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Sex club experiments

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 I was just discovering my sexuality, at eighteen years of age. I First started out with just masterbation. But it was never enough to satisfy my unusual hunger for pleasure. I wanted more,soo much more indeed. So I went on the internet looking for sexual relief of any kind. Found a guy in a chat room who then told me of a sex club he had gone to many years ago,out of curiousity himself. So I decided I was going to go there in hopes of cureing this ache deep inside my almost continuously wet pussy.I went alone, dressed to kill,wearing lace-up leather boots,black nylon's open at the crotch for easy access.A black minnie dress that zipped up the front from top to bottom, a black and red choker,hair in an updo with ringlets on either side of my fair skined face,deep blue eyeliner on my cat like eyes,slut red lipstick with deep chocolate brown lip liner on my ever full pouty lips.

I enterd the club with fear and a yet a very submissive attitude. I was very sure of myself as well cause I had just turned 19, just three days ago. You know how us teens are we think we know everything. Boy was I wrong. I walked in and I was almost instantly soaked from all the wondress things I was seeing. There were men and women in every sexual situation on the planet it seemed. So I walked farther in and looked at every girl and guy and tried to put myself in thier shoes or should I say in thier bodies? Then I saw it it was my dream girl she walking towards me with a look of"oooh I like you"in her eyes.She was just so fucking hot, I thought I would cream all over myself!Our eyes were locked, and before we new it we were in a very sensual lip lock,if you will.She put her hand up my dress and felt I had no panties on and that I was covered to my mid thigh with slippery juices from with in my tight soaked little cunt.

She then stopped a looked down at me(she was a bit taller than I was)and said "my,my dear arent you soaked?" with a sweet,but evil grin and giggle.Then out of no where she slapped me in my face so hard I nearly fell to the ground.I looked at her in shock and I guess a little excitement too. She then told me I was to answer her when she asked me something. I said "yes mam I understand". Then she yelled "no,no my little cunt,you are to call me mommy! I tought that to be a bit strange but I wanted her so baddly to do what ever she wanted to me and my young body.(she was somewhere in her thirties I suspected) After all she had a great sexy body that had the suppleness of a girl of 18 years of age. She then led me to a room that was obviously her favorite and she knew it well. It had leather retraints every where some were mounted to walls in diffrent ways others were attatched to the bed,there was one in particular that I noticed and was very curious about. She saw me looking at it and asked me if i'd like to see how it worked. I was ever so willing and answered herwith my very soft young voice,"yes mommy, I want to try it ever so badly,can we please?mommy"She took me by my hair roughly,and pushed me to my knees infront of her and said lick mommies cunt and ill shall give you what you want so badly.

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I was a little scared but I did as I was told. I had never done this before. As I leaned in towards her crotch she lifted her black latex skirt and the smell from her pussy was so strong. She noticed I was a little scared and not very fond of her smell,so she bent down to me and said"now darling mommy only smells this strong because she had sex with three men about 2 hours agao and never cleaned up"hmmhmmm she laughed" now lick me clean you little bitch or mommy will be forced to take away those privaleges you want ever so badly". I said" yes mommy" as I cried real tears down my cheacks from fear of licking it or doing it wrong. But I was in need of sexual relief so bad I knew she could give me what I needed. Although I had like no idea what that was but some how she seemed to know just what I needed. So I closed my eyes and dove in tounge first and to my suprise I loved it! It had an undiscribable taste that made my mouth water. I licked and licked and sucked on her clit for what seemed like hours but was in reality only about 5 minutes. My tounge was just never put through those kinda tounge excersises before. But I kept on going she moaning so loudly,and her leggs were starting to shake and her stomach was trembling. She all a sudden stopped me before she came on my face and said now honey its your turn. She pulled me by my hair over to the one thing I wanted to try, it was a wooden bench painted red with restraints of some sort I was not too sure how it all worked but I soon found out.

The lights were very dimm,she put mt on my knees on the bench facing the back part of where your back would be if you were to sit on it normaly,then she took one of my hands and buckled it to a wrist restaint that held my hand securely to one end of the bench and did the same to my other hand. then with no warning she slapped my ass with her hand.But no sting accured for my dress was still covering my skin as though was my nylons. Then she laughed and pulled up my dress in the back up to my belly, and with no waring she grabbed my open nylons and tore them so that my whole ass was revealed.Then she strapped my ankles to 2 more restaints I had not even seen.So there I was arms spread apart,my neck rested on the back of the bench,unable to straighten my back,leggs pried apart ankles bound,i couldnt budge! Then she walked away and grabbed a metal bar. I though oh my fucking god what did I get myself into? I must be crazy! Is she gonna put that bar in my ass or my cunt and fuck me with it?I had no clue what to expect from this women who I didnt even know. Then I found out what the bar was for,as she clipped eighther end of the bar to each of my ankles.To ensure my not moving or getting away.

Now she said" I cant go through with anything else unles I have your permission my sweet, so I need your signature on this paper,it states that you give me permission to with you and your body what I wish or see fit.I said how am I suppose to sign it when im restained? She said ill hold it for you to sign on this clip board, your wrist can move enough to sign it. So reluctant but still willing I shocked myself and signed it.It felt like signing my life away.

So after it was signed I was shocked beyond belief whe I heard a mans voice, I was trying to look around but could not see this person and then out of no where I was being fucked slowly in my aching cunt,his hands were on my hips as he pushed his cock in and out of my cunt. His cock felt huge like 10 inches long and like four fingers wide, it hurt at first but then it felt so good I could not back out now I had already signed the paper so I was in thier hands I guess I might as well enjoy it and go with it.I guess mommy wasnt happy with all the pleasure noises coming from my lips as this man fucked my tiny whole,cause she came over to my face and shoved a ball gag in my mouth to silence me.The ball was hot pink with a black strap that fastened around my head and face, it was so big I was forever gagging witcg made my stomach convulse and my cunt tighten around his huge cock.He moaned with his own pleasure from my tightening cunt on his cock.I had tears rolling down my cheaks

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