled out, some sticky sperm messed her vagina entrance n hairs. the sight was sexually stimulating.

After the sex, she shyly apologised n said she just needed sex.
I assure her the pleasure is mine and i am happy she trusted me and that i am most happy to help a friend. she confessed she cannot hv a marriage without good sex and she has high sex drive - n like gentle n slow sex.

She expressed she will ask for divorce but meantime, she hopes i can continue to visit her weekly.

I was pleasantly delighted to give her sexual favour. we agree to meet every friday nite.

Half an hour later, i daringly told her she is very sexy n certainly deserves good sex. she was pleased n thank me with another blowjob, she is very willing to suck, its really a great joy to hv a sexy teacher tongue working on your cock enthusiastically.

We agree to keep this little secrets.  

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