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Sex shop

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I visit an adult novelty shop occasionally that has video preview booths. The booths are small, about 3' by 4', and dark (until you insert a quarter to turn the TV on). When going into some of the booths there are usually 2 or 3 men standing outside of them, probably waiting for someone, like me, to go into one. Each side wall of the booth has a hole in it that's about 4" diameter. After shutting the door and throwing the bolt to lock it (which never works), and inserting a few quarters, I would notice a man enter a booth on one side of me, sometimes both sides.

They would get their TV on, then look through the hole to watch me. They would always turn their preview on a channel that was showing a gay porno. They would then put their finger on the bottom of the hole, rubbing it, then motioning for me to come closer. Then they would say "let me see it". I would then pull my pants down revealing my hardened penis to them, my heart would begin to race. They would then tell me that they wanted to play with it, so I would move to the hole, allowing my hard penis to go through the hole. The first time I was terribly nervous, but then he started sucking on it, rubbing it, stroking it. I would then get very excited and have to pull away. Most of the time I would then sit on the small seat in the booth and stroke myself until I was satisfyed, until one time.

I went into a booth that was between two others that had a person in each one. Both were men, and both had their pants down, their hard penis showing. Before I could even sit down, they both requested my penis through the hole. I went for one, then the other would be grabbing my butt (the holes are large enough for a hand to fit through). The other one would say "I want some" so I would pull away from the first one and go to the other one. They were fighting over me. They both wanted to suck me off. I would let one then the other one. I finally was ready to cum, so I sat down and jerked off, my spew going everywhere. Both guys were moaning as I stroked and came. They wanted more so I told them both the suck each other, then I left.

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Another time I went there a guy sucked me for a while then asked to come into my booth. I let him. He came in, grabbed my cock and started stroking. He said "I want you to fuck me", then he kissed me and rubbed my cock some more. I love pinching my nipples and was doing so when he went down on me and began sucking me like I'd never been sucked before. Then the door opened and a guy said "you like that", I said yes, then he shut the door. I thought I was in big trouble when the door opened, but I guess he just wanted a peek. I told the guy sucking me he had better stop or I was going to cum, he stopped shortly and told me to cum in his mouth. He moved his head faster and faster, pumping my cock deep into his throat. When I came I thought I was going to shoot through him. My legs started shaking and I almost fell over.

This other time, the last time I visited this place, knowing I was going to get off one way or another, this guy in the next booth stopped sucking me, came into my booth and we started french kissing, hard too. It was almost the best kiss I've ever had. We stroked each other's cocks during the kiss, which lasted quite some time. He then asked me to meet him in the bathroom of the place and he would give me his number. I waited a minute or so after he left my booth and met him, just as he'd requested. While in there he told me that he wanted me to follow him to a motel because he wanted my cock inside his ass. At first I wasn't going to, I'd never done that and was a bit afraid what could happen in a motel. He then said that his wife was there waiting and we could have a threesome. This is what I'd been hoping for. I couldn't resist. He gave me his cell number in case I got lost on the way and we left. I followed him across town to this motel. It was not as seedy as I had expected. We parked and I followed him into a room. There was his wife, naked, tied up on the bed and blindfolded. On the desk at the end of the bed was a pile full of toys. Large dildos, small ones, double-sided ones, vibrators, cock rings, nipple and clit clamps, a few video tapes and a couple of bottles of lube.

 There were candles lit all around the room and the lights were off. There his very sexy wife lay, spread open, ready for some fun. He walked into the bathroom and very shortly thereafter came back out, naked, a cock ring on his large cock causing it to point straight out. He walked over to me, sat me on the bed next to her. She was about 24 years old, brunette, lightly tanned, probably about a size 3 and had the most beautiful breasts, which were about a D cup. As I stared at her, he told me to play with her, just as if she were a doll. She couldn't do anything but lie there and take it. I stood, quickly took off my clothes and got back on the bed. My 7-1/2", 6 -1/2" circumference cock hard as a rock. I reached for and grabbed a pair of nipple clamps, attaching one to her right nipple, the other to mine. I began rubbing and carressing her hard nipples, pinching them slightly. I couldn't wait, so I began sucking on them, biting them with my teeth. Not soon after, he climbed onto the bed and began stroking my cock. He asked me to lie so that my mouth could suck his wife's puss, but keep my cock in an area so he could suck me. I did as he asked and began by thrusting my tongue into his wife's hole, then lapping up her juices like a dog. She began thrusting and moaning. I grabbed her pussy lips with my mouth and rubbed them between mine. Meanwhile, her hubby was stroking and sucking me. I looked up and he was stroking himself, best he could in that position. This was feeling good, to all of us it seemed. I continued sucking her, lapping up the small amounts of cum that flowed out after she would scream. After a few orgasims, she lay limp. He stopped sucking me and told me that I should fuck her. I could see her breathing and twitching. He removed her blindfold, she looked at me and smiled. I then knew I had to fuck her. I got up from my position and quickly mounted her. I started slow at first, her pussy was tight. She told me to go deeper and faster so I did. I could feel the head of my cock hitting her inside hard with each thrust. Her breasts were bobbing back and forth, her husband stopping them by grabbing them and pinching her nipples until she screamed. I thrust harder and harder until I felt her massive cum around my hard swolen cock.

I slowed the thrusts until I could stop, then I pulled out, her cum flowing onto the sheet. After a minute or two, she opened her eyes and said "that was very exciting, let's do that again", but her husband said "no, now it's my turn. I want him to fuck me". He untied her and she slid aside. He laid on his back, his legs in the air, his ass baring. "fuck me" he said. I found a condom on the table, slid it on, and his wife pulled some of her cum from her still dripping hole and slathered it on me. I went over to him, carefully slid inside his tight hole and began thrusting. I liked this, it was tighter than I had ever known. He was thrusting and stroking his cock. I kept fucking, harder and harder. His wife watching at first, then strattling his face, her cum dripping on him. I could feel his hole get tighter and I could tell he was ready to cum. I kept fucking harder and harder, then he shot his wad all over himself. I pulled out, took off the condom and watched as his wife lapped up his cum. He was still licking and sucking her. This was almost too much for me, but I wanted more. I picked up a 7" dildo, gold in color, walked over to him and said "I want you to fuck me with this while I fuck your wife again." He moved off the bed and she laid down on her stomach "fuck my ass like you did him" she said. I reached for another condom, slipped it on and used what was left of her juices to lube her ass. I slid inside her easily, like he had fucked her many times before. She took me well, screaming as I fucked her faster and faster. He stood behind me and watched my cock thrusting in and out of his hot wife's ass. "Fuck er man!!" he yelled. He came over and spanked her ass while I continued to fuck her. Her ass turned bright red. I could feel her get a bit tighter, her movements became faster, she almost started humping me instead of the way it should have been. I grabbed her small ass and pushed her back to the bed, my cock flopping out. I ripped off the condom and began stroking it, faster than I could fuck her. My cum shot all over her back, some even in her hair. I had never shot so hard in my life.

After cumming, I almost fell to the bed, but caught myself and just sat there, enjoying the feeling I had at that moment. Cum continued to flow out of my hot throbbing cock. I stroked it some more, milking the rest out. She got up and came over to me, letting my cum drip into her hand, then licking her hand with her tongue. "MMM, that's tasty" she said. She then raised up, threw me back onto my back and shoved her tongue into my mouth. After making out for a short time, she got up and said "that was the best I've had, how bout you hon?". He said "I like the way he fucks my ass, and he seems to really like fucking you. Maybe we should keep em". Ever since then, we meet twice a month at their home. Sometimes they have surprises for me, such as two more women, another man or a whole group of people. We always have loads of fun! Sometimes we go at it all day. I'm glad I went to that adult novelty store. I have to go now so I can jerk off. I won't see them for a week so I have to satisfy myself today, but writing this story has certainly helped in my quest to make my cock hard. I may write another story about my masteurbating experiences.

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