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Sex with Jason

(Part 1 from 1)

One morning when I got up for work I felt that something different. But I didnt know what.I realized I had been standing out of the apartment, locking the door behind me. I ran down the steps and jumped into my car. 

As I drove to my work place. When I got to my room I looked around for an empty seat spying one I sat down, just as the i came in. I felt that someone was watching me, but couldnt find who it was . But to my surprise I spotted Jason, one of the hottestman in the work place. Everyone knew that vhe was straight. But as I was walking I noticed he looking at me. When he realized I had seen him he looked away. 

I could hardly believe it, he had actually looked at me, no one ever bothered to look at me more then once, I was a nobody, just some unattractive gay man .

"Hey babe, how was your day ?" he said as i walked and he went off at day end he stopped when I didn�t answer.He asked and sat down next to me. I started up the car, and drove home to my apartment. We were good friends.Next thing I was still shocked at what he said about me. I didnt know why but I started to cry, and Jason held me tight against his large chest, and he comforted me.Well thats a good thing isnt it if a beautiful man is attracted to you ?he asked, and we started to laugh. 

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Later that night I was sitting on the couch and the phone rang,
"and jason was talking to me he said , I was wondering if you wanted to get together sometime? anything- unless if you wanted to then I didn�t know what to say I was silentand he said so you want to go see a movie or have dinner ok I said and dropped the phone. 
I heard a car pull into the parking lot outside and looked as I opened the door and there he was, dressed in tight jeans and a shirt.

We both blushed and stepped out. I couldn;t believe how lucky I was. Then went into the theater and sat down. When the lights dimmed I became very aware of his arm and leg resting against mine. I crossed my legs and tried to watch the movie and I felt his legs rub against mine and he kissed me. I felt his tongue in my mouth and rubbing against mymine he pulled me closer to him. I felt his hand in my pants and there wasnt anyone in the nearby rows. I let out a little moan and kissed him harder. Within a few minutes of this I was about to cum and he stopped. 
A few minutes later i slipped my hand down into his jeans and started to rub. He jumped and asked me what I was doing, I smiled at him and I smiled and kissed him as deeply as I could. Then I put my mouth and sucked him for a while and film ended .

We walked to his car and he drove back to my place. I invited him in my room while I went into the bathroom to shower and left door open. As soon as I was finished, I yelled out to him. Could you grab me a towel, I grabbed the towel from him and slowly began to towel off, shutting the bathroom door.He stood up and reached for the door. I walked over wrapping the towel around my naked waist. I didnt bother to get dressed. 

I walked totally smooth,
Jason moaned and grabbed my shoulders, telling me to stop. Then he pulled my mouth to his cock I sucked him off for a few minutes and felt him in my mouth. I worked it with my tongue for a bit, and then He was going crazy and I asked him Are you going to fuck me? 
He just smiled and the pressed cock against his virgin hole. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his chest. I placed a kiss on his right ear and gave him a little lick.He began to fuck. I took it slow it was my first time,but i was able to relax surprisingly fast within ten minutes It was already deep in my hole. Suddenly he grabbed me roughly by my arm and turned me around. I like it rough, but he was too strong for me. I continued struggling hard against the wall.

He spread me and I could feel first him there, I could feel his cock head knocking at my backass. He spit into his hand and lubed it up as he growled and finally rammed his thick, 7-inch tool into my ass. He roughly began pounding my butt. I could feel my cock getting even more hard.I felt totally under his power and I was liking it.

I could feel the head hitting the ass as he continued with a slow rhythm. Then, He slid his cock back into my mouth and began to fuck away like it was another ass. I made a tight seal with my lips.

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