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Sex in town

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi readers this is Rahul from Delhi 25 of age. This is my real story of sex with my neighbor bhabhi who was newly married this incident happen about six months ago when I indulged in sex with her first time. Let me introduce her she is 27 years of age very sexy and her figure is 30-28-32. she is very good looking everyone who see first time feel dirty about her.

Her name is Priya and her husband name is Raj. I and Raj are good friend I use to go his home and very much closer to his family after Rajís marriage his family is went town now in there house only two people are staying Raj and Priya. Raj has to go for office tour for ten to fifteen days or sometime more so that time Priya was alone at home. And Priya is open minded in talking some time she was came for time pass with mom when she feel alone.

One day I saw her after taking a bath in balcony and she was looking very sexy that time for the first time a dirty thoughts come to my mind for her. I am very shocked to see her how sexy see is than my shaft is got erected and for the first time I masturbated and thought of her that time I decided to do sex with her I had started to go her home and talking with her for long time when she was alone and she also likes my company

I got the chance one day the golden day of my life that day her husband was gone for job tour for 20 days and I was very happy now i planned to do sex with her but i was confused whether she was ready or not so I gone to her home she had wear a black saree in which she was looking like fairy and I was fully attracted to her. I started to talk with her and talk for one hour then I have started to talk about their marriage life so she was unhappy in talking so

I got the green signal then I started bold question about their sex life and she started crying and i ask him putting my hand on her eyes what happen then she told me how unhappy she was with sex life then I started to move my hand to her back and took her in my shoulders she did not respond and I got the courage then I started kiss her and she was shocked and told me that this is not right thing I told her that I love her so much and

I wanted to do sex with her and she is also unhappy with her husband. she told me that this is not good if somebody know than they will kill T hen she told me that she also love me but scared then I convinced her that this will be secret between us then she told me that not now come in night so I went home and waiting for night at 9 pm. I gone to her home she was looking great and we sat on sofa talk to each other and then at one point I was bold on talking and my penis was fully erect and it was visible from pant and then the act started she was watching

My penis and I saw her doing this I said u like this she said yes then I started to kiss her she too join and we tested our tongue and we kiss each other for ten minutes very badly then she was took me to her bedroom. And I have started to kiss again and removed her saree she was against me in blouse and petticoat then I have told her remove my cloth and she removed my all cloth only underwear remain then I have removed her blouse and petticoat and laid down on bed and

I started to press her boobs from bra and slowly removed and then took in mouth and my hand was inside her panty and fingered in cunt it was so wet and i have played with her boobs for fifteen min. and then she took my animal outside it is about 7.5 inch and took in mouth and started to suck and continue till twenty minthen she told me to fuck her cunt she was enjoying so much. and I started to enter my animal in her pussy but it was so hard and first

I have entered half it was paining for her she was in pain but enjoying so much then in second stroke I entered all my length and she was moaning ahhhhhhhh and I started my process of fuck and she was moaning in enjoyment and telling that fuck me hard very hard and make me mummy of your child fuck me hard i was about to cum I had in her pussy and she was so happy then I started to lick her pussy it was so tasty and continued for twenty minutes then

I turned to 69 position we had lick each other and enjoyed so much and then I was about t cum again and she had taken all liquid in her mouth and then we rested nude for some time that night we have done sex for four times and we are very happy and we sleep together in each otherís shoulders. In morning we have taken bath together and I fucked her in bathroom and then I went home and we have enjoyed sex for next twenty days until

Raj come and there after we have enjoyed sex whenever we got chance and whenever Raj went to tour we are very happy now this is my story with my love and I want to make woman happy who are not happy after their marriage so please send me feedback about story at madhusudanchaubey at yahoo dot com call me for my service 09009530932 i am raaaza only for female

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