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Sex in the bus

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi My name is Karthik (all names changed). I am a 25 year old from Delhi.I am an ardent fan of this site since I started to read the erotic stories 1 year ago.So I thought of sharing an experience of mine also with the readers and this is my first post here.

This happened about 1 year ago when I went to Jaipur by bus. I had reached there by morning and after my work was over,I went to the bus stand to catch my return bus to Delhi which was booked earlier). A bus was parked there with the board to Delhi and I got on it. It was empty with nobody inside. I sat on the seat infront of the back seat and the bus was also not much crowded since it was a long distance and also a working day .I slept a bit and was soon woken up when a girl of about 26 years medium complexioned walked in wearing a salwar.

She sat on the seat right beside me and asked whether I am okay if she sits near me since her seat booked was right beside me.Since she was not uncomfortable sitting beside me ,I told I am absolutely okay with her seating near me. Since it was 6 o clock it was getting dark as it was monsoon time and just about to rain. There were few thunders then and the girl was visibly a bit scared. I made my plans and got very friendly with this girl and came to know that she is from Gurgaon but works in Delhi.

When bus started moving, I sat close to her.It was a small seat that could contain only two passengers. By then the conductor had also come in and then I bought ticket for her also to Bangalore.She resisted a bit,but I told she can repay it back when an opportinity comes.I think she got my message rightaway from her naughty smile. The rains had begun by then, the window curtain had to be pulled down and soon the lights were off and it was pretty dark inside.Soon the bus moved forward and I could feel her body warmth flowing into me as were sitting side by side and so close. Soon I started murmuring sweet things and all in her ear and many times she giggled pinching my hands.Our topic got into the subject of sex and I asked her if she was a virgin. She said she had experienced sex with her uncle. She had enjoyed it so much but somehow didnít get a chance to be fucked by a man of her age or less.

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I moved my right hand on her shoulder drawing her close to me and she obliged by sitting very close to me and our bodies exchanging warmth over the cold outside.Anybody who sees us will think that we were lovers .Fortunately I hadnít worn an underwear that day. I somehow took out the shirt from inside my pants and covered my thighs half way with it.Then my hand went to her left hand and started stroking it to which she responded. Then I looked around and guided it underneath my shirt. I then unzipped my pants and pushed her hands inside. She gave out a long breath and her fingers circled around my already dripping cock. She said softly in my ears that itís very hard and would love to have it. I had then closed my eyes enjoying the sensations flowing into my groin from her fingers. She started stroking it and started caressing my balls also. The bus was not so crowded and nobody was noticing us.

In between we would speak in each otherís ears and once then she said she canít hold it no more and wanted it inside so badly. She took it out and was surprised to see the hardness.I told it has become hard when I saw her entering the bus itself to which she gave a naughty smile .By then she was moaning and started shaking my cock violently. She took out my penis and sucked it from top to bottom so vigorously.She sucked my balls hard .She gave me a nice blow job which I could never forget in my life. I could hold no more and after some time my hot semen spilled out filling her mouth.She drank every drop of it.

Then she asked me to feel her boobs as she spread her shal over her chest I had put my hand over and slipped it inside from below . My hand went into the salwar and through the bra found her breast. As my fingers covered them I found them rising and nipples harden to my touch.She a pair of firm and rounded breasts.Meanwhile I had shifted my right hand to her lap and under the shawl,and unhooked her pants.My fingers were feeling the insides of her thighs . The hand kept creeping up her thighs until I could feel her pulsating wet pussy.It was with great difficulty I could do this leaning forward and I started to rub her pussy over her cloth and started finger fucking like anything.I was squeezing her boobs hard with the other hand .Finally she was rocked with great orgasms and gave out few gasps.She told me she never felt pleasure of this kind before . I also leaned forward and put my tongue to her pussy and she covered my head with her shawl .I bagan to suck and lick it deep.She flooded her juice in my mouth and I drank it fully .It was so delicious like honey.

After that she positioned her side ways and asked me to enter from back since she dont want to miss a hard cock which was up again .She said she had no infections and had her checkups done every month.She placed her one leg in the bottle holder of front set .Since the bus was not over crowded by that time no body noticed us.It was difficult to enter her by that position .But I managed to put my cock in her pussy .It was a tight pussy though she has said she had few encounters earlier.I started stroking her hard and the movements of bus also helped me .After 15 minutes she said she is cumming and I started fucking so hard.

Finally she cummed and I loaded my hot semen in her lovely pussy and she was finding it hard to control her moanings.She then lay her head on my chest and my hand around her protectively and she said thank a lot and she had never ever attained such a wonderful orgasm .And then we slept off until we reached Bangalore.We exchanged our numbers and we had sex several times later which she told she could never forget in life ,that I will share with you later based on your comments .

Any woman readers who is in Delhi or around who are interested in secret sex relationship (age no bar) can sent mails E mail- id karthikroshan85 at gmail dot com.We can also share our experienced and I am open to friendships.

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