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Seducing My Sisters Husband

(Part 1 from 1)

"So sis what's up for this weekend?" Tina asks her sister while putting her things into her things into the guest room closet at her older sister holly's house. "Well since your 18 now we could go clubbing and have us a good time to celebrate, I'm so glad to have the weekend off and spend it with you!" Holley says questioningly. "best sister ever right?" tina giggles. "Sure you are." holley chuckles and walks out of the room meeting her husband in the hallway and passionately kissing him while anyone isn't looking. "Oh how about you two get a room" Tina says walking out catching them in the act and rolling her eyes. "aw well we've turned this spot into our room plenty of times if you know what I mean" mark jokingly says winking at Tina. "ewwww" Tina shouts in disgust and walks into the living room and flops onthe couch turning on the tv. "you guys are gross." she says flipping through the channels. "just a typical young married couple" mark says popping some skittles in his mouth from the bag.

"oh shit Tina I'm sorry I can't hang this weekend, John has some really important meetings set up for me this weekend in San diego that I really need to go to." Holley says while walking out of the kitchen hanging up her phone. "well what the heck am I supposed to do I don't think dad plans on coming all the way back over her to get me tonight unless you want to take me home." Tina says giving a face palm "I was looking forward to this weekend." "I know Hun but I have to leave like right now" Holley shouts while to her bedroom to pack her things. "you could just stay here the weekend I'll be back early Sunday I'm hoping."

Tina looks over at mark and sighs. "ok I guess that will be alright." "happens all the time" mark says picking up a sports illustrated. "she never gets a break." he says flipping through the pages. "it won't be that bad you guys I'll be back as soon as I can" Holley says coming out and kisses her husband on the lips for what seems like a long time and goes over and hugs her sister and proceeds to the door. "yea whatevers" Tina says sighing and slouching down on the couch. "bye guys, love you." Holley says shutting the door behind her.

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"well kiddo looks like your stuck with me" mark says laughing. "ugh" Tina grunts and pulls up the front of her tank top which was showing a little cleavage. "I'll definateky be out of your way" she says getting up and pulling up her skin tight jeans and walks down the hall to her bedroom. "I'm going to shower and get out of here and find something better to do." she says while taking off her top where her size 34 c cup tits are exposed and pulls off her jeans and walks across the hall and starts the shower. Mark catches a glimpse of her body that is alot like his wife's but better. "yea yea." he says while looking back into his magazine. "mhmmmmm" Tina faintly hums.

Mark hears Tina step into the shower and decides to get up and see if she needs anything. "hey need a towel or anything?" he says walking down the hall and peeking into the cracked door. "Mmm yea please" she says while letting the water run down her tits and caresses then a bit. Mark grabs a towel and goes into the bathroom and puts it on the sink and catches another glimpse of Tina's tits that are wet from the shower and he suddenly feels his cock grow a little in his pants and puts his hand over it and rubs it little. Tina peeks out the shower amazed at what she sees. "mark!" she screams. "fuck!" mark mumbles and his face turns red.

Tina steps out of the shower exposing her nude body to Mark and saya seductively and bites her lip " im pretty surprised at you" she says while running her finger down marks muscular chest to the zipper on hin jeans. "uh" Mark attempts to explain but tina already has pulled out his big coco and went down on him taking all of into her mouth. He looks down at her in shock and grips on to her head making small moaning sounds. Tina sucks on his cock and tugs on his balls. Mark watches her as she strokes his long hard cock from base to tip and he could feel himself wanting to explode right into her hand. He pulla her up by her hair and bends her over the bathroom sink and lifts her leg and slides his cock into her tight wet pussy. She glandes at him through the mirror and lets out a loud moan and whispers "have your way with me"

 Mark grips on to her ass tight and starts to push his cock in and out of tinas pussy taking long hard strokes. She moans gripping on to the sides of the sink biting her lip and tightens the walls of her vagina around marks cock. He begins fucking her harder, pushing all 8 inches of his cock inside her and reaches in front of her and rubs on her nipples and let's out grunting noises while taking harder strokes. Tina rubs on her clit and feels herself climaxing and looks into marks eyes through the mirror and bites her lip shivering grips the counter tops tight. Mark holds his cock inside her and shoots a load inside her pussy and the both of them look onto each others eyes through the mirror breathing hard and satisfied.

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