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Seducing the Neighbor

(Part 1 from 1)

There’s just something about young guys in cargo shorts that gets me hot. How the shorts seem to cling in the right places is one attribute that sticks out in my mind. I had always known that I was in to guys but never admitted to being gay. Now, in my early thirties I’m making up for lost time. 

I was on vacation in Arizona this summer. Not many people go there in the summer because it is incredibly hot. However you can get some really good deals at swank resorts. I managed to rent a huge time-share for the summer. The place was bigger than my house. It also had the coolest hot tub right inside of the bathroom. Imagine the possibilities. 

One afternoon while lounging on the patio I heard a ruckus coming from the apartment next door. I could tell that it was a group of rowdy guys and that in itself turned me on. What were they doing I wondered. I masturbated just to the thought. Out of nowhere comes a gorgeous twenty-something from inside the house in question and on to the rear balcony. With a beer in one hand and his other on his crotch scratching himself, he stretched as if he had just gotten out of bed. His shirt lifted just enough to where I could see his six-pack and the waistband of his undies. Best of all, the undies were being concealed by khaki cargo shorts that appeared to be too large for his trim body. He obviously worked out as was evident not only in his abs but on his well defined chest and arms. A bold chiseled face completed the package. He was blonde, blue eyes and a tan that signaled this young stud liked to strip down often. I had to get to know him better. 

The next morning I walked outside to get my morning paper when the young stud I had seen the previous day opened his door and stepped outside as well. We both looked at each other and politely said hello. All of a sudden, I became emboldened and asked him if he could help me move some boxes that had been sent to me from work. He hesitated for a minute but then agreed. “I’m Brad” he said in a low voice. “You from around here?” “No. I’m from Texas” I nervously commented. “You’re probably one of only a few tourists here at the hotel” he explained. “Most of us are from the local university. 

Our apartment complex that we were supposed to move in to is not finished yet and they offered to put us up at this place for the time-being”. I was getting more and more turned on by the minute and I did my best to conceal my hardening member. Luckily I was wearing cargo shorts too which helped to camouflage my dick’s growing size. The air conditioner was on but it was curiously getting warmer and warmer in the room. “It’s kind of hot in here, do you mind if I take my shirt off?” He asked. “Not at all” I said in disbelief. What a naïve kid. Was he doing this on purpose? Did he have a plan too? Apparently not, I later decided. He was legitimately hot and felt comfortable enough to take off his shirt in front of another guy. I hadn’t even done anything yet and he was already taking off his clothes in front of me! 

He revealed his hairless, beautifully sculptured chest. All that remained were his shorts and his flip flops. “Where are the boxes you wanted me to move?” He asked. “In the bedroom. Come on back.” This was my big chance. As he walked in I slammed the door behind him. He turned back to see what had happened and at that very moment I grabbed him by the neck and kissed him passionately. He broke off the kiss and tried to punch me. “Get away from me you queer!” He shouted. I would have none of it and kissed him again. We were both about six foot three and of relatively equal builds so I took a chance. With one hand on his neck, my other hand began to roam down his back and eventually reached his ass. He had a hard ass that begged to be fucked hard. My hand slid beneath his shorts and began fondling his crack. 

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Everything about him was perfect: a hard ass, a large cock that was pressing into my leg, and now I was feeling a sense of submission. He was still resisting but nowhere near as much as before. He broke off the kiss and in a tired voice he half-heartedly moaned “I can’t do this. I’ve got a girlfriend. I’m not gay.” I kissed him again, this time my free hand moved from his ass to the front of his shorts where I happily found a huge bulge in just the right place. His moan turned from one of apprehension to one of pleasure. I stopped kissing him for a minute and looked down. A large tent had developed. How large is this guy’s cock I wondered? “Brad I want you” I ordered. “I know you’re curious what it’s like to get fucked by a guy. Don’t worry, no one will ever know.” Worried, he answered “but my friends are right next door and will find out I know.” It was now really hot in the room. Our bodies were covered in sweat and along with that a hot and musty smell filled the room, the kind of smell that accompanies you while having hot sweaty sex. His body was relaxing and was now as turned on as I was. I gently stroked his cock through his shorts, all the while rubbing his chest and stomach. I wanted to see more. 

I dropped to my knees and contemplated the beautiful lower body before me. I buried my head in his crotch, clinching his ass in the process. After rubbing my face in his crotch for a minute, with little effort I tugged on his shorts and they came off. All that was left were his black bikini briefs. I struggled to get his underwear off because he had hardened so much that his cock was acting as a hook of sorts. “You’re amazing” I panted. “You must be some kind of sports jock”. “I play football” he said as he leaned back against a wall. His face now had a slight mischievous grin that signaled to me that it was going to be a fucking session not to be forgotten. 

I had had enough of his briefs and violently yanked them off, freeing his growing cock. It enthusiastically saluted me in grand fashion. It had to be at least eight or nine inches, uncut and simply beautiful. I grabbed Brad’s hand and headed for the hot tub. “Get in” I told him. He got in and lay back in the bubbling water. He was in a trance now and I knew I could do whatever I wanted to him. I climbed in between his legs and slid onto him facing him. “Just sit back and enjoy the ride” I told him. “No girlfriend will ever do what I’m about to do to you.” I kissed him for a minute then slowly slid down his body, kissing his nipples and stomach. As I reached the water line I saw that his cock was almost penetrating out of the water. I took it in my mouth and sucked him as hard as I have ever sucked anyone. It was beautiful. I took him all in and almost gagged from taking in so much water. I didn’t care. I was in heaven and he was too as he now held my head down in the water. He shoved my face all the way down until I was feeling his pubes and ball sack. 

He tensed up and shot a load right into my mouth. “I resurfaced and ordered him to turn around so that his face would be facing the hot tub. I climbed on top of him and aimed my throbbing cock right to his asshole. I cut him some slack since it was his first time being rammed; at least he claimed that it was his first time. As I slowly slid into his virgin glory hole he shrieked as if he were in pain. I quickly learned he was not in pain but in ecstasy. He grabbed the back of my ass and shoved me all the way in. No longer worried I continuously pounded him with deep thrusts, so hard in fact that water was now sloshing out of the hot tub an onto the bathroom floor. After some twenty minutes I was finally at the point of no return and shot what seemed like load after load, after load of cum into his body. 

We lay in the tub for a while. After a few minutes he got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around himself. I was getting turned on once again. It seemed that it didn’t matter if he was stripping down or dressing himself up. He oozed fuck-me appeal. I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached out and yanked the towel off. He turned around to reveal that he was hard once again and without hesitation jumped back into the hot tub. “it’s your turn.” He said. As he stepped in he grabbed me by the arms and positioned me head- down, ass-up in the tub. His body weight was now all on top of me and I had to hold on to the water faucets to keep my head above the water line. 

Suddenly, he grabbed my head and shoved me under the water and sank his cock into my asshole with a fury I had never felt before; all-the-while stroking my cock under water. I thought he would drown me but he thoughtfully remembered to pull my head above water from time to time. I was shooting cum seemingly every few minutes and the passion didn’t let up for at least an hour. I came close to drowning a few times but did nothing to stop the furious fucking taking place. He realized he was getting close and told me to sit up and swallow his cum. I did as I was told and took his cock in my hand. He was on his knees in the tub and as such his cock was just above the water. Without warning he tensed up once again and shot his load on to my face and in to my mouth. 

We both lay there for another hour or so, gently caressing each other’s bodies. “Just tell your friends that you met a hot chick and that you got some action” I suggested. It was only a partial lie. He definitely found his bitch for the summer. And what a summer it was.

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