Sex in the video store

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This is the story of my first sexual experience with another female. I was 27 married for six years. We had a great sex life at first. We had sex several times a week. As time went by our sex life diminished in quality and quantity. My husband Dave began spending more time with the guys than me. He went out with the guys and I got to stay home with our daughter Arielle.

One Friday night when Dave was out playing cards with the guys, I put Arielle to sleep and went online. Out of a combination of being bored, horny and curious I went into a chat room labeled F4F. When word got out in the room that was a straight and maybe curious, several of the woman offered to do me a favor and give me my first lesbian experience. They were very aggressive in wanting to do all kinds of things with me to me. I was relieved when none of them lived with 500 miles of me. Several of them of them regaled me with either the story of their first time with a female or what they would do with me if I came to visit them.

I was horny, I was bored as they gave me graphic stories I just couldnít help but unzip my jeans slip my hand down inside my panties and work my hungry pussy. Each additional orgasm came easier, faster, and stronger. I didnít realize how starved I was for sex. How curious I really was about doing it with another female. After three orgasms my panties were soaked. I took off my jeans wiped myself and put the panties in the hamper. I generally did not walk around the house half naked but the computer was my new found sex toy.

I sat down at the computer eager for more. In another chat room I found Karen. She lived and worked in the town next to me. She was different than the others she did not push to meet and have sex. She just wanted to talk to me. We talked about me and my feelings; we talked about my sex life with Dave, how good it was at first. Slowly we came around to how not so good it was now. She told me that her first sex with another female was with someone she met online and then met a bar. They hit it off then went to a motel and made love.

She started to describe the sex when a window pop up on my screen she was try to establish a video link. Without really think I click to help her. And wham we were looking at each other. She was very pretty. She had a white T shirt on. Definitely no bra her nips were dark and poking thru the shirt. It was very sexy I could feel my nips swelling. She told me she was just wearing the T shirt and panties. She stood up to show me her light blue panties and then sat down. I thought she was sexy and brave for showing a stranger that much. As I looked at her panties I felt my nips swelling even more. She asked me what I had on. I said T shirt, bra. She asked if I had panties on I said no. She smiled asked if she could see, if I would stand up for her. I nervously laughed said no. She asked if I would at least take off my bra. I hesitated she pointed out that I could do it without taking my T shirt off. Somehow I felt that being she was braless it was the least I could do and I took it off for her. I sat there staring at her nips and I knew that mine showed almost as much. She began to asking me if I liked having my nips played with, pulled twisted, pinched. As she kept asking about what I like sexually I felt myself getting so aroused. My left hand drifted down between my legs and I started to finger myself.

When i did it Karen could see where my hand was. She told that she too was masturbating. Knowing she was doing it too made me feel ok with doing it and her knowing. I watched her as she talked to me. I could see her large dark nips she told me that she was 36DD her hand was down between her legs. I felt almost obligated to tell her that I was 34D. She very graphically described the sex between her and her first female. It sounded so good I just could not stop working my pussy. It slowly built up to a fabulous orgasm in which I squirted all over. I was so consume with lust. Karen stood up showed me her light blue panties were now dark blue from the crotch up to her waist band.

She asked if she could see how wet I was. Without thinking I stood up showed her my wet pussy. When she commented on how wet and pretty my pussy was I quickly sat back. I was embarrassed about standing up showing my wet pussy to a stranger. But I was so consume with lust I just did it. I thought of signing off, but Karen started talking to me. Saying what a pretty pussy I had. How sexy it looked all wet. That it was ok for us to do this online. To share, to be so intimate with her online was safe. It was just us no one to see no one to know. We said good night and I took a quick shower before Dave came home.

Even after four orgasms I would gladly have fucked Dave but when he got home he reeked of beer and just wanted to sleep. A few nights during the next week when Dave was not home or too busy to notice, I went online hoping Karen would be there but she wasnít. Thanks to what had become the usual lack of sex from Dave I was so horny. I looked for Karen hoping for another hour or so online looking, talking touching.

Friday night rolled around again and Dave was off to the card game. I got online as soon as he left hoped Karenís screen name would appear. There it was Videobipuss. We started talking I was so excited to see her. I just had on T shirt and panties the way she was dressed the first time. We quickly set up the video link. She was wearing a white T shirt her nips looks so hot. I felt mine swell just from looking at her. She showed me her panties I showed her mine. It felt so natural now.

She told me that if I she was with me that she would put her arms around me and kiss me. She would start to feel me up thru the T shirt and work my nips till they were rock hard. She told me to close my eyes and to play with my nips pretend it was her and I did it and it felt so good. I pulled and twisted and pinch my nips pretending it was her till they felt that like they would explode right off my boobs. She told me she would push up my T shirt she said that she would begin sucking on my boobs she told me to push it up and I did. I worked my nips more as she told me how beautiful my 34díS were. I felt so good it was easy with her. I did not mind her seeing my boobs watching me play with them.

She continued to tell that as she sucked on my nips she slipped her hand down into my panties and work my pussy. She told me how she would finger me and pinch and pull at my clit. She told me to reach down in my panties and to do those things to my pussy; to work that clit the way she described and I did. It felt so good my pussy exploded I squirt like crazy. When my orgasm subsided she asks to see my wet pussy I stood up pull my panties down and off and showed her. I was so at easy with her. Then she pulled up her top up to show me her 36DD. She asked me to verbally make love to her the way she had done to me. I didn't hesitate to tell her about my leaning forward and kissing her my playing with her great big brown nips. Twisting them pulling them. It was so vivid I could almost feel them between my fingertips. They are huge and that then I would suck and suck on them. Take each one deep in my mouth suck hard and running my tongue around the nip. I told her that I would slip my hand down into her panties and finger her wet pussy and pull and twist her clit like she did mind. As I talked to her on the mike I watched her play with her boobs and then she tilted the screen of her lap top so I would watch her work her pussy. That was so hot my hand was down between my legs in seconds working my pussy too. We both came big time. I shook and squirmed in my chair as my pussy gushed.

Then Karen told me how much she enjoyed it with me asking me if I wanted to meet her one day at the video store where she worked at. That I could come early before it opened so we could talk, get to know each other. I was still so consumed with lust I just blurt out sure and agreed to meet there two days later at 8am at the video store. We both signed off I took a shower before Dave came home. I thought about meeting her, just to talk, just getting to know each other not really starting anything. When Dave came home he was not as drunk as usually and the long T shirt I was wearing turned him on. As we kissed I got him pants down and tried to give him a really great bj but the alcohol won I sucked and sucked on it but couldn't get it really hard. I gave up we went to sleep.

When that morning came I was uncertain as to what to wear to our meeting. Should I keep it simple and casual and just wear jeans, T shirt, lingerie or something more formal or fancy or sexy. I decided on sort of dressy. I wore a white silk blouse that unbuttoned down the back and a white lace bra not to thick and matching panties and a short skirt and thigh highs and heels. I got to the video store at 8am she unlocked the door to let me in and locked it behind me. She was very pretty. Karen was wearing a tight T shirt without a bra, jeans. She gave me a big hug crushing her 36DD up against me, they were so nice and big and round. She told me that she had a great adult movie about two women meeting having a great time exploring each other. I followed her back to the rear area of the store where all the adult moves were. Her ass looked so nice and round like her boobs in the jeans as she walked.
We got back there she reach out and took a movie off the shelf and handed it to me as I looked at the pictures of the two women having sex; she leaned in and kissed me. I was totally taken by surprised I was just planning to talk. But it felt so good, so gentle yet so passionate. She cupped my breasts and started kneading them. It felt so good, I was so excited about what she was doing I could feel my nips swell and so could she. She started flicking her finger back and forth crossed them. When our lips were not locked she was kissing my neck and I could look down at her fingers going across my nips. Seeing how engorged they were pushing thru the bra and blouse. She went back to French kissing me and working one nip with her fingers pinching, pulling making me moan. I felt a wave of warmth and lust flow over me I started to squirm. I was so aroused I didnít feel her start to open the buttons on the back of my blouse till she peeled it off me. I must have looked nervous or scared because she said not to worry, it is ok, you wanted this, enjoy it.

She kissed me hard and reached behind me and quickly unhooked my bra and got it of me and started to work my nips really hard. Pinching pulling twisting. My nips were so swollen so sensitive, it felt like my tits would explode and my nips would fly off. When she had me really worked up her mouth moved down to my boobs she suck the left nip into her mouth suck it so hard. I started to shake. As she sucked it, I watched her. Seeing another female sucking on my tit made me come unglued at the seams. I started shaking, and moaning. She quickly unzipped and unbuttoned the skirt and got it down around my ankles and slid her hand down into my panties and began working my pussy. God it felt so good.

She switched nips and sucked the right one, so hard I thought she was going to suck it right off my tit. She pushed two fingers into my pussy. My body was out of control with lust I started humping her fingers. I moaned, groaned, Karen said, thatís it Paula just let go. This is what you wanted; Fuck my fingers, cum for me. She fingered me harder and harder I humped at her fingers hard as I could. She would not stop working me. I screamed and my pussy exploded. I squirted like I never did before. We stopped kissing, I looked down my panties. They were soaked. She knelt down and said letís get this wet thing off. She tugged my panties down, and I stepped out of them she had me standing there with just the thigh highs and heels on.

She kissed my pussy and licked a little I was still so consumed with lust. I start to grind against her face she sucked at me for just a few minutes and I gushed again screaming her name. She stopped kissing my pussy and stood up. She quickly pulled up her top. Took the strapless bra off that she was wearing.
Oh My God her breasts were huge with such big thick dark brown nips. She offered them to me saying, come Paula you know you want to suck them. I slowly moved closer to her. She reach out moved my face to her nips and I began suck at her. I suck as much of her boobs into my mouth as I could and ran my tongue around her nipple. Then I sucked hard on her nipple like she had milk. I sucked and sucked at her going back and forth from nipple to nipple. As I nursed her she opened her jeans and worked them and her panties down. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees. She told me to help her get them off. I help her out of her jeans and panties.

At first I just stared at her shaved pussy. It was so pretty. She said, Paula you know you want to taste me. Thatís why you came here. You know you want to taste pussy. I went after her pussy like I was crazy for it. I kissed it licked it pressed my tongue deep inside her. As my tongue went into her I could feel her heat taste her sweetness. Her cum tasted so good. I kept licking and sucking at her labia at her clit for more. The more I sucked at her the more cum I got and more cum I wanted, that I had to have. I kept licking and sucking at her wanting every drop of her juice. She held my head and started to hump my face she came in my mouth and on my face. Her cum tasted so good I was so excited about eating her pussy and her cum I was shaking as she came and my own pussy exploded again.

I stayed on my knees for several minutes shaking, slowly calming down. Karen quickly got dressed and then helped me up saying you need to get dressed baby I need to open the store. She help put my bra back on and them my blouse. I was still shaking a little and she put dry pair of her own panties on me and them my skirt. She walked me to the door and unlocked it. We kissed good bye. She whispered in my ear, think of me as feel my panties on you. As I turned and walked slowly to my car I felt her smack my ass. I sat down in my car pulled my skirt up enough to see her panties. I felt so sexy sitting there with her panties on knowing that I had just made love with another female. As I drove home I thought about how much l liked sucking on her big dark brown nips and when she came in my mouth it tasted great and it trigger an orgasm. I knew that I liked it enough that I would want to do it with Karen again and again.

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