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Sandrine's triple reward.

(Part 1 from 1)

There was a ripple of applause from the guests at the outdoor bar as the three young African men gave a bow to their audience to mark the end of the performance. 

Sandrine had enjoyed the show very much, unlike her husband who sat beside her in sullen silence drinking his beer. They had come to the Senegal beach resort on holiday for a bit of sun and relaxation, as many white middle class couples do. Tonight they had come to watch a show performed by an all-male acrobatic group. Sandrine was amazed at the beauty, grace, flexibility and strength of the three young black men as they performed their various acrobatic routines. 

One of the young men approached their table with a bowl looking for tips. He was bare-chested, only wearing shorts and sandals, and Sandrine found herself admiring his toned arm and stomach muscles, just as she had done throughout the show. Being a woman in her mid-thirties, Sandrine appreciated a slim fit male physic. 

However, her husband, Christophe, had not appreciated the show and waved the entertainer away without putting anything in the bowl. Christophe was nearly the same age as Sandrine. But unlike Sandrine, he had not kept in shape, having gained weight, especially around the middle. Sandrine frowned at him.

“Why didn’t you give him something? They were good.” Said Sandrine, annoyed.

Her husband ignored her and snapped his fingers to call over the waiter for another drink. Sandrine shook her head in despair.

“Well, I’m not going to stay here drinking all night.” She said standing up. “I’m going for a walk.”

“Fine.” Her husband replied. “I’m staying here.”

Sandrine walked away and headed down towards the beech enjoying the cool breeze coming in off the sea. As she looked out over the beech, she recognised the three performers sitting together chatting on the sand. After a moment of hesitation, she decided to go and speak to them to congratulate them on their performance in the show. 

As she approached, the three fell silent. She became aware that all three were looking her up and down, concentrating their gaze on well shaped legs, only partially obscured by her thigh length skirt, and her breasts covered by her small bikini top. The obvious attention of the three young men made her feel slightly nervous. After all, they might do anything with her. But that very thought also made her feel a little excited.

“I just wanted to say that I thought your performance was wonderful today.” She said when she reached where they were sitting.

“Thank you, Madame.” The three said in turn, looking at her cautiously.

There was an uncomfortable silence, so she asked them their names. They each answered politely saying that they were called Dido, Jean and Pierre. She made small talk with them for a few minutes talking about Senegal and the local area. Sandrine found them to be charming and polite young men. 

“I so much wanted to give you a tip. But we didn’t have any money with us.” Said Sandrine. “Would you like to accompany me to my villa so that I can give you something?”

The three young men looked at each other in silence. Then they shrugged their shoulders and slowly stood up.

“Thank you, Madame.” Said Dido, who was clearly the leader of the three. “We would be honoured.”

Moments later they reached the villa in the hotel grounds where Sandrine and her husband were staying. She knew that Christophe would be furious if he found the three young men here. But knowing her husband, he would be in the bar until it closed. And she didn’t expect the young men would stay too long anyway.

The villa was quite spacious, boasting a kitchenette, a living room and a bed room. Sandrine invited the three men in. She asked Dido to accompany her to the kitchenette to help her with some refreshments, leaving Pierre and Jean in the living room.

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In the kitchenette, Sandrine bent down to look in the small fridge for something she could offer the entertainers. As she bent over, Dido stood behind her noting the contours of her shapely buttocks and the outline of her sexy thong through the back of her tight fitting skirt.

Sandrine found a couple of cans of coke and stood up to give them to Dido. As she turned round, she noticed the large bulge in the front of Dido’s shorts.

Dido looked her up and down. Being an attractive athletic young man he often got attention from the European women who visited the hotels where he performed. Some were attractive and some were not. But he had to admit that the woman in front of him was a very sexy lady indeed.

Sandrine looked him up and down in return, noticing that the bulge in his shorts seemed to be getting larger by the second. She pondered what to do, but did not take long to come to a decision.

She put the cans down on the counter and got down on her knees in front of Dido. She kissed the firm muscles of his stomach and gently caressed his toned chest with her hand. She knew it was a risk. But she longed to feel the strength and vitality of a strong, firm male body.

Dido knew well that having affaires with the guests could be a precarious matter. But on the other hand he did get a good a mount of satisfaction in fucking the white men’s wives, making their women cry out like the whores they were. He loved the feeling of conquest it gave him. Especially when the men were pompous and superior like Sandrine’s husband had been at the bar earlier that evening. Yes, it would give him great satisfaction to fuck that bastard’s wife.

After caressing Dido’s wonderful upper body for a while, Sandrine moved her attention down to the enormous bulge in Dido’s shorts. She undid the shorts letting loose Dido’s enormous black cock. Sandrine marvelled at its size and beauty and set about sucking and licking it. Dido’s rock hard cock was very thick and Sandrine struggled to get much of it inside her petite mouth, but made an effort to take as much of it as she could.

Dido gasped with pleasure, looking down at Sandrine sucking on his cock. It was clear to Dido that Sandrine had done this many times before. As she sucked and licked the tip with her lips and tongue, she expertly stoked the length of his shaft with her fingers bringing him nearer and nearer to climax. Eventually, Dido groaned out loud as he squirted his come over Sandrine’s mouth and face. He gasped as she eagerly licked his cock dry. 

Sandrine was feeling turned on after sucking that huge black cock and was eager for more. This was her chance to experience three firm and virile young men and she wasn’t going to waste it.

“Do you want to take me to your friends?” She asked Dido standing up. Dido lifted her in his strong bare arms and took her through to the lounge. He placed her gently on the couch. Pierre and Jean sat beside her, obviously not needing to be told the situation. Sandra could imagine that this was not the first time they had done this.

Pierre and Jean relieved her of her bikini top and skirt leaving her only in her skimpy thong. Gently they sucked her nipples and caressed her body with their expert fingers. In the meantime, Dido knelt between Sandrine’s legs and pulled the material of her thong to one side, before diligently sucking and licking her pussy.

“Oooh, boys, keep doing that. That is so good.” Gasped Sandrine with delight as Dido, Pierre and Jean pleasured the whole of her body with their fingers and tongues. She just sat back and leered lustfully at the young men as they sucked on her nipples and clit. Even the best experiences of her previous experiences with other men were nothing compared to this. It was fantastic. But soon it was time to get what she really wanted. A good fucking with those black cocks. 

“Would one of you like to fuck me now?” She sighed suggestively. The three men got up and Pierre took of his shorts to reveal another large erect cock. Gleefully, Sandrine spread her legs, inviting Pierre to enter her. He knelt before her and thrust his cock into her moist pussy to her delighted moans. 

Both Pierre and Jean each took a turn to fuck her hard. Each time she sat back and gazed in wonder at their beautiful athletic ebony bodies as they knelt before her and fucked her tirelessly. Both rammed their young cocks into her with equal vigour. And both came into her after bringing her to orgasm, causing her to cry out in uncontrollable pleasure. 

Then Dido sat on the couch, his huge erect cock waving above him. Sandrine wasn’t sure whether to suck it or sit on it as both options had their attractions. In the end, she impaled herself on Dido’s rock hard cock and bounced up and down on it with ecstatic abandon as she gleefully fondled his firm chest and stomach. She rode him hard taking advantage of that huge cock to maximise her pleasure until she reached her third wonderful orgasm of the evening with a triumphant cry of joy. 

Pulling herself up from Dido’s spent cock, Sandrine looked at the clock in the living room and realised time was going in. Pierre and Jean were obviously still wanting more, approaching her with their erect cocks in their hands. She did not want to disappoint them after their wonderful performance, so she got on her knees and began to suck each of their cocks in turn. Soon, Dido was also erect again and she eagerly went from man to man, sucking diligently on each of the three hard black cocks and caressing each of those firm ebony bodies one last time. 

Pierre was the first to climax, splattering her nose and mouth with his sticky come. Jean and Dido followed in quick succession, moaning with joy as they came on Sandrine’s face. They looked down grinning as Sandrine licked their cocks dry, while their combined come dribbled copiously down Sandrine’s beautiful face.

Sandrine had had a wonderful evening. But now it was time clean up in case her husband came back unexpectedly. She reflected that she had been fortunate so far tonight. 

She thanked the Pierre, Jean and Dido, giving them each a hundred euros, before sending them on their way. It was only fair after their fantastic performance.


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