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Sex Education begins at home - Chapter 2

(Part 1 from 1)
Title: Sex education begins at home – Chapter two Author: Riatman THIS IS A FANTASY, DON’T TRY IT AT HOME-YOU WILL BE ARRESTED After my daughter and I had our first sexual tryst it was weeks before we were able to properly fuck again. During those weeks we could only masturbate each other quietly on the odd occasion, as there was always some one else around. Our relationship had relaxed and even my wife commented on how calm and easier to get along with the young girl had become. Luckily my wife had become extremely horny for some unknown reason and drained the semen from me regularly or I’m sure I would have thrown caution to the wind and mounted her little girl in front of her. The second time I fucked Trish happened on a quiet Saturday afternoon about a month before her 12th Birthday. A girl from her class, Sammy, had come over for the afternoon and night, unexpectedly my wife had to take her elderly mother to the City for medical reasons. We live about 20 mins from a small town on some acreage, which meant she wouldn’t be back until late next day; the boy child was away for the weekend. I was extremely disappointed that I wouldn’t get a chance to seduce my little girl again seeing as she would have her friend staying. I had made the girls and I some lunch and then headed up to the shed to work on the mower. The afternoon was pleasant out in the bush and the few small jobs only took about an hour to complete, I relaxed afterwards with a few pipes of Dacca (home grown of course) and had a rinse off under the garden shower. Feeling very mellow I slowly wandered back to the house. I could hear the two girls muffled voices coming from Trish’s bedroom as I walked onto the back verandah, through the window I could see them both clearly, the sight caused my cock to raise immediately. My daughter was sitting back in an arm chair no panties and her crop top pushed up over the top of here beautiful firm little breasts, her best friend Sammy was between her legs being instructed how top eat pussy. Sammy still had her panties and top on but I could see her hand down the front of her pants and her little arse humping up and down as she licked her friend and masturbated at the same time. “STICK YOUR TONGUE UP MY HOLE SAMMY, FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE PLEEEEEASE I’M NEARLY CUMMING” Trish cried to her little lesbian partner. Her school buddy lifted her arse off the chair and began to really go to work on my daughter. My cock was in my hand and I stroked in time with Trish, images of her from three weeks ago flashing through my mind. I closed my eyes and wanked my cock for a few seconds, when I opened them my little girl was looking straight at me, she smiled through her shuddering orgasm and beckoned me to come to her. I dropped my shorts on the floor and began to walk naked inside, my erection pointing lewdly upwards, I had second thoughts about Sammy’s reaction but then figured both Trish and I would deny anything happened and kept walking to the bedroom. The door wasn’t latched so I quietly opened it and stepped inside. Sammy was lying on her back on the bed, her legs open towards me, Trish had taken her friends panties off and was laying face down on her. My daughter was lying on her friend head to toe and they were busy licking each other’s cunts. “Open your legs wider Sammy I really want to lick you properly” I heard my daughter instruct, suddenly I had a view of Sammy’s slick open hole, a lot hairier than my little girl, covered with blonde curls matching shoulder length blonde hair. Trish slipped a finger inside and pushed hard into Sammy, “O Trishy that hurt stop please” her little friend cried ”SHHH Sammy shhh just relax and it won’t hurt” my daughter paraphrased me from when I had broken her in. “You’re a virgin aren’t you Sammy I can feel your hymen in here” she added Sammy began to sob and cry out as Trish digitally raped her tight cunt, she pushed her own little pussy hard into her friends face and soon Sammy’s muffled sobs became moans and groans of lust as my daughter fingered her hole and clitoris. Trish kept her assault up until she was pushing three of her fingers in and out of the protesting girls hole. The scene was nearly overwhelmed me, something to do with the smoke I just had I suppose, I stroked my erection and approached the two girls straining against each other on the bed, I touched Trish lightly on her head and offered my cock to her to suck. As she reached up for my throbbing erection I pushed a finger into Sammy’s tight wet cunt. Sammy’s eyes were closed so she had no idea yet that I was in the room with them. My pubescent daughters mouth slid up and down my cock, taking the first three inches in, sucking and licking me. She was better at giving head than the last time – practice??- I thought, I started to fuck in and out of her mouth as she swallowed to take me deeper into her throat, I nearly came when I felt the entrance of her gullet tighten around my throbbing knob. She was looking up at me with love filled eyes as I pulled my cock back shaking my head – no I didn’t want to come yet. I could feel Sammy’s cunt begin to contract around my fingers as I penetrated her to her hymen, my daughter’s right I thought she is intact, unlike Trish who’s brother must have torn hers open slightly when he had masturbated her that one time. I eased Trish’s head out of the way and replaced my fingers with the tip of my cock, pushing just slightly into the young girls cunt. Sammy gasped out loud “ WHATS THAT TRISH WHATS GOING INTO MY CUNT O TRISHY DON’T ITS TOO BIG STOP PLEEEEASE STOP” Trish sat up right and pushed her wet pussy down into the girls mouth, at the same time she ripped Sammy’s top up exposing her breasts to me. “ IT’S MY DADDY SAM, HE’S FUCKING YOU. DON’T WORRY HE CAN MAKE YOU COME REAL GOOD SAMMY” Trish told her. Sam arched up in an attempt to dislodge me but had the opposite effect as it caused me to penetrate her deeper. The tightness of her pussy was incredible, her sheath pulsated and undulated around my erection, slowly sucking me further into her, Trish turned so she was facing Sammy and placed her hands behind her new lovers head “ Don’t be silly Sammy” Trish said to her “ You just let my daddy fuck you” “ Go on daddy give it to her she really wants it anyway, her pussy is so wet isn’t it daddy” my little girl said sluttishly I could only nod my head as I pushed my cock further into Sammy’s burning hot cunt, she whimpered and sobbed as she slowly opened to my onslaught, I slipped one hand between us and masturbated her clitoris and the other run up her skinny ribcage and caressed her erect nipples and large breasts. I masturbated Trish as well, running my hand up onto her small breasts and then down into her vagina opening it and sliding two fingers straight into the slippery little hole. With one hand fingering my little girl and the other masturbating her girlfriend I slowly slid my throbbing hard-on deeper into the slim little form under me until I felt the barrier of her virginity. Trish started to moan and undulate her hips against my hand and she forced her pussy down against Sammy’s open mouth “Go on lick my clitty Sammy” she said I pulled my little girl’s cunt open to let her lover find her erect clit and tight fuck tunnel. My daughter tilted her head back and I started to bite her down the side of her neck as she thrust her cunt hard against her class mate’s tongue. I ran my hand up Trish’s tummy on onto her pink tipped breasts, tweaking her nipples and kneading her titties with my cupped hand. She turned her head and offered her lips; I kissed her passionately my tongue probing her mouth as my hand wandered over her chest and down to finger her slippery little fuck tunnel “SAMMY’S LICKING ME DADDY, HER TONGUE IS IN MY CUNT DADDY SHE’S MAKING ME COME, RAPE HER DADDY RAPE HER MAKE HER COME DADDY OYES SAMMY DADDY YES YESSSS I’M REALLY CUMMINGGGGG” Trish’s voice broke into little whimpers as her body went rigid against me and she flooded Sam’s face with her juices. Sammy’s virgin cunt tightened in a velvet grip around the end of my cock as I probed against her hymen She pushed Trish away from her and yelped out loud as I pushed through her hymen and stroked my throbbing hard-on full length into her tight resistance. My cockhead pushed at the base of her cervix and my shaft was gripped all the way to my balls by this 12 year old virgins vaginal sheath. “O GOD NO YOUR DADDY’S FUCKING RIGHT INTO ME TRISHY STOP HIM – DON’T MR JONES DON’T YOUR HURTING ME STOP IT PLEEEEASE” I held her close and none of us breathed for a few seconds as I waited for Sammy to relax around my shaft. She whimpered and struggled under me, making my cock grow larger and larger inside her fuck tunnel I started to rub my pubic bone up and down her clitoris and lowered my head to suck and lick her incredible breasts. Sammy’s body started to fuck back at me as I aroused her more and more, she kept fighting the intense sexual charge going through her body but her body betrayed her. Her cunt started to pulsate and milk my raging erection, slowly her thighs and tummy began to rise and fall against me as she involuntarily began to give in to her animal instincts. Trish lay down beside us and ran her hands over Sammy’s titties, Sammy reached her arms up behind my head and pulled me toward her. I kissed her on her closed eyes and licked down her neck until I found her sweet spot, I vibrated my tongue against her neck and she began to whisper lewdly in my ear “fuck me hard DAVE, FUCK ME DAVE OH GOD MR. JONES YOUR REALLY FUCKING ME. HARDER!!!! HARDER!!! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK FUCK MEEEEE DADDDDYYY FUUUCK MEEEE DADDYYYY” In her mind she was being ravaged by her own father!! Trish’s hands had started to roam all over her lesbian lovers body, she pushed one hand down between our tummies, I arched my back to allow my daughters fingers to find the 12 year old girls clit and begin to masturbate her. The little grade six girl was beside herself with the new feelings coursing through her cunt and tits, her moans became louder and louder until she sounded like a bitch in heat . “HE’S MAKING ME COME TRISH, YOUR RIGHT HE REALLY IS MAKING ME COME O GOD TRISHY FINGER ME HARDER YOUR DADDIES COMING IN ME HES REALLY RAPING ME DON’T STOP IM CUMMMIIG DADDDDDYYYY IM CUMMING NOW daddy fuck me FUCK ME DADDDYYYYYYY” I bit down on my bottom lip to stop myself from unloading in this lolita’s pulsating cunt as she thrashed to her climax. I pulled my spasming rod from the young girl fully erect and rolled my daughter over so I could fuck her from behind, I had been waiting nearly a month to fuck her again and couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled Trish to me: she reached around behind her and pulled her labia apart to let my cock slide straight into her Reaching around her I pulled her arse roughly to me and began to fuck her tight cunt faster and faster, her little friend watched with open mouth as she saw a daddy drilling his young daughter. I could feel the pressure building in my rampant rod as I pounded my little girls pulsating pussy. Trish leaned back exposing her open cunt and her daddies cock sliding in and out, she pulled her school mates head down to our genitals and rubbed her mouth up and down my cock and then up to her clitoris poking out. Soon I felt the now familiar humping from my pubescent daughter as she approached her orgasm “LICK ME SAMMY fuck me daddy LICK ME FUCK ME DADDDYYY SHES MAKING ME CUM DADDY YOUR COCK IS BIG O GOD DADDY RAPE ME HARDER DADDY IM CUMMMIIINNNGG NGG NGGG DADDDYYYY SAMMMYYY FUCK ME RAPE ME” My erection swelled larger and larger in my pubescent daughters tight fuck tunnel, tingles began in the base of my balls and shot up and down my cock. Our violent rutting began to shake the bed as I frantically fucked in and out of my little girl, too soon I felt my balls pull up into my sack and the head of my cock expand to let go the first wad into my daughter “good girl TRISHY YOUR REALLY GONNA MAKE DADDY CUM NOW, GOD TRISHY DADDIES CUMMING INTO YOU I CAN’T HOLD BACK TRISHY TRISHY DADDIES CUMMMING DADDIES REALLY CUMMMIIINNGGG NGG NGGG INTO YOU” I screamed out loud as Sammy sucked my balls and Trish’s cunt milked me harder and harder. Semen erupted from the end of my cock flooding the girl with my incestuous sperm, once, twice I ejaculated into her and then I pulled my cock free and pushed firmly into Sammy’s mouth “SUCK MY COCK YOU LITTLE SLUT SUCK MEE SAMMMYYYY” I was completely overcome with blind animal lust, my little fuck children sobbed and cried out in orgasm as I squirted a load into the school girls mouth and then pulled out and drove my cock back into my daughters still orgasming fuck hole. “YES DADDDY FUCK ME MORE DADDY IM GONNA CUM AGAIN” I kept spurting wads of spunk into my pretty little girl. The semen run out of her and pooled on my thighs. Totally spent I collapsed on the bed between the two schoolgirls. I won’t bore you with the rest of the afternoon as it was completely platonic, my daughter washed all her bedding and put it in the clothes-dryer and we prepared ate a meal. As the girls were having a sleepover I left them to it. Later that night my daughter came to me in my bedroom, “dad” she whispered, “you awake” she appeared beside my bed, outlined in the full moon against the window. “Sure” I said, “can we talk” she slipped under the sheet beside me and cuddled up to my right arm. “That was so excellent today daddy, I think I came three or four times, Sammy sure come a lot didn’t she?”. I thought about the two schoolgirls and their sexual antics that afternoon. “I’m worried that she might talk about it to some one though” I whispered into my daughter’s ear. “ god no she wouldn’t dare, not after her screaming out for HER daddy to give it to her.” Trishy whispered back. “You sure?” “sure am, we talked about it in bed before, she even got wet again just thinking about it, so did I she told me she wants to come over again. We talked about her fucking her daddy some time and then I licked her till she came – that’s how I know daddy” my little girl said smugly I turned toward her and ran my hand up onto her breasts, I kissed her on the lips, and prizing her lips open with my tongue I gently explored her mouth while lifting her pajama top up over her jutting titties. Trish pushed me away and started kissing and sucking my nipples “daddy I didn’t get to suck you off before, so it’s my turn now” she kissed me all the way down my stomach until she started to lick up my erection. She covered my cock with saliva and then started to masturbate me into her mouth. I wasn’t going to last long, especially when an image of Trish’s little lover orgasming came to me, I grabbed my 11 year old daughter by the head and began to fuck in and out of her mouth, I came in big ropey spurts of spunk, filling her mouth and running down over hands and onto my stomach and the sheets. O well more laundry before the wife gets back.
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