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Saturday Night

(Part 1 from 2)

It was here. Saturday night, and all Sandra could do was think about going dancing. She'd go dancing almost every single Friday and Saturday night with here two best friends Lisa and Stacey. Saturday nights at the club were the best. That's when the best looking guys showed up with a lot of money.

Sandra admitted she was a bit money hungry. She was only 19 going to college and living with her uptight parents. She'd mostly only go out with older guys who drove fast cars and had a fat wallet. You could say she was a bit of a snob, but Sandra thought she only deserved the best things money could buy.

She brushed her long brown silky hair pinning it up. She would put on extra makeup on to bring out her big hazel eyes. She'd felt something special would be happening that night. The feeling was so intense that she even went to go buy a sexy short little black dress she'd spotted weeks ago.

The dress was quite short and low cut. She knew she'd make a statement with all the men at the nightclub. She'd have them all eating out the palm of her hand by the end of the night like she always did.

She always knew Lisa and Stacey were jealous of her. They always got stuck with the "losers" while Sandra got all the hot studs. But Sandra loved getting all the attention to herself.

"Sandy, where you going?" She heard her mother ask as she was ready to walk out the door.

"Mom you know it's Saturday night! I always go out dancing!"

Her mother shook her head. "No, I wish for once you'd stay home and help me with your sick father. I get tired honey."

Sandra rolled her eyes. "Oh damnit Mom, he's your husband. It's a wife's duty to take care of her man. Now I'm sorry but I already made plans!"

Her mother looked down at the floor sadly."Sandy you used to be so sweet and kind. What happened to my little girl?"

Sandra sighed. "Your little girl grew up. I'm not going to be naive and sweet. In this world you have to be tough and a bitch to get what you want."

"Goodnight Sandy. I hope you have fun," Her mother responded walking upstairs disappointed in her daughter.

Sandra drove over to Stacey's house where she'd pick up her friends. It was almost eleven that night and she knew the club would be overcrowded by the time they arrived. Sandra's friends looked just as radiant as she did. Lisa had her short black hair decorated with shiny little pins which matched her short dark blue dress. Stacey wore her long blonde hair loose letting it flow everywhere. Her short red dress could kill.

The girls arrived at the night club checking out the whole scene. It was going to 80's night at the club. Sandra made sure they got to sit at the table where they always sat, which had a great view of the entire club. Tonight though the club looked quite like a ghost town. Not that lively of a crowd like it usually had on Saturday nights.

"Whew! Things are looking a bit dead tonight don't ya think?" Stacey said as she tossed her long hair back.

Sandra looked around at the spiritless people. "Ah don't worry I'm sure things will kick off in about half an hour or so."

"Well, Sandy I hope your right," Lisa replied.

"Look let's just order some drinks tonight. You all brought your fake I.d's right?" Sandra began taking her I.D out.

They'd started going to the club since age seventeen but they always carried fake identification. They passed as always knowing the bartenders couldn't care less how old they were. Sandra would always flirt with the bartender and always get her way.

It'd been over an hour and the night club was still lifeless. Sandra looked as she saw only ugly loser guys walking around thinking they were big shit. The girls were getting tired and Lisa looked like she was beginning to fall asleep!

"Lisa! Come on now. Wake up." Sandra cried out to her friend.

"Well, shit this place is boring! Let's just go home. I gotta do some studying anyway." Lisa claimed.

"Study? On a Saturday night? You must be stupid!" Sandra said raising her voice.

Lisa tightened her mouth about to scream back at her friend.

"Sandy, calm down," Stacey interfered.

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"Look you two are bringing me down. You know I'm all about fun and wild times. Now come on let's try to make the best of this." Sandra tried explaining to her friends which she knew was useless.

She'd often think about hanging out with different friends. Friends who would like to party out and not be thinking of stupid school work. She watched as her friends just got quiet drinking their mixed drinks.

An hour and a half later Sandra was getting fed up herself. Not one guy in the entire nightclub had even asked her to dance! That was a huge rarity. Actually it was just flat out rare. She always got asked to dance, even by loser guys.

"Damnit no one is even asking us to dance!" Lisa cried out in frustration.

"Yeah I know. I wish any guy would ask me to dance. Hell I wish the devil himself would ask me!" Sandra complained as her friends laughed at her remark.

The girls sat there watching a small crowd dance as the rest of the people just sat down getting drunk. All of a sudden as Sandra was about to give up, she saw a gorgeous tall gentleman enter the night club. This guy was tall. He had short dark jet black hair and his spellbinding blue eyes were able to be seen even from a far distance.

Sandra felt her heartbeat accelerate. She'd never seen such a sharp looking gentleman. He wore a white button up shirt and black slacks. It looked like a really nice casual outfit, but the young man's incredible looks made that outfit look stunning!

Sandra could see all eyes on the young man as he walked through the small crowd. Many women were gathering all over him flirting with him like crazy! Sandra knew this was her time to get his attention. She took her lipstick out of her tiny purse and began to reapply her dark red lipstick to her pouty lips.

Just as she was about to stand up, she saw the young man standing before her. Her eyes were drawn to him like glue. She couldn't even move. It was as if he'd put some kind of spell on her. His smile was absolutely captivating.

"H-hi there," Sandra said stuttering.

Lisa and Stacey couldn't take their eyes off this man either. They knew their beautiful friend would eventually hit it of with him anyway.

"Hello. Why aren't you dancing out there? You look like you have some good moves." He young man continued to give Sandra that charming smile.

"Well, uh your the first to ask me that. I guess we weren't having such a lucky night." Sandra's eyes were glued to the young man.

"Well, then come and dance with me. There's no point of being here and not being able to dance is there?" He extended his hand to her.

Sandra reached out to touch his hand and felt her whole body shiver with heat. His touch alone was so hypnotic. She obediently followed the young man to the dance floor. The club started playing New Order's "Blue Monday."

Sandra felt like she just blinked for a moment and all of a sudden the whole dance floor was crowded with everyone dancing. Even her friends had found some guys to dance with. This was more like it. It felt a lot more like her usual Saturday nights.

She felt herself getting hotter and hotter as she danced with this young man. He seemed to be such a smooth dancer. She found herself smiling like never before. Her heart was racing with excitement as she was having the time of her life.

Everyone at the club was going crazy on the dance floor. Many of the people were drinking as they danced. It was the most fun Sandra had had in a long time. The music changed to The Smiths "How soon is now."

She found herself slowing down. The young man pulled her close to him as they danced at a slower pace. His hands were running up and down her back while she felt goosebumps all over her body.

"You wanna get out of her for a while?" He asked her in her ear.

"Yes, I would like that," She replied.

The young man lured Sandra to a room in the back of the night club. They walked through a hallway of black lights and young people making out as they sat on big fluffy seats. Sandra had no idea the club even had this place in the back.

She watched shockingly as some of the people were even engaging in wild orgies. The sight of these people was inciting her. She quickly got a glimpse of two girls taking turns sucking on a guys big cock. Sandra felt her mouth begin to water.

They finally ended up in an isolated area way towards the back. It was dark and cold. There was just a very dim black light that allowed Sandra to be able to see the young man quite well.

Sandra could faintly hear "West End Girls" from The Pet Shop Boys playing as she felt the young man's eyes piercing at her body.

"You've got to be the sexiest girl here tonight. I saw you from far way and I couldn't wait to have you like this," The young man said stroking Sandra's hair.

She couldn't even speak. She was just listening to his words hanging on to each one of them. She could feel his hands gliding all over her body sending her joys of pleasure through her body.

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